Macro Micro Michael Marco & Startups at the Edge (M4Edge)

Macro Micro Michael Marco & Startups at the Edge (M4Edge)
Conversations with startups engaged in changing how we produce goods and services.Hosted by Marco Annunziata and Michael Leifman

A 2 Billion person market: electricity access with Bill Lenihan of Zola Electric, live at the World Bank
Sep 30 • 77 min
Bill Lenihan of Zola Electric discusses electricity access, live from the World Bank
Ricky’s Reports - old frustrations and new idea explorations. DREC, not dreck.
Sep 23 • 21 min
Ricky describes DRECs, not dreck, and some frustrations that come with the startup territory
Mobility Miniseries part4: Mike Granoff of Maniv Mobility Ventures, rounds out our miniseries
Sep 12 • 42 min
Mike Granoff of Maniv Mobility discusses the mobility tech and business model landscape
Mobility Miniseries part3: Sampo Hietanen of MaaS Global, makers of the Whim App, on Dreaming Big about the Future of Mobility
Aug 22 • 63 min
Sampo Hietanen of MaaS Global explains Whim, Mobility as a Service, and the future of mobility
Ricky’s Reports - electricity, almonds, and a not-for-profit complement or complicating factor for Loctricity
Aug 8 • 31 min
Another step in Ricky Buch’s journey to start a new company may lead him to also found a not-for-profit
Mobility Miniseries part 2: Shai Suzan of WayCare, and how to optimize traffic flow using LOTS of data
Jul 25 • 58 min
Shai Suzan of WayCare discusses optimizing traffic using big data
Mobility Miniseries part 1: Israel Duanis of Fleetonomy
Jul 4 • 50 min
Israel Duanis of Fleetonomy discusses fleet management, mobility and AI but does not talk about flying cars.
Gamification for Better Learning with Sandy Roskes of Legends of Learning
Jun 14 • 100 min
Legends of Learning Co-founder Sandy Roskes explains why games can be a powerful learning tool in a school environment.
Gamification for Workforce Training with Jessica Trybus of Simcoach Games
May 25 • 78 min
Jessica Trybus describes how Simcoach Games is using gaming to change workforce training and job pre-qualification
Revolution, Live. Anna Mason and David Hall of Revolution’s Rise of the Rest fund - from American University
May 8 • 78 min
Our first live audience show, our first VC fund interview, first time Michael wears a jacket
The Shape of Things to Come with Ben Redwood of 3DHubs (part2)
Apr 27 • 32 min
Ben Redwood of 3DHubs discusses distributed manufacturing and the 3D Printing Industry.
Scaling 3D Printing and Making Manufacturing Fun Again, with Blake Teipel of Essentium
Apr 13 • 64 min
Blake Teipel of Essentium discusses supply chains, scaling 3d printing and cowboy hats; Ricky’s Reports included at the end
Nanci Hardwick of MELD Manufacturing describes the Most Disruptive New Technology: her own
Apr 5 • 51 min
Nanci Hardwick of MELD Manufacturing, winner of R&D 100 Most Disruptive Tech Award
Technological change and psychological lock-in with Bob Swartz of Impossible Objects
Mar 30 • 54 min
Bob Swartz discusses Impossible Objects, Additive Manufacturing, tech change
Breaking technology barriers with Greg Mark of Markforged
Mar 23 • 55 min
Greg Mark discusses Markforged, Additive Manufacturing and technological change
What is 3D Printing, with Ben Redwood of 3DHubs
Mar 17 • 69 min
Ben Redwood of 3DHubs explains 3D Printing technologies and talks about the industry
Next up: 3D Printing
Mar 15 • 5 min
3D Printing promo
Ricky’s Reports #3: Chasing Unicorns
Mar 2 • 15 min
Ricky reframes his business to pursue $1Billion
Pitch Prfect with Tim Wikstrom of Presentr
Feb 17 • 94 min
Conversation with Tim Wikstom of Presentr, about how to perfect a presentation. And Bill Clinton’s thumb.
How to incentivize and verify a carbon-free future, with Evan Caron of
Feb 3 • 82 min
Evan Caron of Swytch discusses how to use data to save the planet
Graph Analytics in the Cloak & Dagger (and also humdrum) World, with Leo Meyerovich of Graphistry
Jan 21 • 91 min
Leo Meyerovich of Graphistry discusses some very cool uses of graph analytics
Building the Future of Healthcare IT, with Kevin Desai of
Jan 7 • 72 min
Tafi: the “plumbers” building the future of healthcare IT
The Future of Manufacturing, with Randy Altschuler of Xometry
Dec 21, 2018 • 68 min
Xometry: XaaS, AI, 3D Printing … how much more could you want from one episode?
Workplace Learning with Dipanwita Das of Sorcero
Dec 7, 2018 • 70 min
AI, Workforce Learning, The Diamond Age… Sorcero
M4Edge Season 1 Trailer
Nov 17, 2018 • 3 min
Trailer for season 1 of Macro Micro Michael Marco and Startups at the Edge.
Greg Mulholland of Citrine Informatics
Nov 2, 2018 • 41 min
AI and Materials Discovery