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Day Players
What if the DM had no plan and made it all up on …

Oct 13 • 85 min
Fire up the cauldron and steel your nerve, and welcome to the 2019 Day Players Double Feature Halloween Spook-tacular! The kind folks at Scarecrow Video gave us a list of their top horror flicks, and we’ve absorbed that forbidden knowledge into two freaky…
050. The Iron Chair - Two Half Blood Princes V Of V
Oct 6 • 52 min
They’ve burned it down, they’ve saddled up, and now the Novason brothers are marching into their final battle. With the palace guard valently slain, can our princes single handedly save their father, mother, and kingdom? It might be possible, with their…
049. Destroy the Garden - Two Half Blood Princes IV of V
Sep 29 • 59 min
The kingdom in turmoil, invaders and ghouls in the castle halls, and now…a new mother? Gron and Delvin are no strangers to familial upheaval, but this is surely beyond the pale. At least shared holidays are going to involve even more presents now…
048. Castle Blasters - Two Half Blood Princes III Of V
Sep 22 • 78 min
If a king is under house arrest, is it called castle arrest? These are the important questions for Gron and Delvin, as they scramble to muster the guard and the people. But that may prove difficult with the magic barrier between the castle walls and the…
047. Twilight Princes - Two Half Blood Princes II Of V
Sep 15 • 74 min
Gron and Delvin have proved themselves to be the heroes, princes, and animal handlers we all knew they could be. After an aardvark rescue mission worthy of the legendary Pet Warlock Aeis Venturha, a royal celebration is very much in order. But what…
046. Brother From Another Mother - Two Half Blood Princes I Of V
Sep 8 • 64 min
The Day Players have scaled things down for an intimate, 3-person only session! Delvin Novason lived a carefree life of ease as the prince and golden child of a kind father and doting mother. But his days of magic and royalty are soon upset by the…
045. An Actual Dragon in an Actual Dungeon - A Miner Kobold Problem IV of IV
Sep 1 • 82 min
A foul evil banished, and the ancient halls of the dwarves sanctified. Our heroes, in their minor quest, have quelled something far beyond their pay grade. Surely a great celebration is due for Jonsey, Melakesh and…Dimple…? Join Peter, Morgan, Will, and…
044. Stubble Trouble - A Miner Kobold Problem III of IV
Aug 25 • 60 min
Traipsing past traps, sneaking past smelters, and mashing past mummies, Jonsey, Dimple, and Melakesh press on ever deeper. The mines seem to be housing something beyond the scope of your average digging venture, what with the animated undead warriors. But…
043. Mine Cart Karnage - A Miner Kobold Problem II of IV
Aug 18 • 68 min
A holy fellowship is formed! The righteous meeting of Jonsey, Dimple, and Melakesh presses on into the mines. Although the Kobolds (except for the now friendly Rendl) still present a threat to our heroes, there seems to be darker machinations afoot. But…
042. Kobold Myns, Kepe Owt! - A Miner Kobold Problem I of IV
Aug 11 • 85 min
A fresh adventure begins for the Day Players! And this time our heroes are as fresh as they possibly could be, because Dungeon Master Peter has started the group at level one! Newly annointed religious icons Dimple and Melakesh are finding it difficult to…
041. There’s No Place Like Gnome - The Ballad of Beauregard Terwilliger IV of IV
Aug 4 • 77 min
Dark and harrowing are the halls of Beauregard Terwillegar, even if not very well planned. Our heroes must make their way out of the randomly generated depths! And with Virgil petrified by the local Basilisk, how will Oskar and Dench survive? If only they…
040. Do You Want To Bribe A Doorman? - The Ballad Of Beauregard Terwilliger III Of IV
Jul 28 • 80 min
The greedy Beauregard Terwilliger, not content with just spreading mischief at random, has mustered the most powerful reality-altering magics ever yet seen on this plane to reach a new pinnacle of iron-fisted rule: mayor of a small town. The neighborhood…
039. Yellow Dick Road - The Ballad of Beauregard Terwilliger II of IV
Jul 21 • 68 min
With the Wisdom of the Tortles in their hearts (or at least the Platitudes of Franklin on their nerves), Dench, Oskar, and Virgil stride out to right the wrongs of Beauregard Terwilliger. One can only imagine the vast damage caused by a man in control of…
038. What a Beautiful Day For a Curse - The Ballad of Beauregard Terwilliger I of IV
Jul 14 • 109 min
The cruel hand of Average Dice Rolls have cursed our three adventurers with average to below-average stats! (And cursed two of our players to play the same race/class combo as on previous show arcs). That’s right, this campaign we are going back to a…
037. The Pits Of Santorum - Wet Hot American Sewer IV of IV
Jul 7 • 85 min
037. The Pits Of Santorum - Wet Hot American Sewer IV of IV by Paxton Farrar, Tommy Ager, Morgan Vassiljev, Peter Lansdaal
036. The Secrets Of The Ooze - Wet Hot American Sewer III of IV
Jun 30 • 63 min
036. The Secrets Of The Ooze - Wet Hot American Sewer III of IV by Paxton Farrar, Tommy Ager, Morgan Vassiljev, Peter Lansdaal
035. Sewer Smash Buddies - Wet Hot American Sewer II of IV
Jun 23 • 75 min
035. Sewer Smash Buddies - Wet Hot American Sewer II of IV by Paxton Farrar, Tommy Ager, Morgan Vassiljev, Peter Lansdaal
034. Trouble Right Here in River Sh!tty - Wet Hot American Sewer I of IV
Jun 16 • 73 min
034. Trouble Right Here in River Sh!tty - Wet Hot American Sewer I of IV by Paxton Farrar, Tommy Ager, Morgan Vassiljev, Peter Lansdaal
034. Trouble, Right Here in River Sh!tty - Wet Hot American Sewer I of IV
Jun 16 • 73 min
034. Trouble, Right Here in River Sh!tty - Wet Hot American Sewer I of IV by Paxton Farrar, Tommy Ager, Morgan Vassiljev, Peter Lansdaal
033. One Man Arm - Y - School Of Hard Cracks V Of V
Jun 9 • 78 min
The Ryzantine drums of war have been sounded, and they’re extra loud on account of all the arms. Poundcake, Yona, Durandal, and Salazar must put aside thoughts of the Big Game, and instead go into overtime fighting off the ancient armies that threaten to…
032. Fantasy Football - School Of Hard Cracks IV Of V
Jun 2 • 62 min
Well thank goodness the Cracks have been vanquished! And now Poundcake can finally play in the Big Game, cheered on by Salazar, Durrandel, and Yona! But as the teams meet on the field, what is that strange red glow hovering over the players…? And are they…
031. Schoolhouse Rift - School of Hard Cracks III of V
May 26 • 64 min
It’s been a long field trip already, but at last our heroes approach the tower! Salazar, Darrandel, and Poundcake may have successfully rescued their friend, but Yona has found a familiar face in the depths. As a sinister plot emerges, questions…
030. The Worst Magic School Bus - School of Hard Cracks II of V
May 19 • 75 min
Curiouser and curiouser, into the looking glass leap our heroes! With Yona having jumped into one of the mysterious blue cracks, Poundcake, Durandal, and Salazar face a tricky choice: pursue their disappeared friend? Or write this off as “honestly not…
029. The House that Crack Built - School of Hard Cracks I of V
May 12 • 48 min
Get your textbooks together because a new school-year (and story arc) has started for Day Players! It’s a beautiful rainy evening at Hagenvole Mystical Institute, and all that can be heard is gentle rain and the quiet panic of studying wizards. Krit,…
028. What A Waterful World - Free Gilly V of V
May 5 • 67 min
The end of the journey is in sight for our heroes, and Thoren, Trixie, Nillena, and Thagoreous have certainly had their fill of hoofing it (well, not so much with the hooves ever since Big Sebastien the Horse died). But though their goal is on the…
027. Burn Gully - Free Gilly IV of V
Apr 28 • 62 min
“What’s worse than a merfolk poacher? A merfolk poacher with exploding knives!” A classic piece of merfolk humor, but the situation Thoren, Trixie, Nillena, and Thagoreous find themselves in is no joke. Beset on all sides by foes seen and unseen, there’s…
026. Oh Water, Where Art Thou? - Free Gilly III of V
Apr 21 • 43 min
Having bested all two of their foes, Thoren, Trixie, Nillena, and Thagoreous strike out into the woods for covert travel. The way to the watery kingdom is clear, and recent victory has bolstered their hearts. But though they travel under cover of night,…
025. Bar Room Blitz - Free Gilly II of V
Apr 14 • 65 min
The cat is out of the bag, and the fish-child is out of the tub! And maybe into the kidnapping box! Thoren, Trixie, Nillena, and Thagoreous find themselves beset by would-be poachers in their lodgings. But these evildoers may find themselves ill matched…
024. Gilly The Kid - Free Gilly I of V
Apr 7 • 64 min
Day Players hit Hollywood! This session was recorded in sunny Los Angeles, but don’t worry: fame hasn’t changed us. The unlikely ensemble of Thagoreous, Trixie, Nillena, and Thoren find themselves departing the less glamorous town of Pram for unknown…
023. It’s Just A Dog’s Life - Habberdash Hijinks IV of IV
Mar 31 • 78 min
SAVE THOSE LILIES! The house has been cleaned, the Paladins came by (without seeing Yera) and everything was going so well…until some darn gophers showed up! A minor nuisance, but Yera, Abe, and Boki won’t leave a job unfinished. They’re sure to take care…
022. Bedknobs and Ball Gowns - Habberdash Hijinks III of IV
Mar 24 • 68 min
The Mystery of Who-Let-In-Those-Sexy-Teens is solved, and before our heroes yawns…the Basement. Those things are already scary enough without magic involved, so who knows what weird junk is down there…Fortunately Yera, Abe, and Boki are by this point well…
021. Fangsty Teens - Habberdash Hijinks II of IV
Mar 17 • 87 min
021. Fangsty Teens - Habberdash Hijinks II of IV by Paxton Farrar, Tommy Ager, Morgan Vassiljev, Peter Lansdaal
020. A Wok to Remember - Habberdash Hijinks I of IV
Mar 10 • 95 min
Another epic Day Players quest commences! Yera, Boki, and Abe are tasked with facing off against the most dangerous foe yet seen on this podcast: housework. Hired as helpers by local magnate Lord Darren, how difficult could it be to tidy up the home of…
019. Their Will, Be Blood - Smite Club V of V
Mar 3 • 56 min
The face of evil has been revealed, and its plans laid bare! Fortunately Kane, Pell, and Aris are on the scene to (hopefully) prevent wholesale slaughter. Will these three agents of the divine be able to stand against a betrayer of all that is holy? Or…
018. Law & Horror, Supernatural Victims Unit - Smite Club IV of V
Feb 24 • 74 min
Intense pursuit and dubious interrogation have led to this: A public witch trial for the ages! The stakes are high, but fortunately Pell, Kane, and Aris have the robust judicial support you would expect from an age where burning at the stake is still a…
017. Blazin’ Saddles - Smite Club III of V
Feb 17 • 78 min
The game is afoot for Kane, Pell, and Aris, and our holy Holmes’ seem to be closing in on the source of the town’s woes. Could there really be witches…? Or is it just some hippy nonsense? Join Peter, Tommy, Morgan, and Paxton as they ride like a divine…
016. The Kids Are All Smite - Smite Club II of V
Feb 10 • 68 min
A murder most foul has struck, and the pressure is mounting for our heroes to come up with suspects, and answers. Armed with their wits and their weapons, Kane Thorntip, Pell Harken, and Aris Mor, engage in that most heroic endeavor: chatting up the…
015. Three Paladins Walk Into a Bar - Smite Club I of V
Feb 3 • 82 min
You’re going to want to sit down for this one, or perhaps even kneel, because it’s time for the Day Players All Paladins arc! Old friends Kane Thorntip, Pell Harken, and Aris Mor find themselves amongst two evil forces at work: witches, and international…
014. So, You Want To Be A Paladin…(BONUS Episode)
Feb 1 • 42 min
Do you want to know how to play a Paladin? More importantly, do you want to know WHY to play a Paladin? It’s steeped in more real history and folklore than most DnD classes, and we’ll help you understand how it fits into the game. We like to occasionally…
013. Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em - Hear No Evil VI of VI
Jan 27 • 57 min
When espionage fails Dax, Nell the Younger, and Gillian turn to what they know best: busting heads. With droves of fanatical cultists staring them down, our heroes will have to bring to bear their full abilities in the conclusion to our Hear No Evil…
012. The Early Bird Praises the Worm - Hear No Evil V of VI
Jan 20 • 64 min
As cult secrets are revealed, Dax, Nell the Younger, and Gillian find themselves facing their most dangerous foe yet: a determined middle manager. Will they be able to pull a fast one? Or will the worm worshipers prove to be more sharp-eyed than their…
011. Dress for Success - Hear No Evil IV of VI
Jan 13 • 54 min
Secret agents Dax, Nell the Younger, and Gillian take part in some low-tech, high-magic 007 infiltration! Fortunately the people down in these caves are very nice and trusting, their whole operation definitely seems above the boards. Join Morgan, Peter,…
010. Zhan of the Dead - Hear No Evil III of VI
Jan 6 • 64 min
Our heroes find themselves in “deep” trouble as they “cave in” to their curiosity and “dig in” to a “horrifying occult graveyard of ancient decay.” Will Dax, Nell The Younger, and Gillian preserve themselves? Or will they join the Rot? Join Morgan, Peter,…
009. Stand Your Sack - Hear No Evil II of VI
Dec 30, 2018 • 82 min
Having felled an ancient and majestic beast that they provoked first, Dax, Nell The Younger, and Gillian decide to check out its basement. But apparently the space is already being sublet, and the landlord is making his presence known…Join Morgan, Peter,…
008. Snow Your Enemy - Hear No Evil I of VI
Dec 23, 2018 • 94 min
Get out your cold weather gear for a new winter episode of Day Players! Dax, Nell The Younger, and Gillian find themselves stranded in the unforgiving tundra. What will do them in first: the fierce cold? Whatever is making those strange howls? Or the…
007. That Sinking Feeling - Call of the Compass IV of IV
Dec 16, 2018 • 74 min
Having solved the mysteries of the Caves of Raq’ahntor, Ricklin, Brianne, and Cavalier emerge into daylight to speedily head home. They do so peacefully and with zero obstacles on the way back. A very short finale that definitely doesn’t involve golems,…
006. The Caves of Raq’ahntor - Call of the Compass III of IV
Dec 9, 2018 • 57 min
At long last, the compass’ destination is made clear. The island promises treasure, but Ricklin, Brianne, and Cavalier will discover that the real treasure is the trust we have in one another. But also definitely actual treasure. Join Paxton, Tommy,…
005. North by North Quest - Call of the Compass II of IV
Dec 2, 2018 • 62 min
Cavalier follows the compass to a mysterious island, accompanied by a curious Ricklin and a nervous Brianne. What secrets will the caverns hold? Why did the compass bring them? And did everyone wait 30 minutes after eating their Goodberries before getting…
004. Pelor, Take the Wheel! - Call of the Compass I of IV
Nov 25, 2018 • 98 min
A new Day Players campaign arc begins with a new cast of characters! Cavalier, Ricklin, and Brianne find themselves out of their depth after responding to an unusual distress call. Join Paxton, Tommy, Peter, and Morgan as they attempt to unravel the…
003. Breaking Bud - Pilot Campaign III of III
Nov 20, 2018 • 93 min
With our heroes’ unplanned performance not going exactly as expected, Tallis, Ohm, Hester, and Grog do what any coordinated group of renegades would do: split the party. Things get even more out of hand in the exciting conclusion of the first Day Players…
002. Fear & Loathing in Las Gardens - Pilot Campaign II of III
Nov 19, 2018 • 77 min
The adventures of Tallis, Ohm, Hester and Grog continue as they explore a vast mansion that they are definitely not supposed to be in. These noble-folk all seem to be in a real good mood… Twitter/Instagram: @DayPlayersCast This campaign arc features:…
001. Garden Variety Adventure - Pilot Campaign I of III
Nov 18, 2018 • 63 min
At the outset of our pilot campaign the heroes find themselves lost in a vast and opulent garden, with no idea how they got there. Join Paxton, Morgan, Tommy, Peter, and Will, as they stumble through their first adventure. Twitter/Instagram:…
000. Primer - Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
Nov 16, 2018 • 31 min
Day Players is an improvisational Dungeons and Dragons podcast where fresh casts play original, improvised, one-off campaigns. This primer episode provides an overview of the basics of the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons’ D20 roll playing system,…