Crushing It

Crushing It
Crushing It is a talk show dedicated to inspiring students to take a leap of faith and pursue their passions by showcasing other students who are doing exactly that.

#19 (UT) | Taking Over Instagram’s Food Blogging Industry | Rachel Holtin
May 17 • 37 min
Rachel Holtin discusses how she pioneered food blogging on Instagram
#18 (UT) | Software Engineering, Tech Startups, & Equal Opportunity | Hassaan Raza
May 6 • 59 min
Hassaan discusses his theory on how opportunity is the primary factor of success
#17 (UT) | Quitting Youtube, Finding His Passion, and Flipping | Christopher Tung
Apr 22 • 39 min
Christopher Tung gets into life after YouTube and finding his passions
#16 (UT) | Why You Should Give a Damn About UT’s Student Government | Camron & Amie
Apr 8 • 38 min
Camron & Amie discuss their lives before the election and what they hope to accomplish in their tenure
#15 (UT) | UT Austin’s Netflix Star | Sahana Srinivasan
Apr 1 • 48 min
Sahana walks us through the journey of becoming the host of Netflix’s new hit show, “Brain Child”
#14 (UT) | Stop Eating Shit for Lunch! | Brian & Quentin (Ranch Hand)
Mar 25 • 35 min
Brian & Quentin nail the process of being profitable in the restaurant industry
#13 (UT) | Inside the Mind of a Super Connector | Daniel Miyares
Mar 19 • 53 min
Daniel and I dive into what it’s like being a super connector and how the job fell into his lap.
#12 (UT) | Revolutionizing the Cleaning Industry | Juan Carlos Merlo & Daniel Munoz
Mar 10 • 37 min
Juan Carlos Merlo & Daniel Munoz discuss how they’re revolutionizing the cleaning industry through Clean ‘Em.
#11 (UT) | What It Takes To Be a Student Entrepreneur | Luis Martins
Mar 4 • 34 min
Luis Martins explains what it takes to be a student entrepreneur in this day & age
#10 (UT) | Solar Power, Electric Vehicles, & Running Two Startups at Once | Mandeep Patel
Feb 24 • 45 min
Mandeep Dives Into the Art Behind Running Two Startups
#9 (UT) | F*ck Coffee, We Chew Caffeinated Gum Now! | Blake Settle
Feb 18 • 18 min
Blake Settle showcases a convenient alternative to caffeine
#8 (UT) | Researcher Turned Entrepreneur, Cerebri AI | Thejas Prasad
Feb 11 • 24 min
Thejas Prasad talks about how he went from a researcher to an entrepreneur
#7 (UT) | Startups, Funding, & Mental Health | Katherine Allen & Atreya Misra
Feb 3 • 42 min
Katherine Allen & Atreya Misra talk startups, funding, and mental health
#6 (UT) | Body Positivity, Health & Nutrition | Patrick Lyons
Jan 27 • 41 min
On Episode 6 of “Crushing It” Patrick and I discuss the importance of body positivity, health & nutrition, and the mindset underlying his success in college.
#5 (UT) | Startup Culture for Female Founders! | Swayy - Rajya Alturi & Clio Harralson
Dec 12, 2018 • 18 min
Rajya Alturi and Clio Harralson have one of the more fashionable entrepreneurial stories. After experiencing decision paralysis on “what to wear” to different themed parties, they founded Swayy – a premiere online platform that curates apparel and items…
#4 (UT) | HEALTHY DONUTS?! WHAT?! | Elite Sweets - Amin Bahari & Timothy Cole
Dec 5, 2018 • 22 min
Amin Bahari and former UT linebacker Timothy Timbo Cole have one of the sweetest entrepreneurial stories. Literally. After being frustrated with the high fat and sugar sweets provide, Amin Bahari, Amir Bahari, Timothy Timbo Cole, and Caleb Bluiett founded…
#3 (UT) | Mentality of a Student CEO | Kush Singh
Nov 28, 2018 • 35 min
Kush Singh is the co-founder and CEO of Hitch - a company that’s working to transform intercity travel. In the past year he has helped Hitch raise over $200,000 in funding and is one of Austin Ino’s top 25 under 25 rising entrepreneurs.Singh reveals what…
#2 (UT) | Life of a Successful Student Videographer | Blake Takushi
Nov 21, 2018 • 22 min
Blake Takushi is currently a sophomore studying advertising at the University of Texas at Austin and considers himself a creative problem solver in regards to filmmaking.He first picked up a camera in 2016 and has already been contracted by companies by…
#1 (UT) | Dealing with Hate, Rapping, & Newfound Exposure | Ariea Bastami
Nov 14, 2018 • 28 min
Ariea Bastami’s rap career began when he was 11, but it didn’t really take off until last Fall. After his sports-themed rap videos started going viral, he gained around 10.5k followers on Twitter and has been on an upward trajectory ever since..On Episode…