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Inside Indie Games
The Game Development show for indie developers, Inside Indie Games’ explores what it is that inspires and motivates games developers make the games they do. Our community of independent games developers are among the brightest and best in UK games dev ?

Pitching for funding with Paul Kilduff-Taylor
Aug 30 • 43 min
From games developer, to business development and finally to publishing. Paul Kilduff-Taylor from Mode 7 knows a LOT about the independent games development industry.
The Power of Community, with Katie Nelson
May 30 • 36 min
Katie Nelson is one of the founders of Blueprint Games, the company behind the very fun 3D platformer ‘Billie Bust Up!’. Blueprint are a brilliant example …
Managing a Remote Team, with Olly Bennett
May 13 • 34 min
Olly Bennett is the CEO of Cardboard Sword - a game development studio based in the North East of England. Olly has worked in the games industry for over twelve years, across six companies, with…
Experimentation & Growth, with Kirsty Rigden
Apr 30 • 38 min
Kirsty Rigden is the Development Director at FuturLab - an award-winning game studio based in Brighton. Kirsty’s been with the company since 2010. But her career in the industry began back in her uni…
Diversity, School Workshops, & Leading by Example, with Helen Andrzejowska
Apr 8 • 37 min
Helen Andrzejowska is one of the three founders of Ocean Spark Studios, a video game development company formed in late 2016, and based in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Helen came from an art back…
You’ve Got Five Minutes to Capture Their Attention, with Adam Boyne
Mar 21 • 35 min
Adam Boyne is the co-founder and technical lead of BetaJester. This Yorkshire-based games company were formed in 2015 by Adam, and two of his fellow graduates of the
Build a Team Around You, with Tom Beardsmore
Mar 6 • 28 min
Tom Beardsmore is the CEO and co-founder of Coatsink, a UK-based game development studio and publisher.
Doing It All Yourself, with John Evelyn
Feb 18 • 31 min
We’ve talked a lot so far this season about whether or not to specialise in one particular area of making games. Well, in this episode we’re speaking to John Evelyn. He’s the creator of an entirely hand-drawn first-person adventure game …
Launching Your Game with a Bang, with Gary Burchell
Feb 7 • 35 min
In this episode we’ll hear from Gary Burchell of Fireblade Software. Fireblade Software is the creator of Abandon Ship - a single-player PC game which lets the player take command of a ship and her crew. The game hit the giddy heights of…
A Collective Approach to Making Games, with Mal Abbas
Jan 22 • 30 min
This is Mal, who helped set up Biome Collective – a co-operative started in 2015 that’s made up of creative technologists, artists, academics, and researchers. Mal told me that running the company in this non-traditional manner means the…
How to use Events & Awards to Make a Success of your Game, with Mark Backler
Jan 10 • 33 min
In this episode we’re talking to Mark Backler, founder of Fourth State and Sketchbook games. With Sketchbook, right now, he’s focused on Lost Words, a narrative-based game set inside a diary.
How to Fund Your Projects, with Phil Charnock
Dec 11, 2018 • 26 min
Phil brings some fantastic insights and advice for those interested in funding future projects.
How to Bootstrap an Indie Games Company on more than just Games, with Gary McCartan
Nov 20, 2018 • 28 min
This is Gary McCartan, who founded Pocket Sized Hands along with a handful of his university classmates.
Inside Indie Games: Trailer
Nov 1, 2018 • 2 min
A short introduction to the Inside Indie Games Podcast, brought to you by the UK Games Fund.