Humans with Josh Levent

Humans with Josh Levent
The podcast for people who want the world to slow down and become more human.
Finding Balance in the Passionate Pursuit of Life: Meet Laura Curau
Feb 22 • 126 min
Communications professional Laura Curau talks about her passion for helping others, learning to ask for help, and her journey to finding her balance. On today’s podcast: Laura’s family were her role models Her political activity began in her teenage years…
Relearning How to Walk in Confidence: Meet Bongiwe Beja
Feb 14 • 101 min
South African manager Bongiwe Beja talks about overcoming heartbreak, picking up the pieces of her life, and her quest to become an influential African leader. Key takeaways: The strong, positive influence of Bongiwe’s sister How her love of music, drama…
Constantly Seeking the Truth: Meet Yushan Chen
Jan 17 • 155 min
Chinese filmmaker Yushan Chen talks about her constant search for the truth. Key takeaways: Her earliest memory and her first rebellion Her tough years within the Chinese educational system Falling in love and discovering rock and metal music Studying…
Searching for His Role in Life: Meet Varun Venugopal Gupta
Jan 10 • 54 min
Business monk Varun Venugopal Gupta talks about losing and regaining his confidence, searching for his role in life and making his own luck in spite of difficulties. Key takeaways: Being raised very independent His adventurous first day at school Studying…
On a Journey to Find Meaningful Work: Meet Gemma Milne
Dec 22, 2018 • 106 min
Science writer and public speaker Gemma Milne discusses her desire to help people develop critical thinking, and her struggles to find meaningful work. Key takeaways: Her earliest memories and her fondness for maths Wanting to be an dolphin trainer as a…
Empathy Is the Answer: Meet Business Analyst Mosidi Modise
Dec 14, 2018 • 122 min
Business analyst Mosidi Modise talks about her efforts to create positive change in South Africa by reminding people of the great value of empathy. Key takeaways: Running a guesthouse, studying marketing and then doing an MBA in entrepreneurship Moving to…
Overcoming Failure: Meet Filmmaker & Entrepreneur Francis Rafal
Dec 6, 2018 • 90 min
Filmmaker and entrepreneur Francis Rafal shares his journey so far, and what he has learned about failure after having founded three businesses. Key takeaways: - Entrepreneurial from a young age - Shooting his first video, attending civil service and…
Introducing Humans
Nov 12, 2018 • 7 min
The podcast for people who want the world to slow down and become more human. Josh Levent creates a space for empathetic connections to people on the other side of the planet through biographical interviews of ordinary people. Take a moment to catch your…