Grow Through International Expansion

Grow Through International Expansion
It’s more than just increased revenues and profits – it’s a simple fact that the value of a business increases through International Expansion, whether measured by share price or eventual sale valuation. I am Oliver Dowson, International Expansion Specialist, CEO of ICC and Angel Investor. Over the last 40 years, I have travelled extensively in over 120 countries, created, managed and sold businesses in 10 countries on my own account, and many others in more countries for clients.

International Sales – Getting the Hiring Right with Zach Selch | Global Sales Mentor #49
Dec 3 • 31 min
Without sales, there’s no business – and so it’s easy to argue that one’s sales force are amongst your most important employees. Any executive will tell you that it’s hard enough hiring, motivating and retaining good sales people in your home country –…
Joint Ventures - Gaining Benefits and Avoiding the Unexpected #48
Oct 28 • 16 min
Following a previous episode about finding a partner in another country, in this GrowInternational podcast our host, Oliver Dowson, talks from his experience about the benefits and perils of starting Joint Ventures abroad. Whilst Oliver’s specific…
Navigating the Minefields of Iraq and Other Post Conflict Countries with Leanne Case | Vzir #47
Oct 24 • 22 min
Leanne is an entrepreneur herself. Having worked in countries including Afghanistan and Iraq, where she earned valuable experience in advisory roles for both the Iraqi and British governments, she has become an expert on business strategy in challenging…
Navigating the Complexities of Expanding in the UAE with Jenny Hunt #46
Oct 7 • 39 min
What do you think of when you think of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE (United Arab Emirates)? Time was when it was just oil, but these days it’s also tourism and business in general – witness all those gleaming tower blocks one sees in photos.…
Awareness for Greatness in International Business with Andoni Silva #45
Sep 30 • 31 min
Andoni Silva is a self-styled Awareness coach, based in Spain but working all over Europe. His method is said to help high performers and entrepreneurs achieve a successful, enjoyable and fulfilling work-life balance If you missed earlier episodes, you…
Clarity and Confidence - The Importance of Language with Susan Heaton-Wright | Superstar Communicator #44
Sep 24 • 38 min
Susan Heaton-Wright is an impact, communications and speaking trainer for emerging leaders and the creator of the Superstar Communicator™ philosophy. She is an international speaker; the MD of award winning music company, Viva Live Music, podcaster and a…
Making Friends and Doing Business – Why You Need a Culture Pilot with Jan de Haldevang #43
Sep 18 • 40 min
Jan’s a really interesting person. He was born in Arabia and travelled all his life; he’s fluent in Arabic and German as well as English. He was a soldier in Iraq, Oman, Northern Ireland and Cyprus, before becoming a professional sales and marketing…
M&A as a Fast Track Route to International Expansion with Oliver Froment | Pro Capital #42
Sep 6 • 24 min
In this podcast, I’m in conversation with another Oliver, Oliver Froment. With his team in Pro Capital, based in London, Oliver is dedicated to helping those smaller companies acquire or merge with suitable targets in other countries and, where necessary,…
Bilingual Skills - Outsourcing in Palestine with Jerry Marshall | Transcend #41
Aug 26 • 24 min
One territory that definitely qualifies as “off the usual business radar” is Palestine. It’s clearly not a valuable export market. But, for businesses active in the Middle East, or looking at expanding there, there are some real opportunities to take…
The Beauty Parade: Finding a Business Partner Abroad #40
Aug 19 • 14 min
Do first impressions lie? On paper, the company looked impressive. Out of the six potential partners that we’d shortlisted, and that I’d travelled to Mumbai to meet, this one looked the best on paper. Rajesh, the young CEO who came to meet me at my hotel…
Tax Planning for an International Business with Jimmy Sexton | Esquire Group #39
Jul 30 • 25 min
Back in 1789, Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, coined a quote that’s lived to this day. “in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” And nobody wants to pay more tax than they need to,…
Free Trade Agreements – What are the Real Opportunities for the UK? #38
Jul 22 • 22 min
Those politicians who are enthusiastic about Brexit are always talking about the UK having great opportunities for trade after leaving the EU. Those who oppose Brexit – and many who are on the fence – dismiss those potential opportunities, at least for…
Free Trade Agreements – Past Successes and Failures – What Lessons Can We Learn? #37
Jul 15 • 20 min
In this series of four Grow through International Expansion podcasts and articles, our host Oliver Dowson explores all the key aspects of Free Trade Agreements, adding in the missing bits that the selective explanations from politicians and many…
Free Trade Agreements – The World Trade Organisation, Gatt And The Other Players You Need To Know About #36
Jul 8 • 21 min
Most export-minded business people – and certainly almost all politicians - enthusiastically expect Free Trade Agreements to bring them great business growth. Others, however, fear their impact, and with the growth of populism and “My Country First”…
Free Trade Agreements – The Principles Explained #35
Jul 1 • 30 min
Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are treaties between two or more countries that dictate the tariffs, taxes and duties imposed on imports and exports, and the regulations that are applied on quality, safety and other relevant matters. Not all Trade Agreements…
Want to Become an Expert in Free Trade Agreements? #34
Jun 27 • 6 min
Introducing the new series on international Free Trade Agreements that we’ll be publishing on Grow through International Expansion over the next few weeks
Seeing across the world with Augmented Reality with Patrick Liddy | UtilityAR #33
Jun 10 • 29 min
Augmented Reality sounds so exciting. Put on the magic glasses and escape to another world….. But let’s come down to earth. It’s certainly a technology that promises amazing things and, with the right application, can bring huge new benefits to business.…
Resolving the HR issues of Emigration – with Chris Carman #32
Jun 2 • 13 min
For decades, Australia has been the migration destination of choice for so many people. If you’re doubtful, you only have to visit to understand why. I’ve often described it as what the UK ought to be like with added space and, of course, sunshine.…
Propelling Business Through Disruption to Success with Dan Simmons | Propelia #31
May 23 • 38 min
In this podcast I’m talking with Dan Simmons of Propelia about how he helps company founders and CEOs navigate through new challenges – let’s call them disruptors – that conspire to upset the status quo of their business. Over the last 20 years, Dan has…
Bonne Chance en France with Bernard Hot #30
May 12 • 36 min
France is such an interesting country. Politically and economically, it’s one of the strongest countries not only in Europe but the World. It’s a market of 60 million, and although a large country it has great infrastructure. It has a reputation - perhaps…
Extinction Rebellion is an International Issue #29
May 3 • 9 min
I’m not in London this week, but I’ve been following the Extinction Rebellion with interest, especially having spent most of my career playing a small part in helping corporations reduce their energy consumption and improve environmental impact. There’s a…
Expanding Opportunities for Foreign and Local Companies in the Czech Republic #28
Apr 28 • 33 min
One of the European countries that I visit where I’ve seen the greatest changes and most rapid development is the Czech Republic. I first went to the then Czechoslovakia in 1977, long before the fall of the Iron Curtain, so obviously you’d expect the…
Mentoring Startup Expansion Plans #27
Apr 13 • 9 min
Most ambitious small business owners who want to grow big know that they need to plan international expansion. Most times, though, they’re not sure where to go, what to do or how to do it – or they have preconceptions (and sometimes prejudices) that…
Exploring the Advantages of Free Trade Zones #26
Apr 7 • 23 min
Historically, Free Trade Zones were confined to manufacturing and warehousing, but in recent years they’ve also been housing office operations, liked the shared service centres we were talking about in an earlier episode of Grow through International…
How FinTech is Growing in LATAM with Martin Naor | Bankingly #25
Mar 31 • 10 min
One of the most exciting and active sectors of business for new startups all over the world is FinTech – Financial Technology. Briefly, that’s the application of information technology to the world of finance. The term FinTech really shot to fame – or…
No Branch Should be an Island #24
Mar 24 • 11 min
A story of discovering why cohesive corporate identity matters Walk through the doors of any branch in the world of a major retail chain, and you might forget which country you’re in. They really are all the same. Those multinationals have spent millions…
Hedging Currency To Avoid Costly Mistakes With Barry Mccarthy | Assure Hedge #23
Mar 17 • 25 min
If your company sells abroad, you’ll probably be getting paid in a different currency to your own. And you’ll certainly be aware that there’s a lot of volatility in exchange rates. You work out the price today, when you send out the quote, but you might…
3 Things You Didn’t Know About GDPR with Henry Herbert | Herbert & Ball #22
Mar 10 • 21 min
What do you know about GDPR? You’ve almost certainly seen a buzz of publicity about it in the last year, and will have received dozens of emails asking you to “opt in”. It’s not just email. Any business that holds personal data on a computer – so every…
Insights Into Exporting with Douglas Jackson | DNA Business Engineering #21
Mar 7 • 18 min
“Who ordered the battered cod” doesn’t sound like a book about exporting. But it is, written by a real expert in the field, Doug Jackson. We think it’s a must-read for anyone in business thinking about exporting – and even those who are seasoned exporters…
Gateway to the Baltic States and points East with Martins Tiknuss | Gateway & Partners #20
Mar 3 • 13 min
More countries off the usual business radar. Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia…. Most business people don’t know much about them, except they were long ago part of the USSR, and are popular for weekends away in summer months. In this podcast, Oliver Dowson talks…
Bosnia & Herzogovina – A Country Off The Usual Business Radar with Zlatan Vujanović #19
Feb 27 • 12 min
What do you know about Bosnia and Herzogivina? Chances are, not very much. And certainly there don’t seem to be many business leaders talking about international expansion who’ve got it on their radar. Maybe that’s a significant oversight. Oliver is often…
When Picking a State, Who Should Focus on Southern Virginia with Joe Anwyl #18
Feb 24 • 11 min
In another recent podcast we talked about why businesses expand to the United States. But it’s a huge country with 50 states and they’re all different – not just geographically, but in terms of laws, culture and doing business generally. So where do you…
How Shared Service Centres Add Value to Business with Nelson Gonzalez | Travel Leaders Group #17
Feb 20 • 12 min
BPO offshore operations have continued to mature. Staff are experienced, local management has progressed and they have expanded to take on more advanced work such as R&D. They may no longer be sited in the lowest cost countries, but strategically located…
How to get started in Germany with Burkhard Schneider | Basch Consult #016
Feb 17 • 9 min
UK companies, faced with the uncertainties of Brexit, are rushing to establish bases in the EU. Germany is a favourite, but it’s not so easy - business methods, finance and laws are all very different and complex. So it’s essential to get clued-up, and to…
How to make sure your business doesn’t get lost in translation with Helen Provart | Peak Translations #015
Feb 9 • 8 min
Those of us born in English speaking countries have that great advantage that we can make ourselves understood just about anywhere. The problem is that it also makes us lazy about learning other languages. In business, we can’t just rely on English.…
Expanding to the USA – is now the right time? Gary Leskun | Cross Border Partners #014
Feb 9 • 11 min
Almost every business with international ambitions wants to expand to the United States. It’s easy to understand why. It’s the biggest economy and market on earth. It’s English-speaking, it’s got great people, great communications and since its founding…
Why Kuwait could be a great place for international companies with Hessa Bouresli | Head of Communications Division #013
Feb 9 • 12 min
Think of Kuwait and one thinks of oil. It’s got the world’s sixth largest oil reserves. But there’s a lot more to it than that. It’s one of the oldest countries in the region, at the top of the Arabian Gulf, bordered by Iraq and Saudi Arabia. But it’s not…
One Reason People Fear International Expansion Is Bureaucracy #012
Oct 22, 2018 • 3 min
One reason people fear international expansion is bureaucracy. It’s always there. But you shouldn’t be discouraged. International expansion brings so many benefits, worth the effort. You just need to be prepared.
Would You Buy a Country at an Exhibition? #011
Oct 15, 2018 • 3 min
Most countries, and many big cities and regions, have Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA), that promote Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) through advertising and exhibitions. If the target has already decided on the country, and it’s a matter of promoting…
Do You Really Need an Expat Manager? #010
Oct 9, 2018 • 2 min
Many companies believe that the only way their overseas operation can be successful is if they send over an experienced manager as an expat. However, I’m sceptical. Here’s why…
Employment Law Around the World #009
Oct 1, 2018 • 3 min
I’ve found that many companies only start to understand local employment laws and customs long after they’ve set up an operation and only when they hit problems. However, this is a real danger. I’ll tell you why…
Planning an Exploratory Business Trip – Part 2 #008
Sep 24, 2018 • 4 min
So you’ve decided on where to go, when and how to get there. In this second part of planning an exploratory business trip, I’m going to suggest who you need to meet and what you should be looking out for.
Planning an Exploratory Business Trip – Part 1 #007
Sep 20, 2018 • 3 min
Thinking of growing your business in a new country? Nothing beats going out there and exploring. Even if you’ve been to the country or city before, whether on holiday or a business trip, it’s different if you’re thinking of setting up a base there. Here…
Countries not on the usual business radar - an occasional series - #1 Ethiopia
Sep 20, 2018 • 2 min
I’m recently back from Ethiopia, not a country often considered for international expansion. But things are changing fast… In the first of an occasional series on interesting but frequently overlooked countries, I’ll tell you more…
When Should Start Up Companies Start Their International Expansion #005
Sep 3, 2018 • 3 min
I see a lot of pitches from new start up companies from all over the world. Most see international expansion as a future ambition, a few years down the line. But I think that’s short sighted. Let me explain why…
My 3 Enduring Fundamentals for Business Success #004
Aug 29, 2018 • 2 min
Business terminologies come in and out of fashion, but the fundamentals of success are always the same. These are my 3 enduring fundamentals for ambitious entrepreneurs.
Where to Locate your Overseas Operation #003
Aug 20, 2018 • 5 min
Even quite small companies can save money and improve their efficiency and productivity by setting up an Shared Services Centre or “Insourcing” (wholly-owned Outsourcing) operation abroad. Excellent. Now, where? There are hundreds of possible…
Why International Expansion Drives Up Company Valuations #002
Aug 14, 2018 • 4 min
I believe the most important reason for international expansion is to increase the overall value of the business - but that’s not what most SME entrepreneurs have to the top of their minds. Let me explain…
My 5-Stage Plan for International Expansion #001
Aug 3, 2018 • 7 min
Every business is different, but most — even small businesses — can profit from international expansion. Nevertheless, there are still many business owners who are reticent, or maybe don’t appreciate all the advantages and opportunities. In order to break…