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038: How to Find the Courage and Self-Love When Your Life Falls Apart with Robin Jillian and Rebecca Thompson
Jun 4 • 43 min
Awaken Radio with Robin Jillian and guest Rebecca Thompson, Author of “Rebecca Rising”
037: Question Your Beliefs if You Want to Be Happy with Robin Jillian
May 29 • 69 min
Awaken Radio with Robin Jillian
036: Living an Awakened Life… with Robin Jillian
May 25 • 39 min
Awaken Radio with Robin Jillian
035: Perception - Seeing is Not Believing with Robin Jillian and James Purpura
Mar 12 • 62 min
Awaken Radio with Robin Jillian and James Purpura
034: Designed to be Happy with Robin Jillian
Feb 17 • 41 min
Awaken Radio with Robin Jillian
033: When Love Isn’t Enough… with Robin Jillian
Feb 6 • 23 min
The essential components for creating the kind of love and deep intimacy we all truly want
032: Living in The Safety of Illusion
Feb 2 • 32 min
with Robin Jillian
031: Peace in Disillusionment
Jan 9 • 25 min
with Robin Jillian
030: Why We Need Courage To Love
Nov 1, 2019 • 32 min
with Robin Jillian and guest Ken D. Foster on Awaken Radio
029: I Love You… Madly, Deeply, Truly, I Do
Oct 18, 2019 • 24 min
with Robin Jillian on Awaken Radio
028: I Am Who I Am, But Am I Okay With Who I Am?
Sep 10, 2019 • 26 min
with Robin Jillian on Awaken Radio
027: Relationship Compatibility - A Love That Can Last
Aug 14, 2019 • 28 min
with Robin Jillian
026: Spiritual Muscles… Going Beyond Where you Are
Jul 19, 2019 • 24 min
with Robin Jillian
025: Surrender and Co-Create Your Life
Jun 29, 2019 • 23 min
with Robin Jillian
024: To End or Not to End a Relationship… That is the Question
Jun 18, 2019 • 24 min
with Robin Jillian
023: Spiritual Bypassing… The New Age Magical Thinking
May 29, 2019 • 24 min
with Robin Jillian
022: Freedom - Awakening to the Real You
May 16, 2019 • 24 min
with Robin Jillian
021: Following the Bread Crumbs (Part 2)
May 5, 2019 • 24 min
with Robin Jillian
020: Following the Bread Crumbs….
Apr 19, 2019 • 24 min
with Robin Jillian
019: I am who I am, but am I okay with who I am?
Apr 10, 2019 • 24 min
with Robin Jillian
018: Shame & Blame & Guilt… Oh My!
Mar 30, 2019 • 24 min
with Robin Jillian
017: Surrender the Final Frontier
Mar 15, 2019 • 24 min
Most of us live our lives believing and acting as though we are in control. We become angry and disillusioned when life does not go according to our plan. We often fight the flow of our life, not accepting reality as it is, and it hurts….
016: When You Said You Love Me
Mar 9, 2019 • 24 min
What does love mean to you? How many of you have been utterly destroyed at the ending of a relationship, and closed your heart as a result? Robin explains that we often react from our wounds without even recognizing that we have “shut down”…
015: Faith…Who Needs It?
Feb 27, 2019 • 24 min
Why is it that many of us find it extremely difficult to embrace faith? What kind of life can we live without faith? Robin talks about how no matter what difficulties we face and how devastating the road ahead may look, there is a rhyme…
014: Compromise or Sacrifice… which is it?
Feb 14, 2019 • 25 min
We have been taught that compromise is important in all our relationships. When is it appropriate to put our own needs and values first? Is there a time when it is necessary to compromise, and when is it in our highest and best…
013: Dark Night of the Soul… Who Are You Meant to Be?
Feb 3, 2019 • 24 min
When our heart says it is time to “wake up” to our authentic self… leaving the stories of our past and conditioned ideas behind… we enter the Dark Night of the Soul. It appears that our life is falling apart, when in fact it is falling…
012: It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over
Jan 18, 2019 • 25 min
Can there be more to our relationships than we realize? Robin speaks about how all of our relationships serve our highest good, even if we are not aware of how. We come into this life with soul contracts in place with the desire to work…
011: Is it Time to Say Goodbye?
Jan 11, 2019 • 24 min
One of the most painful choices we can make in life is to leave a relationship, especially when we are still feeling so much love for our partner. When we hear our soul calling to grow and expand and become more of who we truly are, often times it…
010: When Relationships End
Dec 30, 2018 • 24 min
When relationships end… does that mean the relationship is a failure? Did we fail if we chose to end a relationship? Is it more desirable to stay in a relationship over a long period of time… does that make us more successful in…
09: Healing Your Wounds Through Relationship
Dec 13, 2018 • 24 min
Robin speaks about relationship as being the tool for healing your past wounds. When we are in relationship, it is for the purpose of healing our wounds if we are willing to consciously look inside ourselves when we are upset and triggered in…
08: Love or Fear… You Choose
Dec 5, 2018 • 24 min
Robin elaborates on the theme of recognizing love versus fear. She shares the difference between love and fear, making it very clear that if we want to live in peace and joy, we must choose love. Robin explores some important questions…
07: It’s Love Illusions I Recall
Nov 16, 2018 • 24 min
Robin speaks about Love as the “engine” that drives the Universe. She explains that by removing the illusions to love, we remain open and vulnerable to receiving the amazing gifts that only love can bring. When we are willing to give up our…
06: Love’s Healing Steps
Nov 11, 2018 • 24 min
Robin continues her exploration on the necessary steps to healing after the pain and loss of relationships ending. We don’t have to live with guilt, shame, fear, anger, or resentment. By reframing our stories and choosing to take…
05: When Love Rules
Nov 11, 2018 • 24 min
Robin continues discussing the steps necessary for healing from your “broken” relationships. When love is your primary intention, and you are willing to take responsibility for your own needs… you can heal your wounds. You can recover yourself…
04: To Be or Not to Be… In a Romantic Relationship?
Nov 11, 2018 • 24 min
We have all had our hearts broken… through that we often allow our conditioned beliefs to make up stories about who is to blame, who was “wrong,” and what character defects prevented us from being in relationship with this person. Through…
03: Love and Commitment to Spiritual Relationships
Nov 11, 2018 • 24 min
Robin Jillian continues her exploration on the subject of commitment, is it healthy or destructive to your well-being? This is part 2 to a previously aired episode entitled “.” Are you acting out of your social conditioning, keeping…
02: Love and Authentic Freedom to Commit to Yourself
Nov 11, 2018 • 24 min
Robin Jillian explores the meaning of commitment and where that shows up in your life. Are you committing out of a need to feel secure, or expecting someone else to do the same? How have you been conditioned to believe that you are less than if…
01: Calling of Your Soul
Nov 11, 2018 • 25 min
This program is the first in a series of shows where Robin Jillian will be discussing what it looks and feels like to listen to the Calling of your Soul. Robin explains that when it is time to “awaken”, become more conscious in your…