A Dungeons & Dragons podcast with a splash of hilarity.This is a world of myth magic and wonder. The world is Avlonia where magic is so saturated even the most mundane farmer has access to a “gift”. Please sit back and relax as we weave a tale of deli

40:Be Nimble Be Quick Jean Jump Over The Icky Ick
Aug 21 • 49 min
A new NPC shows itself. A skill challenge where everything that could go wrong and Jean leaping through mucky traps to help them get out.
39: Something About a New Guy!
Aug 14 • 45 min
Our adventurers watch as Faloreon disappears into the depths never to be seen from again. they end up saving a strange new figure from some enemies. The new player enters in the adventure. Want to find out what happens? Listen now!
38: Farewell My Winter Prince
Aug 7 • 50 min
The adventurers venture further into the caves. Now that all keys are discovered what will happen next?
37: Just Another Mimic Monday
Jul 31 • 48 min
Mimic coins? What is going on in these caves? Will they find the keys? Will they save Tippletoe?
36: Did We Learn Our Lesson? No…
Jul 24 • 50 min
The battle of the caves continues.
35: A Bone to Pick With You!
Jul 17 • 53 min
Jean frozen in time but Faloreon has an idea! Will the adventurers survive or will they all end up basilisk meat for breakfast? Find out now!
34: A Basilisk A Mage and A Cabinet
Jul 10 • 46 min
Our adventurers find themselves ticking off a drow mage.
33: Curiosity Cursed the Rabbit!
Jul 3 • 40 min
Now things are getting interesting. What happened to Tippletoe? Where is the party heading first? What will happen when Jean tries to play miner? Find out now!
32: Far Away From Home Looking for a Gnome
Jun 26 • 44 min
Will Faloreon wake up? What will the party do to get off this rock? Is Gothruk still alive?
31:Buyer Beware Drink At Your Own Risk
Jun 19 • 41 min
Rock Titans, Worms, and Scorpions oh my!
30: An Offer You Can’t Refuse
Jun 12 • 47 min
Finally Tippletoe gets some much needed help for her ailment.
29: Crit Happens and a Leap of Faith
Jun 5 • 46 min
The Party finds themselves in a pickle. A pickle with long legs fangs and an insatiable appetite for flesh
28: You Can Jerk The Meat if You Want to You Can Leave Your Friends Behind
May 29 • 40 min
Our adventurers meet a new friend. He is cooking up something delicious will they survive this meaty episode?
27: A March Down Memory Lane
May 22 • 44 min
Our Adventurers find themselves living a real memory.
26: Tic Toc Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Croc?
May 15 • 103 min
The adventurers decide to go after the ticking, Little do they know they may of bit off more than they could chew!
25: How to Alienate Friends With Failed Diplomacy
May 8 • 75 min
The gang finally investigates the village, and what else would any self destructive…errr, respecting adventurers do when they face a crisis? Well it rhymes with urn…
24:Spits or Swallows!
May 1 • 59 min
Our adventurers trek through the mucky muck of the marsh inching closer and closer north.
23: Right to Bear Arms
Apr 24 • 45 min
A deep angry roar in the jungle stops Tippletoe in her tracks.
22: Bring Me Something Right Meow!
Apr 17 • 50 min
Our adventurers begin their quest to find the fairy dust Tip so desperately needs.
21:Four Adventurers & a Gnome Baby
Apr 10 • 46 min
After Tippletoe falls to a horrible affliction our adventurers attempt to find a way to help her.
20:Fire in The Hole
Apr 3 • 44 min
Someone starts burning things to the ground.
19:Peter Peter Crit Eater
Mar 27 • 40 min
Our Adventurers get out of a pickle and meet a new friend.
18:Marza Dies At The End!
Mar 20 • 48 min
Marza may or may not be dead at the end?
17:Dead Men Will Tell Tales
Mar 13 • 49 min
Tromping through the jungle our adventurers start exploring this strange new island
16: Roc ‘n’ Roll in the Jungle
Mar 6 • 51 min
Our adventurers find themselves on yet another island in a strange land.
15: Mabd’s Winter Knight
Feb 27 • 46 min
Holy Smokes! Where did Faloreon go? What happened when Jean and Marza jumped into that portal? How will they get out of this new mess? Will Tip figure it out? Will Nugget find another drink? Listen and find out!
14: Wait it’s a Trap……
Feb 20 • 37 min
Marza tries to pull Nugget out of the water. Jean uses his water magic and Tipple toe Steps on another trap!
13:Rub a Dub Dub Dwarf Deeper and Deeper in AnExtraDimensionalPortal Tub?
Feb 13 • 48 min
What did Marza see in the water? Will Tipp manage to use the ship? Will Jean use his Bamf ability to get the across? Or will Nugget take them all down with him in a glorious death? Find out now!
12: Carry On My Wayward Gnome Don’t You Vine No More
Feb 6 • 48 min
Does, Nugget finally get out of the dungeon? Why is Tippletoe so attractive to vines? Will Jean be able to help them? Can Marza use the power of light to help them?
11: Dwarven Entrapments and Drunken Debacles
Jan 30 • 41 min
How will the gang get Nugget out of this dungeon debacle? Find out now!
10: Don’t You Forge it About Me….
Jan 23 • 51 min
Tippletoe and Marza are all by themselves in the jungle, Nugget learns something about himself. Faloreon is still missing and they meet a new friend.
9: Fancy a Red Cap of Tea?
Jan 16 • 49 min
Friends lost and fae are hungry!
8: What Dreams May Summon?
Jan 9 • 75 min
Dream a little dream for me.
7: Centuar You Doing Here?
Jan 2 • 35 min
Our Adventurers fight of swarms of demons Will they survive or will this be the first TPK?
6: Island Adventure On The Rocks!
Dec 26, 2018 • 42 min
Our adventurers find themselves lost on an island! how will they survive this new encounter? Find out now!
5: Tuba Beat a Boss or Not Tuba?
Dec 19, 2018 • 57 min
Our adventurers finally meet old Bill Hackman. Will they survive this ghostly encounter? Or will they become part of his crew? Find out now!
4: An Acquired Taste
Dec 12, 2018 • 38 min
Our adventures find themselves trapped in a mouth? Gross! Find out now!
3: Pry As I Might
Dec 5, 2018 • 48 min
Our adventurers find themselves being outwitted by a plank in a wall.
2: Zombodie They Used to Love?
Nov 28, 2018 • 50 min
Our adventurers learn there are zombies a foot or without feet? Just watch!
1: Ghost Ships Ahoy!
Nov 21, 2018 • 38 min
A sea Voyage leading to a ghost story how cliche!
0: The Fondling Wizard Inn-teresting Story.
Nov 14, 2018 • 32 min
The meeting at an Inn
Baby Got Backstory
Nov 10, 2018 • 4 min
Just a backstory for flavor of course. ;)
AllD20 Trailer
Sep 29, 2018 • 3 min
Trailer for all of our soon to be adoring fans.