Cherry Picked by GameByte

Cherry Picked by GameByte
Brett and Vicky from the GameByte team are joined by Keith (from PR) to chat all things gaming and, of course, end up amusingly off topic. Find us across socials @GameByte / @GamebyteHQ and get in touch with us at [email protected]

E3 Predictions, Gaming Addictions and Die-Hardman
Jun 3 • 81 min
Brett, Keith and Vicky talk about what they expect to see from the likes of Microsoft, Bethesda, Square Enix, EA, Devolver Digital, Ubisoft and more at E3 this year whilst talking about a few other things. “What other things?” You ask? How about video…
Borderlands 3 and Crash Team Racing Chatathon
May 31 • 53 min
Want to know how Borderlands 3 and Crash Team Racing feel to play? You’re in luck! On this episode of ‘Cherry Picked’ Brett and Vicky talk about their recent hands on sessions with both games, whilst embracing the usual ridiculousness of the…
PlayStation 5, Stadia, GTA and… Alcatraz?
Apr 29 • 57 min
Keith is back from San Francisco which means Brett has an odd quiz to welcome him back. The team talk about what else Keith saw in San Francisco, dive into what they know about the PlayStation 5, talk about the Stadia and a lot more on this episode of…
Is it Final Fantasy or is it Vegan Food?
Mar 27 • 43 min
This week Brett and Vicky are joined by another member of the Gamebyte team, Will. The team talk about Minecraft, Google Stadia, Apex Legends, The Last of Us, Generation Zero, Fortnite, Sekiro and more. Including a quiz that asks a very important…
Shoutout to Dogs, Devil May Fry and The Division 2
Mar 15 • 47 min
Talking about THAT AMA
Owls, Toyotas and The World of Esports
Feb 28 • 49 min
The Cherry Picked team have some interesting ideas about what to spend £100,000 on, some interesting facts about owls and have a bit of a dive into into the world of esports in the way only they can. Expect tangents along with the interesting insight into…
Love, Apex Legends and Activision Layoffs
Feb 14 • 53 min
Brett, Vicky and Keith (from PR) talk about romance and dating games, Apex Legends, Activision layoffs and get scared by a ghost in the air conditioning. Send your questions for future episodes to: [email protected] and make…
Kingdom Hearts 3.4 Shaggy Final ReMix
Feb 1 • 82 min
Brett, Vicky and Keith (from PR) talk about Kingdom Hearts 3, a behind the scenes glimpse at how PR and the games industry work together and… Shaggy being in the new Mortal Kombat game. As well as a few other video game related things. Make sure to email…
The Resident Evil 2 Choose Your Own Podcast Adventure
Jan 16 • 75 min
Brett, Vicky and Keith (from PR) talk about Resident Evil 2, Bandersnatch and *checks notes*… the PlayStation One Classic ‘Weakest Link’ on this weeks episode. Keith also gives an insight into what it’s like trying to make a demo for a game, something…
The games to play this year, explained by idiots
Jan 9 • 68 min
2019 is upon us and therefore there is a WHOLE NEW batch of games on their way. Brett, Vicky and Keith from PR take a dive into what they’re expecting the gaming world of 2019 to look like. There’s lots of sequels and therefore of course Brett made this…
The Large Gaming Quiz of The Year 2018
Jan 4 • 72 min
Brett organises a quiz looking back on 2018 for Vicky and Keith. Get in touch with your scores [email protected] and follow us @GameByteHQ / @GameByte
Best gaming moments of 2018
Dec 19, 2018 • 54 min
Brett, Vicky and Keith take a look back over 2018 to choose their favourite gaming moments. Get in touch with yours at [email protected] and follow us at @GameByteHQ / @GameByte
Game of The Year
Dec 12, 2018 • 71 min
Brett, Vicky and Keith have a run through their favourite games of 2018 and of course go through the weird and wonderful world of gaming in our newly named feature Little Bits. Get in touch with your favourite game of this year at…
Winner Winner Christmas Dinner
Dec 5, 2018 • 54 min
In this episode, team Cherry Picked take a look over Christmas’ past and tell their hilarious gaming gift anecdotes. Make sure you get in touch with your Christmas gaming stories at [email protected] and follow us @Gamebyte/@GameByteHQ
Battle Royale with Cheese
Nov 28, 2018 • 54 min
This week the Cherry Picked team take a look into Battle Royale with humorous Fortnite commentary and a look into websites designed for parents to rate their kids games….yep. As always, get in touch at [email protected] with your funny…
Remakes, Remasters, Nostalgia - Oh my!
Nov 21, 2018 • 60 min
The Cherry Picked trio take a nostalgic look into games that have been remade and remastered. As per, Brett, Vicky and Keith run a little off piste but also have a good laugh looking at recent gaming faux pas. Get in touch with your stories and gaming…
The Future of Gaming
Nov 14, 2018 • 51 min
This week Brett, Vicky and Keith (from PR) take a metaphorical deep dive into the future of gaming. You’ll also quickly get to know each of our hosts! Make sure you subscribe so you’re in the loop with new episodes and follow us @Gamebyte / @GambyteHQ.…
The Trailer
Nov 9, 2018 • 2 min
It’s true! Gamebyte have launched their very own podcast so expect a brand new episode every Wednesday! Follow us across social media @Gamebyte / @GamebyteHQ and please do get in touch with any relevant gaming chat or stories at…