HR Rebooted Podcast

HR Rebooted Podcast
Doing things differently, means thinking differently. Our goal is to help you think beyond your current programs to drive real change in your organization. We will be meeting with thought leaders in HR, Talent and People in a video and podcast format …

9: Equal Pay
Sep 5 • 32 min
We talk with Katie Donovan about equal pay and pay gaps
8: Effective Terminations
Aug 6 • 25 min
Interview with Karlyn Borysenko on effective terminations
7: Leadership Development & Science
Jul 16 • 24 min
Ted Gorski, leadership coach talks about how leaders can create real value for your organization and how HR needs to lead the charge.
6: Performance Management
Jun 5 • 10 min
We talk about how we’re thinking about performance management
4 Addendum: HR Transform Presentation
Apr 25 • 15 min
Here is our presentation from #HRT2019 or HR Transform. Tracie and I had 15 minutes to talk about ways to lean into technology while keeping the HUMAN in Human Resources.
5: A Conversation with NEHRA CEO
Apr 3 • 39 min
Interview with Tracy Burns about how HR can add value to the business today and in the future
4: HR Transform
Mar 28 • 4 min
We arrived at HR Transform to present our topic, “Leaning into technology while keeping the human in Human Resources.” We walked away with a lot more than we expected. What a great event. The future is NOW! @HR Transform&nbsp…
3: Developing Your HR Warrior
Jan 15 • 32 min
Are you an HR Weenie or a Warrior? Learn how to become an HR Warrior!
2: Linking Arms with IT
Dec 27, 2018 • 12 min
IT’s view of HR from a CIO
1: HR Tribe
Nov 19, 2018 • 9 min
HR is a lonely place, but not if you have your HR tribe!
The beginning—We’re up to something!
Nov 9, 2018 • 1 min
Launching our new series with our talk tracks.