Songs For The Moment - Presented By The G-Rod Show

Songs For The Moment - Presented By The G-Rod Show
Music is a medium that we all love. Each and every song we consume in our lifetimes have a story attached to them. Each episode of this podcast, we will go behind the stories we attach to the songs we love. This is Songs For The Moment. Hosted By Glenn Rodriguez & Shawn Hebert
S3EP005: Live Tracks
Dec 9 • 66 min
G & Shawn dive into the world of live music on this week’s episode of Songs For The Moment! G’s List — Deuce - Kiss Stripped - Depeche Mode The Sand In The Gears - Frank Turner Jersey Girl - Bruce Springsteen Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen -…
S3EP4: 80’s Rock
Dec 4 • 46 min
From Hair to pure rock, G & Shawn share their playlists from one of the better decades of rock music. G’s Playlist — Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne Rainbow in the Dark - Dio Jet City Woman - Queensryche Dream Warriors - Dokken No One Like You - Scorpions…
S3EP3: Hip-Hop
Nov 25 • 55 min
This week G & Shawn dive into the Hip-Hop/Rap genre. Glenn’s List — Trying To Find A Balance - Atmosphere SpottieOttieDopaliscious - Outkast Keystone State of Mind - Tayyib Ali Put em in the Grave - Jedi Mind Tricks Kick, Push - Lupe Fiasco Passing Me By…
S3E2: G.O.A.T: Greatest of All Time
Nov 18 • 80 min
Today we talk about our picks for Greatest of All Time. Plus discussions on Michael Jackson, how mumble rap sucks and so much more. G’s List —— Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Ohne Dich - Rammstein Notorious Thugs - The Notorious BIG Drive All Night - Bruce…
S3E1: Now Playing - 11/12/18
Nov 12 • 73 min
G & Shawn are back with season 3 of S4TM! On this episode, the guys talk about what they’ve been listening to lately. Plus G tries to figure out what “Hipster Rock” is. All this and more on Songs For The Moment. Glenn’s Playlist ———- Varud - Sigur Ros…
The Emo Episode
Nov 8 • 45 min
*First Aired June 6th, 2018* It’s the long-awaited Emo episode of Songs For The Moment! Glenn & Shawn breakdown their favorite tracks in the Emo subgenre and also discuss why people mistake certain bands for emo acts. Glenn’s List Screaming Infidelities –…
Title Tracks
Nov 8 • 60 min
*First Aired May 24th, 2018* You voted for it! This week Glenn & Shawn talk about some of their favorite title tracks. Also, the guys talk about how rockstars don’t exist anymore. Glenn’s Playlist Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden The Walking Wounded by…