Psychic Rehab

Psychic Rehab
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Identity: Part 1
May 16 • 40 min
This week on Psychic Rehab, join me, Rachel Michelle Fernandes, resident punk enthusiast, journalist, and mental health nerd, for a conversation about identity. I attend the iconic Riot Grrrl punk feminist band Bikini Kill’s recent reunion tour and hone…
Let’s Get Physical
May 9 • 27 min
What does it really mean to “stay in shape?” And how can we challenge current, often damaging, diet and fitness culture norms to reframe issues surrounding the body and physical fitness? Join writer, activist, and mental health advocate Rachel Michelle…
Lost In America
May 2 • 30 min
Join writer, activist, and mental patient, Rachel Michelle Fernandes as she tells the harrowing tale of her two-month-long solo road trip across America and through the tornado that is mania! She also talks to traveling holy man, blues musician, and avid…
Apr 25 • 21 min
Is HELL really other people as Sartre wrote? Or is hell unprocessed trauma and isolation? Join writer, activist, and mental patient Rachel Michelle Fernandes as she shares her own story of burnout and personal devastation. She then looks at the post…
Love, Pain & Ink Stains
Apr 18 • 23 min
Are you clingy or aloof, needy or closed off? And what do your past relationships say about you? Join writer, producer, mental patient Rachel Michelle Fernandes as she splashes around in the murky waters of romantic attachment, talks to a past lover about…
Mob Rule - Bonus Midterm Election Episode
Nov 5, 2018 • 23 min
Writer/activist/mostly sane person Rachel Michelle Fernandes tells the story of how she got here and talks about how we could all use a little Psychic Rehab right about now. She also discusses how showing up and being civically engaged is a way to stay…