The MewX Podcast

The MewX Podcast
This is THE Mew podcast, 100% for fans by fans. In each episode we aim to reminisce and talk nostalgia, as well as analyze and discuss everything about each song in the Mew back catalog.
#006 Louise Louisa
Dec 10 • 66 min
Welcome to the MewX Podcast! This Friday, December 14th, Mew is releasing an album of new recordings of some of their best songs, together with Copenhagen Philharmonic. To celebrate this occasion, we’re talking about one of the songs from it, Louise…
#005 King Christian
Dec 3 • 61 min
Welcome to the MewX Podcast! Episode 5 is a bit of a history lesson, as we tell you about the man the song “King Christian” is about. We delve into both versions, and try to see if we can find any deeper meaning in the lyrics. We always recommend…
#004 Witness
Nov 26 • 85 min
Welcome to the MewX Podcast! In episode four, we talk about one of Mew’s most upbeat and in-your-face songs, Witness. We also talk about the stripped down acoustic version, and go into what the song might be about. We always recommend listening to the…
#003 I Should Have Been A Tsin-Tsi (For You)
Nov 19 • 71 min
Welcome to the MewX Podcast! For our third episode, we’ll discuss Mew’s first ever single, I Should Have Been A Tsin-Tsi (For You). A song with many versions - and many opinions. We always recommend listening to the song before you put on the episode.…
#002 Introducing Palace Players
Nov 12 • 71 min
Welcome to the MewX Podcast! In our second episode we talk about Mew’s “sexy song”, Introducing Palace Players. Who are the Palace Players, and why are they being introduced now? These questions and much more, we discuss throughout the episode. We…
#001 Am I Wry? No
Nov 5 • 66 min
Welcome to our first episode about the world’s greatest band, Mew! Our aim for this podcast is to cover as much as possible about Mew’s songs. In our first episode we cover, what to most Mew fans (or Frengers as we like to be called) is most likely our…
#000 Prolog
Nov 2 • 2 min
We call ourselves “Frengers. - Not quite friends, not quite strangers” Join us at The MewX Podcast, as we dissect, analyze, reminisce and talk nostalgia, all about Mew. 100% for fans, by fans.