Tabletop wargames, RPG’s, and the people that play them!I talk about tabletop wargames, roleplaying games and the gaming hobby, with an emphasis on the people that play! The gamers, hobbyists and creators out there are my favorite part of this wonderf?

34: Taylor Swift, the Apocalypse, and Dabbling with Dwarves
Oct 8 • 117 min
Strength Hammer, Taylor Swift, Age of Sigmar,
33: Grimdark Dawn, Portals with Einstein, and the Inadequate Stompa
Sep 24 • 97 min
Twitch, Hyper RPG, Grimdark Dawn
32: Party Nerd, IG Baby Helmets, and the Scrub Goblin Ambush
Sep 10 • 118 min
Reiner72, streaming, miniatures
31: Goblin Porn, Vigilante Justice, and Exciting Andorians
Aug 27 • 114 min
PIMPCRON, hobbyist and writer for Bell of Lost souls, goblins, Andorians, justice crush
A Very Special Havoc Cast #1: San Genaro Co-op
Aug 26 • 73 min
San Genaro Co-op
30: Face Off, Contrast, and Falling to the Left
Jul 23 • 86 min
Scarlett, edge highlights, old games, warhammer
29: Napoleon Necromancy, Fathers & Sons, and tasty paints
Jul 9 • 89 min
Tabletop Wargames, RPGs and other nonsense
28: Tzeentch, Bladder-Con and Don’t Hurt Babies!
Jun 18 • 90 min
Caitlin, Trickster of Tzeentch, The Witcher, role playing games
27: Loopin’ Louie, Color Correction and the Tortilla Monster
Jun 4 • 86 min
Chance of Gaming, Tabletop wargames, Miniature painting, Tortilla Monster
26: Summer Camp, Bread Coma and You Can’t Pet a Fish
May 21 • 76 min
3dGreg, Warhammer, Orks
25: The Great Addiction Swap, My Little Bogus, and the Warmongers Love
May 7 • 61 min
gettin sober, Darren Bogus
24: Games in School, Serbia not Siberia, and The Great Continuum
Apr 23 • 59 min
this week I talk to my friend Predrag, a Serbian based gamer and hobbyist! Also a story about playing games in school.
23: Iron Warriors, Sparkly Clean Marines and Dave the Arborist Hero
Apr 16 • 61 min
Chaos Space Marines, Dave from Mob Rules Podcast
22: The Adepticon 2019 Round Table Chit Chat
Apr 9 • 58 min
Adepticon 2019 summary
21: Whats in the Bag, Extreme Pinning and Crisco Twister
Apr 2 • 60 min
Adepticon shopping, Pandoras bits box, green stuff, sculpting,
20: Packin’ For a Con, Plaque Licking and Safety Helmets
Mar 26 • 61 min
packing for a convention, Bees tabletop wargamer
19: Time Management and the Two Old Gamer Guys Naptime Podcast
Mar 19 • 61 min
This week I give some tips on managing your time so you have more to do hobby! I talk with my buddy Mark the Underhive Scum about being old men, playing all the cool games and why Iron Man is better than Batman.
18: Con Checklist, Dancing Plague and Sexy Hot Glue Guns
Mar 5 • 62 min
Con checklist, Vee the Crafting Muse
17: Finite RPG, Hula Hoops and Bret Farland- LINEDANCER
Feb 26 • 59 min
FINITE RPG, Aras Savad
16: Wrath and Glory, Dung Beetles, and the Hanks-Reeves roadtrip film
Feb 19 • 52 min
Wrath and Glory RPG review and a chat with Ice Cream Dice!
15: The Year of RPGs Update, Water Burgers, and Glass Bottle Baby Assault
Feb 12 • 59 min
Star Trek and Star Wars RPGs, Veteran Gamer, Warhammer Hero 2019
14: Get Motivated, How to Survive the Apocalypse and CGI Jeff Bridges
Feb 5 • 59 min
Im going to give you some strategies on getting your hobby projects started, tips to keep you from getting overwhelmed! I chat with Joff Owlbare about games, mental health and how to survive the apocalypse!
13: Leap of Faith, Pencil Stabbings, and One Shot Hangovers
Jan 29 • 60 min
Faith in games and gaming, Gru of the Grimdark, Star Wars RPG!
12: British Nudity, Giant Sandwiches and Shaping Americas Youth
Jan 22 • 57 min
Office Painter interview, hobby updates
11: Love Your Work, Trashy Spirit Animals, and my life as a Slave to Darkness
Jan 15 • 60 min
Mini painting, games, Synchroneyes, Slave to Darkness
10: Academy Fresh, Its All Been Done, and NURGLING STRIKE
Jan 8 • 61 min
Star Trek RPG, talk with Mike, Warhammer 40K list discussion
Jan 1 • 44 min
8: Loneliness, Sugar Mamas, and Boldy Going Where Many Have Gone Before
Dec 18, 2018 • 52 min
The Lonely Havoc is lonely, Subtle Brush and Star Trek RPG
7: Straighten Up, 2 Broken Ankles and How to Make Believe
Dec 11, 2018 • 45 min
discussion with StarSmythe, “the 5 S’s” and GM tips
6: Golden Rule, Lead Nipples and Jungle Love
Dec 4, 2018 • 42 min
Talk with hobbyist Gorilla with a Brush, discuss ongoing RPG
5: Significant Hobbyists, a Cabal of Ahrimans, and Kill Team Campaign
Nov 27, 2018 • 34 min
getting your SO involved in hobby, talking to hobbyists
4: Hobby Shame, Skinny Dippin, and the Empires Edge
Nov 20, 2018 • 38 min
Hobby shame and RPG update
3: Confrontation, Ferengi Spirit Animals and Havocs in the Snow
Nov 13, 2018 • 41 min
This week I discuss some strategies when dealing with fools being foolish at your game table. I talk with Sonic Sledgehammer, and a quick update on my whereabouts this past weekend. Enjoy!
2: Amatuer Psychology, Monthly Veganism and Sexy Wolves
Nov 6, 2018 • 31 min
visualization, talk with Stormgrad Games and Kill Team update!
1: Good Sports, Brush Wizards and Sexy Orks
Oct 30, 2018 • 23 min
I talk about being a good sport at tabletop wargames.