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A Simplified Guide to Coaching Conversations
Sep 10 • 25 min
As a new manager, you wear many hats; one of which is a coach. You know what success looks like on your team. This vision requires employees to be engaged and productive. Helping each person move towards this vision can be a challenge. One on one coaching…
How Leaders Can Use Social Media to Expand Their Brand
Sep 3 • 22 min
If you have been leading teams for over ten years, you have experience that would greatly benefit a new audience on social media. The problem is using social media as a tool is completely foreign for a lot of us. It can be difficult knowing where to get…
How to Create a Mission Statement Using Story Structure
Aug 26 • 19 min
Mission Statements are an effective way to align your business, organization, or team. In today’s episode, we talk to Michael Dallas Miller breaks down what story structure is and how to use it in creating a missions statement that is easily understood.…
How to Lead a Virtual Team
Aug 20 • 36 min
Managing teams working in remote locations provides many unique advantages. Data shows remote teams are more productive and less expensive. We shouldn’t be surprised to see so many companies hiring employees who can work virtually. These teams also…
A Conversation With My Dad About Parenting, Sports and Life
Aug 15 • 25 min
My dad has done amazing things to provide an exceptional life for my brother and I. I had a blast talking with him about his perspective on being a dad and how it evolved as he grew. Being a parent is a big deal! I hope you enjoy. Cheers, Espi
Jessica Carey: Turning a Passion Into a Career With The Hook Nook
Jun 11 • 38 min
Salem is Awesome! We were blessed to have Jessica Carey on the show today. Best known for her brand The Hook Nook, Jessica tells us about finding joy in crocheting and using it as a form of meditation. Going all in on something you are passionate about is…
Ty Curtis: Blues Rock Icon
May 20 • 28 min
Today we interview Ty Curtis a Blues professional, bringing new life into the music scene. We talk about what it was like for Ty to get started, his move from Salem Oregon to Austin Texas, and some of his current struggles maintaining his work-life…
Heather Hawkins: Helping Family Building Blocks Stay Engaged With Salem’s Community
May 13 • 44 min
Heather Hawkins, Community Relations Director, discusses Family Building Blocks, why we should care and how to get involved. She also provides some amazing insights on building relationships in the community and keeping your team engaged. Thanks for…
Conrad Venti: How to Start a Restaurant in Salem, Oregon
May 7 • 42 min
Making this podcast has been a ton of fun. Salem is Awesome! Conrad Venti stopped the studio to help share some wisdom on the art of starting a restaurant in Salem, Oregon. Conrad transitioned from Vice President of Pioneer Trust Bank to Partner at…
Kristen Nebeker: How Elementary School Special Education is Relevant in the Business World
Apr 29 • 53 min
Salem is Awesome! Elementary school teachers are under appreciated, underpaid, and sometimes overwhelmed. Kristen Nebeker is a special education teacher in Salem. She stopped by the podcast to talk through her approach to working with students when…
Luke Glaze: The Man, The Myth, The Sparrow Furniture Manager
Apr 22 • 34 min
Another week down and Salem is still Awesome! This week we chat with Luke Glaze about managing Broadway Coffeehouse and helping refugees in Salem at Sparrow Furniture. Enjoy! Sharing and subscribing to the podcast means a ton. Thank you all for the…
Enkay47: Big Picture Thinking in the Music Business
Apr 16 • 51 min
Salem is Awesome. Enkay47 drove four hours to visit us in the studio, and we are grateful! His ability to deliver consistent music and remain engaged with his audience has allowed him to extend his presence across the nation. We discuss how he grew his…
Kimmy Neal: Media Guru from
Apr 8 • 37 min
Salem is Awesome. Today was a fun episode. We spoke with Kim Neal of Kim has been a friend for a while, and was even my boss at one point! After a successful career in corporate America, Kim moved out onto her own as a social media…
Collin Box: Bringing Timbers U23 to Salem
Apr 2 • 32 min
That is right! We have Collin Box, Director of Timbers U23 and Capital Futbol Club. Collin shares with The New Leader Workshop what he feels makes Salem so awesome, how the Timbers U23 club ended up in Salem and his vision for soccer in Salem. Take a…
Shannon Standish : The Yard is Awesome
Mar 25 • 25 min
If you are from Salem, you’ve been to The Yard or seen your friends posting about it on Instagram. We had a blast talking to Shannon about her transition from Dutch Bros franchise owner to restraint entrepreneur. Shannon, thanks for helping make Salem…
Vin Thomas: Salem Takeover and Web Master
Mar 21 • 32 min
Special guest host Kelly Williams Brown and guest star Vin Thomas. Returning from our previous episode Kelly returns to host with Mitch while they interview Vin Thomas, the man behind the scenes and the mastermind behind the new and improved…
Michael Dallas Miller: Crafting a Clear Message
Mar 11 • 36 min
Salem is Awesome! Michael Dallas Miller is a master of messaging and has helped me understand how to communicate the problems I solve to my customers. He’s also worked with brands like Venti’s and the Courthouse. In today’s episode, he explains how…
Dean Sanderson: Looking Back on 10 Years of Coaching McKay Basketball
Mar 5 • 34 min
Salem is Awesome. Dean Sanderson talks about a few of the lessons he learned coaching high school basketball at McKay, where over 80% of the students qualify for free lunch. Although Salem is a small town, it is incredibly divided economically. This…
Wade Brooks: CEO of Livbar and an Entrepreneur in Salem, Oregon
Feb 25 • 38 min
Salem is Awesome. Our guest this week is the incredible Wade Brooks. So…who is he? Wade Brooks is CEO of Livbar and has over 25 years of management experience. He was also an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurial Practice at Willamette University’s…
New Leader Workshop: The Quest to Support Salem’s Awesome Movement
Feb 18 • 50 min
Sometimes things come up, and unfortunately, our scheduled guest had to reschedule her visit. The show must go on! Mitch and I decided to talk about our vision for the podcast, recapped our talk about the book Multipliers and did a bit of brainstorming…
Matty Tingles: From Local Rapper to ASMR YouTube Star
Feb 11 • 44 min
Salem is Awesome! Too bad Mitch was sick today, but the podcast must go on! We talked with Matty today about his journey into the world of ASMR and how he used what he learned as a recording artist and marketing manager to propel his career forward. His…
Kelly Williams Brown: The Adulting Movement and How to Write a Book
Feb 4 • 42 min
Salem is Awesome. Few people start movements that become pop culture references and New York Times best-selling books. Kelly Williams Brown did both with her book Adulting. She shares with us all of the reasons you should definitely avoid writing a book,…
Bryon Neal Daniels: Helping Make Salem Awesome
Jan 28 • 37 min
Salem, Oregon is Awesome. This week we talked with Bryon Neal Daniels about people making downtown Salem Awesome, New Year’s Resolutions, his creative agency Common Era Collective, and his new spot the Gray Lab. Tag us in a screenshot listening to this…
Bob Dalton: CEO and Founder of Sackcloth and Ashes
Jan 23 • 56 min
Salem, Oregon is incredible. Bob Dalton is the CEO and Founder of Sackcloth and Ashes, a blanket company with a goal of supplying 1,000,000 blankets to homeless shelters across America by 2024. Bob tells us how close his business was to being bankrupt…
Mentor Series: Alan Stein Jr. Discusses Gratitude, Grit and Growth
Jan 21 • 41 min
Alan Stein Jr has worked with some of the top names in basketball, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Coach K, etc. He recently switched his focus to corporate America. His book, Raise Your Game, uses basketball as a vehicle to explain the characteristics top…
Salem is Awesome
Jan 14 • 28 min
Salem is a beautiful, charming city. In today’s episode, Mitch and Jacob discuss a few of their favorite spots in the city to explore. Join the conversation by tagging @MrJacobEspi in a post about one of your favorite local spots to visit.
What Makes Elon Musk an Effective Leader?
Jan 7 • 33 min
What do we talk about in this episode? We talk about how to create effective New Year’s Eve Resolutions and THREE attributes that make Elon Musk an effective leader. Also, free tip for breakfast—not related to the podcast—Avocado Toast! Am I Right?
After Show: Inspirational Leader
Jan 1 • 9 min
What does it mean to be an inspirational leader? On the last episode of the year, we talk about goals, the importance of continual growth, listening to feedback, and reaching the “tipping point.” Understanding the positive and negative of perspective and…
Interview With Todd Henry
Dec 24, 2018 • 17 min
Thank you, Todd Henry, for taking time talking to us about the evolution of his career and his book Herding Tigers. Key Insights: Doing the Work and Leading the Work are very different skills. Having a development plan for ALL of the people in your…
Is Your Team Interdependent? Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Dec 18, 2018 • 30 min
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Habits 4-7 In this episode, we discuss the concepts the second set of habits in highly effective people and what makes them so important. Habit 4: Think Win/ Win What it takes to have a positive attitude and how…
Let These Habits Guide Your Leadership Development Strategy
Dec 10, 2018 • 34 min
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a big deal. A big deal to the point that it is almost hard about personal development without bringing it up. In today’s episode, we discuss why the concepts of Covey’s book are essential for leaders to…
Emotional Intelligence: How to Learn Social Awareness
Dec 4, 2018 • 29 min
In this episode we discuss why being socially aware can make or break your team’s culture. Emotional Intelligence starts with self-awareness and self-management. As leaders, we need also to be aware of the emotional cues our team sends us through their…
How to Measure and Develop Your Emotional Intelligence
Nov 27, 2018 • 34 min
With emotional intelligence responsible for 80% of our success, it’s important for leaders at all levels to be intentional about developing their emotional intelligence. Fortunately, we are able to improve our EQ with hard work and focus. What is EQ? The…
Multipliers: How The Best Leaders Make Everyone Better
Nov 19, 2018 • 28 min
Nobody shows up to work with the desire to be a terrible boss. Unfortunately, leaders at times take action that can leave their team feeling stressed, overwhelmed or confused. In today’s episode, we discuss why it is so important for leaders to take…
Mindset Moves: How to Find Success in a Growth Mindset
Nov 12, 2018 • 18 min
New Leader Workshop is all about proving New Leaders with an opportunity to grow and get better. Let’s start with Carol Dweck’s book Mindset. It is important for us as Leaders to understand how a Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset are different and why it…