Grief Gratitude & Greatness

Grief Gratitude & Greatness
Exploring the different ways we grieve, the gratitude that allows us to persevere and the greatness we occupy, one conversation at a time.

Kimberely Dixon Embraces Advocacy After Her Son’s Murder
Jul 16 • 42 min
Our guest has experienced a great deal of loss, including her husband’s unexpected death and the murder of her son. Raising a large family as a single mother, Kimberely Dixon perseveres with her naturally warm and engaging personality. Sarah speaks with…
David F. Walker Tells Stories For Ghosts
Jul 2 • 35 min
David F. Walker overcame the early loss of his father and activated his love of comics to become a successful comic book writer, filmmaker and publisher. Sarah speaks with David about his experiences with grief and how it has informed his storytelling.
Carole Marie Downing Writes About Her First Year As A Widow
Jun 18 • 35 min
Faced with the death of her husband, Carole set the intention of writing each day, revealing the almost unfathomable beauty the world continues to provide — even in widowhood. Sarah speaks to Carole about her writing, which she published as a book,…
Lori Mason Crafts Memorial Quilts
Jun 4 • 28 min
There are artists who address our grief with their talents; Lori Mason is one of those people. She creates memorial quilts assembled from the ephemera of those who have died. Sarah speaks with Lori about her inspiration and process, and about her own…
Tommy Habetz Embraced Addiction Recovery In The Face Of Loss
May 21 • 25 min
As a chef and restaurant owner, Tommy learned his trade working with some of the most recognizable names in the culinary world. His industry is only now coming to terms with its prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse. Sarah speaks with Tommy about grief and…
Beth Haworth-Kaufka On Incomplete Grief As An Adoptee
May 7 • 37 min
As a Korean-born adoptee, Beth grew up in a predominantly white, Christian community. Her middle-American childhood was one where she never really fit in. Sarah speaks with Beth about the complexities of incomplete grief as an adoptee and a woman of color.
Clarice Connolly Found Her Purpose After A Herpes Diagnosis
Apr 23 • 34 min
Sometimes we unconsciously make choices based on what others feel is best for us, even though it’s not what we really want. Sarah speaks to Clarice about how an unwelcome diagnosis allowed her to begin living for herself.
12: Rashida
Apr 9 • 37 min
When you meet Rashida, it’s surprising to learn that she’s a police officer. Her unique position with the Portland Police Bureau allows her to serve as a community organizer and healer for families struggling through traumatic events. Sarah speaks with…
11: Alden
Mar 26 • 37 min
Alden knows how to make a funny and bold first impression, and is forthcoming and full of levity while describing his deeply personal experience with grief. Sarah speaks to Alden about how he is able to connect, heal and experience joy after losing his…
10: Marci
Mar 12 • 36 min
As a young woman, Marci experienced some bizarre and painful physical sensations, which turned out to be symptoms of two different auto-immune diseases. She didn’t allow her diagnosis to change her life, even as it posed great challenges. Sarah speaks to…
09: Seth
Feb 26 • 40 min
Sometimes the stories we learn about our families are revised to spare survivors the mental wounds of the past. Seth is working on a memoir to fill in the missing emotional depth of his stoic family’s story. Sarah speaks to Seth about the unexpected…
08: Jamie
Feb 12 • 35 min
As a writer, and as someone who has experienced loss herself, Jamie recognized an opportunity to create a new business. She writes interesting, compelling obituaries that more fully memorialize deceased individuals. Sarah speaks to Jamie about her essays,…
07: Rozzell
Jan 29 • 35 min
As a young boy, Rozzell experienced the loss of two family members in a very unusual way. Sarah speaks to him about living with the unknown, how his instinct for survival exists in tandem with his grief, and the way his art brings him closer to those…
06: Sally
Jan 15 • 40 min
Sally shares her remarkable story of love and loss while navigating solo motherhood. Sarah speaks to her about the halcyon days of her youthful romance with her first husband, single parenting and finding new love.
05: Kevin
Jan 1 • 33 min
Sarah speaks to Kevin about emotional rewards and the lessons learned during his time as a hospice volunteer.
04: John
Dec 18, 2018 • 41 min
A father looks to humor and community in managing without his late wife. Sarah speaks to John about his discoveries as a widower and single dad.
03: Sheareen
Dec 4, 2018 • 41 min
A passionate, adventurous and youthful marriage is transformed in an afternoon. Sarah speaks to a forever-young widow about her perseverance and how she discovered the greatest love in motherhood.
02: John
Nov 20, 2018 • 37 min
Confronted with the suicide of his sister, this former pro skater uses his skills to raise funds for suicide awareness and prevention. Sarah speaks to him about his loss and his efforts to help others.
01: Cara
Nov 6, 2018 • 41 min
Loss drove Cara from family, marriage and community to a completely new life. In dialogue with Sarah, she speaks about being a single mother, and our responsibility to hold space for one another.
Oct 25, 2018 • 1 min
Grief, Gratitude and Greatness explores the different ways we grieve, the gratitude that allows us to keep going, and the greatness we attain, one conversation at a time. This introductory episode features brief, tantalizing snippets from the first six…