Finely Clicked

Finely Clicked
Hello and WELCOME to Finely Clicked- the podcast where we discuss business, leadership & personal development. My name is Margaret Smith, I’m the Director of Operations for Pickett Street Properties, a real estate team out of Bothell, WA- and I’ll be

57: ASMR & Whiskey
Oct 18 • 76 min
Lets talk about human rights.
56: Vanessa Rosenblum: Values, Hiring & Managing
Oct 12 • 70 min
Tune in to this episode for some awesome stories- if you can imagine some of the things that Vanessa is privy to hearing :)
55: Special Request: 1 Year Anniversary!
Oct 3 • 4 min
Get YOUR voice on our podcast!
54: Anese Cavanaugh & Contagious You
Oct 3 • 84 min
Whats the secret sauce missing in most companies?
53: Steps 4 & 5: Follow The Model & Diversity of Business
Sep 27 • 69 min
Build the foundation- then go play!
52: Step 3: Hire, Train & Retain!
Sep 20 • 84 min
Are you a YES man?
51: Step 2: MARGIN
Sep 16 • 62 min
Lets talk about bulls and why you may need one in your business!
50: 5 Steps to Building a Top Producing Team in 18 Months (Step 1: Mindset)
Sep 6 • 74 min
How to build a top producing team in 18 months!
49: Mara Gleason: One Solution
Aug 30 • 81 min
Is it possible that one simple thought can change everything?
48: Mixed Tape: A Rant!
Aug 23 • 65 min
Need to get something off your chest?
47: Get Shit Done
Aug 15 • 68 min
build the foundation, so that you can play on top of it!
46: David Momper: Listen First.
Aug 10 • 67 min
Listen first. On purpose, with purpose.
45: ASMR + Mimosas
Aug 2 • 85 min
What happens when the owner leaves the business to go on vacation?
44: Ada Alvarado: A Diagnosis That Does Not Define Me
Jul 25 • 91 min
Tune in for an inspiring story!
43: MOment: Leading & The 411
Jul 24 • 15 min
It’s not easy, but its simple.
42: MOment: Self Care Is Not Selfish
Jul 23 • 15 min
When is the last time you asked for help?
41: Just a mini MOment
Jul 18 • 19 min
How long are you willing to fail before you succeed?
40: Hallie Warner: Chief of Staff
Jul 16 • 52 min
is the title Chief of Staff just sexy? Do we all understand what it actually means?
39: Easy, Breezy, Heart Warming Conversations
Jul 12 • 67 min
Special guest Jessica Townsel shares her experience thus far!
38: Top Tips for New Real Estate Agents & Admin
Jul 5 • 67 min
There is SO much to learn in Real Estate, what should you pay attention to first?
37: ASMR….Wine & Awkward Conversations
Jun 28 • 90 min
Have you ever watched the tv show The Office?
36: Todd Duitsman
Jun 21 • 60 min
Mindset is powerful!
35: Reed Moore on Leadership + Success
Jun 13 • 75 min
You have to create an environment that is friendly to conflict.
34: ASMR + Whiskey
Jun 6 • 62 min
Have you heard of ASMR?
33: Sarah Troske: From Sobriety to Strength
May 30 • 69 min
Whens the last time you did something for the first time?
32: Tim Long: Executive Assistant to Gary John Bishop
May 23 • 105 min
Our job is to remove the noise!
31: Lets Talk Money!
May 17 • 73 min
Money is a highly personal topic for most people…
30: Systems are Sexy + Inman + KW Profit Share
May 10 • 61 min
Did you hear that Redfin is taking away the Buyers Agent role?
29: Real Talk
May 2 • 88 min
When’s the last time you asked for a raise?
28: Monique Helstrom: The Builder & The Solutions Expert
Apr 25 • 76 min
Monique Helstrom was the Chief of Simon Sinek for nearly 10 years.
27: The War of Art
Apr 19 • 89 min
What stops you from accomplishing what you want to today?
26: The Retreat: Recap + Reflection
Apr 11 • 66 min
My goal with this retreat is to show them just how powerful they can be….
25: ASMR + Whiskey + Jagels
Apr 3 • 72 min
Does Gary John Bishop not believe in boundaries?
24: Gary John Bishop
Mar 28 • 70 min
Today we had Gary John Bishop, author of the book Unfuck Yourself. I believe we used the word “dazed” to describe how Jesse & I felt after recording this episode. Gary very much read Jesse’s book …
23: Tyler Schmitt, Assistant to Gary Vaynerchuk
Mar 20 • 71 min
Gary Vaynerchuk schedules his days in as little as 5 minute increments!
22: ASMR + Whiskey (down the bunny hole)
Mar 13 • 72 min
Our ASMR + Whiskey episodes are similar to showing up without your underwear on…
21: Boundaries
Mar 6 • 77 min
Lets talk about creating boundaries in both your personal and professional life!
20: Authenticity
Feb 28 • 69 min
This is part 2 of a 3 part series: Self-Awareness, Authenticity & Boundaries.🎧 How do you define authenticity? What does that look like? “Sincere” is one synonym for authenticity - and if you break it down by its Latin roots:Since…
19: Self Awareness
Feb 21 • 73 min
Part 1: Self-AwarenessThis will be a 3 part series: Self-Awareness, Authenticity & Boundaries.Fan of the Week: Social Media #finelyclickedfan selfie! Take a selfie (extra points for a unique location) while listening to…
18: ASMR + Whiskey (SOP: Positivity)
Feb 14 • 85 min
It’s a Valentine’s Day Special: ASMR + Whiskey!
17: Strengths + Weaknesses
Feb 8 • 78 min
None of us can do it all. That’s why we work together- to benefit from our strengths!
16: Time
Jan 30 • 65 min
Episode 16: TimeLets talk delegating, leverage, time management, vacation- lets talk time.How do you spend your waking hours? Do you understand leverage? Do you see the benefits behind taking vacation and do you know when and how to?
15: ASMR + Whiskey
Jan 24 • 66 min
Episode 15: Off Script: ASMR + WhiskeyJesse & Margaret go off script and discuss the documentary that he mentioned: Derren Brown: Sacrifice.Along with some big Aha’s we’ve had recently:”Logic is the love of my life”“Accomplishment is my heroin”“Go wide,…
14: Susan Scott- Author of Fierce Conversations
Jan 17 • 60 min
This episode is very special to both Jesse & Margaret. Susan has turned down multiple interview requests this year- and we are beyond honored that she came and spent time with us and thus- all of you :)The 411: Known for her bold yet practical approach to…
13: En-May Mangels: Strategic Intuitive Advisor
Jan 11 • 85 min
En-May Mangels is an internationally renowned Strategic Intuitive Advisor, Empath, and modern-day Spiritualist. She is one of the speakers for the 2019 PNW Operations Retreat.Working with high-performing individuals in the business world, entertainment,…
12: The Realities of a Rainmaker
Jan 3 • 71 min
Episode 12 of Finely Clicked:The Realities of a RainmakerLet’s get inside the mind of a Rainmaker (AKA Business Owner). Join us as Jesse walks us through how his mind works, why he does what he does, and some of the things he has learned in order to be…
11: Mary Smith- Be You
Dec 27, 2018 • 82 min
Episode 11 of Finely Clicked:Mary Smith: Be You —-> focused on networking, creating an optimized work environment, connections that bring value, and the ROI of kindness, empathy and inclusivity.🗣Please share to your Facebook page and with fellow…
10: The 5 Gifts of Christmas
Dec 20, 2018 • 73 min
This episode is a big THANK YOU to those of you that have submitted questions for us on social media + more information around the exciting announcement that was released this week for the 2019 PNW Operations Retreat!Questions that we addressed in this…
9: Off Script: 1
Dec 14, 2018 • 49 min
Mo & Jesse go “off script” in this episode and talk about Elon Musk, what its like when we have an “off” day, and more. Listen to this episode to get to know us a bit more- and understand how we operate. How can we be a resource to you? Reach out to…
8: Favorite Failures
Dec 7, 2018 • 66 min
“Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” - Winston ChurchillIn this episode Margaret & Jesse share their “favorite failures” with you. Those things they’ve had to get through to be where they are today. Things not often talked…
7: Stop Doing List
Nov 29, 2018 • 59 min
In this episode Margaret & Jesse work through their list of things they’re going to STOP DOING in 2019. If you want to gain clarity on what you want- try determining what you don’t want to do any more. Mo: Recruiting, Sales Department, TC work,…
6: Autonomy
Nov 21, 2018 • 57 min
“I hate being told what to do.”Today’s episode is all about Autonomy. -What is autonomy?-What does autonomy for an Admin actually LOOK like?-What are some real life examples?You’re also in luck because this podcast all stemmed from a blog that Margaret…
5: Iris Scott: An Artist That Chased Her Dreams
Nov 15, 2018 • 66 min
Today we’re dropping Episode 5 of “Finely Clicked” with a phenomenal first guest- someone who is not only making waves in the art world, but in the business world as well.One of our favorite quotes or ideas from this episode: The obstacle IS the…
4: 6 Years- A Retrospective
Nov 6, 2018 • 55 min
Margaret (Mo) has been with Pickett Street Properties for 6 years now. Starting out as Team Admin and working her way up to Director of Operations- she has tons of stories and experiences to share that can help both the Rainmaker/Leader + the Admin super…
3: Top 10 Communication Tips for the Executive & Admin
Nov 2, 2018 • 54 min
In this episode Margaret & Jesse work through their Top 10 Communication Tips for business owners & admin. Tune in as they each share 5 tips on how to create more effective communication and a powerful partnership. Jesse’s Top 5 Tips:1. Be Nice2. Be Aware…
2: The Four Agreements
Oct 26, 2018 • 51 min
In this episode Margaret & Jesse talk through the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Tune in to hear the details on what this means for them both professionally and personally!How can we be a resource to you? Reach out to Pickett Street today:…
Hello! Meet Jesse & Mo
Oct 25, 2018 • 46 min
Welcome to Finely Clicked! Jesse D. Moore is the Owner of Pickett Street Properties- a Real Estate team out of Bothell, Washington. Margaret Smith is the Director of Operations and has been with the team for 6 years as of November 2018. Margaret and Jesse…