The Regrettable Century

The Regrettable Century
We’re out of time. We’ve got a very small window of time to reverse the damage done by capitalism and build a socialist future, before humanity is doomed. To cope, we’ve decided to record ourselves talking about the left, the right, history, politic

Dialectic of Defeat: A Collaboration with Red Library, Part I
Aug 11 • 76 min
Wherein the gang and Adam from Red Library, read and discuss The Dialectic of Defeat, by Russell Jacoby.
PATREON TEASER: Goodbye Lenin: Melancholic Thoughts
Aug 2 • 3 min
Teaser for a bonus episode about the movie Goodbye Lenin, posted on our Patreon account.
The Children of the Counterrevolution
Jul 29 • 71 min
Wherein we talk about growing up after the end of history in the forefront of the counterrevolution.
The Proper Amount of Bumming People Out: Pessimisms and Optimisms of Intellect and Will
Jul 15 • 45 min
Wherein we bum people out, but not too much with revolutionary pessimism and mourning.
Scattered Thoughts on Melancholia and the Organization of Pessimism
Jun 24 • 50 min
We read a bunch of stuff about Walter Benjamin and Enzo Traverso and tried to have a conversation about it. We’ve only managed to reinforce the idea that “The organization of pessimism” is the only slogan that can save us from death.
Marxism & Religion & Everything Else & Religion, With C. Derick Varn
Jun 9 • 72 min
We sat down with veteran Marxist podcaster and poet, C Derek Varn to talk about everything… and religion.
PATREON TEASER: Many Roads To Socialism? The Early Comintern Debates On “Workers Governments”
Jun 3 • 3 min
Jason and Chris talk about the concept of the “Workers’ Government” as discussed by the 4th Comintern Congress.
Neither Socialism From Above, Nor Below…but definitely Socialism
May 27 • 60 min
This week we discuss whether or not there really are only “Two Souls of Socialism” and if idea of “socialism from below” is a useful analytical framework or tool around which to organize our politics.
A Time of Monsters #1: Towards a Working Definition of Fascism
May 12 • 67 min
Wherein we attempt to cobble together a working description of fascism that we can use for the rest of the series.
Zizek v. Peterson: The “Debate of the Century” that We Deserve
Apr 29 • 42 min
Chris, Jenny, and Jason watched the Zizek v. Peterson debate so you don’t have to.
Not With a Bang, But With a Purge, a Split, and a Public Statement: The Death of the Micro-Sect
Apr 22 • 69 min
Wherein we discuss the end of the era of the micro-sect and lament the prospects of the new terrain.
Changing the City, to Change Ourselves : A Discussion on the Right to the City
Apr 3 • 72 min
Wherein we discuss the idea of The Right to the City as conceived of by David Harvey and Henri Lefebvre
The Open Road to the Stars: A Discussion With Donald Parkinson of Cosmonaut Magazine
Mar 24 • 65 min
This week Chris and Jason talk to Donald from Cosmonaut Magazine about the current state of the socialist movement and how we should be optimistic about post apocalyptic eco-war communism.
The People’s Commissariat for Gettin’ It On: Sexual Radicalism and Liberation Under 20th Century Socialism
Mar 17 • 71 min
This week the gang talks about the radical liberatory programs of the Bolsheviks, the failure of these programs, the conservative reaction of Stalin, and the renewed blossoming of these ideas in the Cold War era Eastern Bloc.
Lawyerization and Its Discontents: A Discussion on Marxist Jurisprudence with Steven from Supreme Leap Forward (Part I)
Mar 11 • 73 min
Wherein we hang out with a Marxist lawyer to discuss crime, prison, cops, and Soviet jurisprudence.
The Gang Gets Canceled: A Discussion About the Uses and Abuses of Identity Politics
Mar 4 • 71 min
Wherein we discuss the uses and abuses of identity politics and the structural nature of oppression.
Against Those Fascist Creeps: An Interview With Alexander Reid Ross (PART I of II)
Feb 25 • 55 min
Wherein Kevin interviews anarchist author Alexander Reid Ross about things he knows a lot about.
Gothic Marxism and Marxist Romanticism: Horror, Witches, and Gothic Fascism (Part II of II)
Feb 18 • 55 min
Wherein we finally get around to talking about horror movies and fascism.
Gothic Marxism and Marxist Romanticism: Embracing All That Makes Us Human (Part I of II)
Feb 10 • 52 min
Wherein we discuss Marxist Romanticism and the gothic strain in Marxism, or “gothic Marxism.”
Disagreements With the Unabomber
Jan 28 • 62 min
Wherein we disagree with the Unabomber, primitivists, green-anarchists, and also maybe agree just a little bit.
Strasserism, National Bolshevism, and Third Positionism (Part II of II)
Jan 20 • 49 min
Wherein we finish out the topic with a discussion of Russian Nazbols and American Third Positionism.
Strasserism, National Bolshevism, and Third Positionism (Part I of II)
Jan 16 • 56 min
(Part I of II): Wherein we discuss Strasserites, Nazbols, Third Positionists, and other fascist anti-capitalists.
EPISODE 0: Capitalist Realism, Our Original First Episode.
Jan 7 • 42 min
Wherein we reveal our original first episode and talk about Mark Fisher’s “Capitalist Realism”
A Situationist New Year’s Spectacular: Discussion about Guy Debord, the Situationists, and the Society of the Spectacle
Dec 31, 2018 • 59 min
Wherein we try to place Situationism back into its Marxist context and reclaim it from Adbusters and anarcho-liberalism.
FEATURE: Red Wedge Magazine— Interview with Alex Billet (A discussion about art, revolution, and the popular avant garde)
Dec 18, 2018 • 59 min
Chris interviews Alex Billet of Red Wedge Magazine about the Popular Avant Garde and Transgression
Pessimism of the Intellect, Pessimism of the Will
Dec 14, 2018 • 47 min
A clean, honest, and unsentimental melancholy is required; we’ve cultivated one and would like to share it with you.
Base Building: Organizing on the Edge of the Abyss
Nov 28, 2018 • 53 min
Wherein we discuss a long term strategy for a short term scenario, what base building is and isn’t, and why we can’t afford to keep repeating the same mistakes.
Fascism, Post Fascism, and Not-Fascism: PART II
Nov 16, 2018 • 59 min
Wherein we discuss modern post fascism and how it differs from classical fascism.
Fascism, Post-Fascism, and Not-Fascism: PART I
Oct 31, 2018 • 61 min
Part one of our series examining all of the fascisms (This is a re-upload with some sound issues resolved)
Reign of the Vampire Castle: A discussion about Mark Fisher, call out culture, and online left-toxicity.
Oct 23, 2018 • 59 min
We discuss the always controversial Mark Fisher article, Exiting the Vampire Castle.