The Solopreneur Hustle

The Solopreneur Hustle
The Solopreneur Hustle, hosted by Nia Lewis, teaches freelancers, and independent consultants how to build successful solo businesses, while cultivating a life of freedom and purpose along the way.

How Janel Nichole Built Her Wig Making Business While Working Full-Time
Dec 2 • 51 min
In this episode, Janel reminds us that we don’t have to have everything figured out to start a business. If we find the courage to start with what we have, we open the doors to accept and allow opportunities we would have never imagined were possible.
How Nishikwa Mellerson Sold $3 Million in Real Estate One Year after Stepping into Her Purpose
Nov 21 • 56 min
Today we have Nishikwa Mellerson in the Solopreneur guest chair. In this episode, we will learn how How Nishikwa transitioned from working in corporate America to becoming a full-time entrepreneur.
New Beginnings: The Solopreneur Hustle
Nov 11 • 16 min
The With Purpose Podcast will now be known as The Solopreneur Hustle. On this episode, I share why I’ve made the difficult decision to rebrand this podcast, and what you can expect here moving forward.
4 Mistakes I Made my First Year in Business
Nov 7 • 16 min
In this episode, I share four of the mistakes I made my first year as in business. Entrepreneurship is not easy. To grow, we must learn from our mistakes.
The Power of Clarity and Focus
Oct 31 • 15 min
In this video I share some insight about the benefits of achieving clarity in our lives. When we stay anchored to a solid foundation of focus and clarity, we can avoid drifting to a destination that does not serve us well.
How to Keep Pushing When you Feel Uninspired and Unmotivated
Oct 24 • 19 min
Learn how to stay motivated when you feel uninspired!
How to Use Content Marketing
Oct 14 • 27 min
In this episode we talk content marketing! I will give you my 3 step strategy for using content marketing to attract customers.
How to Crush Goals like the Doer You’re Destined to Be
Oct 8 • 21 min
If you’re new here, my name is Nia Lewis and I’m a business coach, content creator, and educator. I help entrepreneurs achieve the clarity and focus necessary to be successful.I focus on the whole person. I provide practical business advice,…
Are You a Doer or a Dreamer?
Oct 1 • 13 min
This week our conversation will be about identifying the differences between dreamers and doers.
Creating a Lasting Impact Through Messaging
Sep 26 • 21 min
In this episode I share tips about how to write social media content that people will remember. When we create lasting content, customers think about us not just while they’re not social media, but when they log off.
How to Allow Success into your Life
Sep 9 • 15 min
So, I was inspired to share these tips about how you can allow success into your life by making simple mental shifts that will help you to position yourself for prosperity.
How to Close More Deals and Sell More Products: Persuasive Appeals
Aug 29 • 20 min
If you want to up your selling game and close more deals, this episode will help you understand how persuasive appeals impact purchase decisions.
Marketing and the Psychology of Selling
Aug 19 • 23 min
This week on the With Purpose Podcast our topic of discussion is Marketing and the Psychology of Selling. If you’re having trouble selling products or you’re a new business looking to become well informed about how to put your best foot forward when it…
The Harsh Realities of Entrepreneurship: What Every Boss Needs to Know and Understand
Aug 7 • 18 min
In this episode, host Nia Lewis overviews some of the realities of entrepreneurship that every boss needs to be aware of.
Upgrade Your Social Media Content: Why your social media isn’t attracting paying customers in 2019 and how to fix it
Aug 2 • 18 min
Why your social media isn’t attracting paying customers in 2019 and how to fix it.
Setting Yourself Up to Win
Jul 22 • 14 min
In this episode, host Nia Lewis provides tips for getting yourself in the right frame of mind to crush your business goals. Set yourself up to win in life and in entrepreneurship by utilizing these tips.
Grow Your Business Without Spending Money in 2019
Jul 10 • 31 min
Learn how to generate organic engagement to grow your business using 3 marketing tactics.
Fail Forward Series: Overcoming Discouragement
Jul 3 • 22 min
This week our discussion is about overcoming discouragement. In entrepreneurship, we call go through seasons where we lack inspiration, and sometimes this lack results in overall demotivation, or feelings of defeat. For some, these feelings of defea…
Fail Forward Series: 5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Jun 27 • 32 min
Nia Lewis discusses marketing mistakes entrepreneurs typically make and how to overcome them.
Fail Forward Series: Let’s Dare Greatly in Business
Jun 19 • 24 min
This is episode 2 of a 4 part series entitled Fail Forward.
Fail Forward Series: 5 Mistakes I’ve Made in Business
Jun 13 • 19 min
This is the first episode of a 4 part series entitled Fail Forward.
Developing Strategic Goals
Jan 27 • 11 min
This week, Nia walks listeners through how she approaches goal setting. She focuses on taking a goal from the visionary stages to spurring real action by creating a strategic action plan.