Make Do

Make Do
Tiff Arment and Julia Skott talk about art and making. They won’t teach you how to turn your creativity into a business. Or how to do anything, really. They just want to talk about doing stuff. Hosted by Tiffany Arment and Julia Skott.
17: Words, words, words
Oct 31 • 40 min
We calm some fears about X-acto knives, and talk about writing as a creative pursuit. Do people treat it differently from painting or knitting?
16: Spoopy decorations, do-overs, and some fun news!
Oct 17 • 45 min
Noisemakers and party hats - we’re now part of the Relay FM family! Also party hats and decorations because we’re talking about Halloweeny crafts and such. Plus some inktober check-in.
15: Inktober
Oct 3 • 33 min
We answer a couple of listener questions, and then chew on Inktober, a 30-day inking challenge. What’s the deal, how do we feel about it, what are our strategies?
14: Doodles, Self-Worth, and Inspiration, Question Mark?
Sep 19 • 36 min
It can be hard to separate your sense of self worth from your output – either quantity or quality. But that’s probably not the best way to handle your identity as a creative person. (Or is it? Julia briefly plays devil’s advocate.) Also: Spaghetti-Os.
13: Sew, Sew, Sew Your Coat
Sep 5 • 39 min
Dedicated follower of fashion or not – sewing is an amazing maker-skill to have, and we talk a little bit about why.
12: Paint With All the Colors of, You Know
Aug 22 • 48 min
There is no reason to stop asking people what their favorite color is, right? It turns out Tiff and Julia have the same one – but we also talk a lot about all sorts of colors and how color theory, -psychology, -philosophy, and -blindness might work.
11: Posers and Impostors – Looking the Part
Aug 8 • 37 min
Can an artist wear khakis? Do tattoos make someone cool and creative? What stereotypes do we have working for or against us, as creative and makey people?
10: Ready, Set – Challenges
Jul 25 • 42 min
Challenging yourself is good. We think. But what about specific challenges, like doing something every day for a month, or making a hundred of something? Also: Naked dude report.
9: Content and Intent – Being Political
Jul 11 • 53 min
Is art political – and does it have to be? Do you have a responsibility to make with issues and values in mind? Is crafting as post-apocalyptic life skill a political statement? Either way, we have a lot of feelings on the subject, and on current events.
8: Figuring out our Feelings
Jun 27 • 45 min
Touchy feely touching base time. How are we feeling about our creating? Is talking about it making it better or worse? And is it OK to do a thing just because it’s fun?
7: Too Cool for School
Jun 13 • 36 min
6: ”Give Me Worth” – selling your art
May 30 • 49 min
When do you decide you feel good enough about your art to start charging for it? And how do you put a value on it? We discuss the commercial side of creating. We also check in on our homework progress, and sing the praises of professional framing.
5: Baller at Whales – Social Media, Inspiration, and Fails
May 16 • 33 min
Social media is your friend. Except when it isn’t. And when it comes to creativity, that is very much the case. So how do you use it to your advantage?
4: From The Pen Show – Double Broad, Double Feature!
May 2 • 80 min
Together at last! We met up at the Atlanta Pen Show to talk to some amazing creative friends, and try to figure out what a creative community means to us.
3: Why do we make? (”Hello. I am achiever. Please notice.”)
Apr 18 • 32 min
Why? That is forever the question, isn’t it. Why do we make and do? Also, can we just put in our 10,000 hours spread over a thousand different things?
2: A Room of One’s Own
Apr 4 • 37 min
It is a truth universally acknowledged that having space to do art is an amazing feeling. (Never mind that first time you get to say ”my studio” out loud… ) But spending money on your art, be it a hobby or a business, is not always an unadulterated joy
1: ”Lowercase a, art.”
Mar 21 • 27 min
Introductions! Tiff and Julia share a little about themselves and their relationship to art and creativity. And Bob Ross.