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The MTF Podcast
Interviews, presentations and discussions from the world of MTF

Hannah Overton – Secretly in Charge
Jul 19 • 23 min
Hannah Overton is General Manager for UK & Europe at Secretly Group (Dead Oceans / Jagjaguwar / Secretly Canadian). She shares the important lessons from her experience rising through the ranks of the music business as a young woman with no obvious way in.
Dan Butler – The Rock in Rocketman
Jul 12 • 23 min
Dan Butler is Senior Vice President, Business Affairs & Legal for Music at Paramount Pictures. His role is to put together the deals that get the big music into the big movies. Among other things, he’s the guy who put the rock in Rocketman…
Laura Hassler – Musicians Without Borders
Jul 4 • 32 min
Laura Hassler is a lifelong peace activist and musician. She’s the founder and director of Musicians Without Borders who put music at the centre of her work to bring communities together and build bridges in the aftermath of war. Musicians Without Borders…
David Peris – Digital Plumber
Jun 27 • 27 min
David Peris makes and maintains websites for rock stars. He tells the story of how he went from watching MTV in his bedroom to running websites for Celine Dion and Roger Waters. And how he ended up with a lot more than just the free CDs he was hoping for…
Cory Doctorow – Radicalized
Jun 21 • 34 min
Cory Doctorow is a science fiction author, blogger and activist. In this week’s MTF podcast, he talks about copyright legislation and the trouble with predicting the future.
Steve Lawson – SoloBassSteve
Jun 13 • 39 min
Steve Lawson is an internationally-acclaimed improvising solo bassist. He gets on a stage by himself with a bass guitar and creates music that not even he has ever heard before. Which - as he puts it - sounds more like a dare than a job.
Hattie Collins – This is Grime
Jun 6 • 21 min
Hattie Collins is the Music Editor of i-D Magazine, and the author of This is Grime - an oral history of a music that has seen a lot of changes since it began less than 20 years ago. She discusses the origins of grime music and its place in UK culture.
Tim Palm – DJ Arthro
May 31 • 46 min
In this week’s MTF podcast: Tim Palm - music producer and engineer. As DJ Arthro, he performs live electronic dance music - mostly using his nose. He talks about how teamed up with a group of brilliant innovators at MTF Stockholm to address a challenge…
#MTFLabs at Infobip
May 24 • 33 min
In this week’s MTF podcast, we take you to Croatia for #MTFPula at Infobip - one of Europe’s fastest growing software unicorns. If you want to learn about the personal experiences and insights from the #MTFLabs collaboration with industry, this is the…
Tim Yates & Tom Fox: Hackoustic
May 17 • 23 min
In this week’s MTF podcast, #MTFLabs leaders Tim Yates and Tom Fox make new sounds out of found objects & cutting edge innovation from old-school tinkering.
Matthew Hawn – Audio Networker
May 9 • 33 min
In this week’s MTF Podcast: Matthew Hawn discusses his journey from Silicon Valley to Abbey Road, and his influential role at ground zero of pretty much every major change in the recorded music industry in the digital age.
Marlies Endres – Innovating Aviation
May 3 • 24 min
In this week’s MTF Podcast: Marlies Endres, Lean and Process Manager at Lufthansa discusses the innovation lessons learned at the MTF Pro Labs and how they can be applied in the airline industry.
Christian Guttmann – Explaining AI
Apr 26 • 55 min
In this week’s MTF Podcast: Christian Guttmann, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence at Tieto discusses the present and future of AI in society.
Paul D. Miller – DJ Spooky
Apr 19 • 31 min
In this week’s MTF Podcast: Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid remixes the entirety of technology and society into a 30 minute conversation.
Helen Leigh – Crafty Tech
Apr 12 • 33 min
Helen Leigh is the author of The Crafty Kids Guide to DIY Electronics. She brings together craft and technology and makes it accessible to anyone. She was one of the MTF Labs leaders at MTF Frankfurt, where she spoke to MTF Director Andrew Dubber about…
Daniel Haver – Native Instruments
Apr 5 • 45 min
Daniel Haver has taken Native Instruments from 6 to 600 people over the past two decades. He joined MTF Director Andrew Dubber for an in-depth conversation about his personal journey as well as his philosophies of business leadership and life in general.
Ann Hiatt – Organising Google
Mar 29 • 24 min
Ann Hiatt has spent the past 15 years as the right hand to Eric Schmidt of Google and Jeff Bezos of Amazon. She’s now an advisor to Silicon Valley tech startups with a real insight into creative innovation and expansion strategies that comes from an…
Björn Ulvaeus – One of the Bs
Mar 21 • 39 min
Björn Ulvaeus is a music technology investor and partner in an end-to-end music rights application and tool for managing songwriting splits. He also happens to be one of the Bs in ABBA.
Ching-Ching Chen – Capitol Gains
Mar 16 • 23 min
Ching-Ching Chen is VP of Business Development for Capitol Records. She joins the MTF Podcast to talk about how digital innovation can help a record label with an incredible historical legacy.
Scott Cohen – Leaving the Orchard
Mar 8 • 31 min
Co-founder of The Orchard Scott Cohen discusses his journey to global digital music domination - and what comes next.
Jeremy Morris – Keeper of the Podcasts
Mar 2 • 24 min
Jeremy Morris is a professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison - and the creator and curator of the podcast archive PodcastRE.
Nancy Baym – Playing to the Crowd
Feb 24 • 22 min
Nancy Baym is a pioneer of internet research and the author of Playing to the Crowd - Musicians, Audiences and the Intimate Work of Connection.
Susanne Fuglsang – Innovation Catalyst
Feb 14 • 24 min
Susanne Fuglsang is the COO of Innovation Pioneers in Stockholm. She joined MTF Director Andrew Dubber to chat about inspiring, managing and applying interdisciplinary innovation.
Adam Scrimshire – T-jay
Feb 7 • 22 min
Adam Scrimshire joins MTF founder Michela Magas on stage at #MTF Stockholm to talk about his life and career in music, and about sustainable independent music in the digital age.
Dr Kelly Snook – Concordia
Feb 1 • 24 min
Music tech: it’s not rocket science, you know. Unless you’re an actual rocket scientist… Dr Kelly Snook is a former NASA engineer who’s now making an extraordinary new kind of musical instrument using cutting-edge VR, astronomy and medieval cosmology.
Aly Gillani – Bandcamp
Jan 24 • 16 min
A conversation on stage at MTF Stockholm with Aly Gillani - independent record label manager and Bandcamp’s representative for labels in the UK and Europe.
Anette Novak – Media Literacy
Jan 18 • 25 min
MTF Director Andrew Dubber met with Anette Novak, the Director General of the Swedish Media Council to talk media literacy, censorship and new technologies.
Marcus O’Dair – Distributed Creativity
Jan 10 • 21 min
We were interested in getting to the bottom of the whole music blockchain thing. So we spoke to the person who literally wrote the book on it.
MTF Trackathon™
Jan 4 • 28 min
This week’s podcast highlights the MTF Splice Trackathon led by UK producer Femme and features some of the winning tracks for the MTF charity EP out soon.
Graham Massey – Musical Pioneer
Dec 28, 2018 • 55 min
This week’s podcast features a very special extended interview with electronic music pioneer and regular MTF attendee Graham Massey of 808 State.
Nebojša Stanojević – Synergy Moon
Dec 20, 2018 • 18 min
While sailing solo around the world Nebojša Stanojević decided to swap his ‘ship’ for a ‘space ship’. He’s now part of a consortium that is one of the 5 finalists for the Google Space-X prize.
Anne Dvinge: Amplified Togetherness
Dec 13, 2018 • 21 min
Anne Dvinge speaks to Frida Almgren about how her research into the social contexts of live music performance led her to abandon academia and start her Copenhagen-based start-up, Low-Fi.
D.D. Jackson: Music for Media
Dec 6, 2018 • 23 min
D.D. Jackson is an Emmy award-winning pianist. He talks to MTF director Andrew Dubber about his composing and arranging work for television and much more.
Peter Jenner: 50 Years
Nov 29, 2018 • 22 min
In this MTF podcast, Peter Jenner reflects on his career as a music manager for legendary artists, from the free festival movement of the 60s to data management.
Danica Kragic: Robotics and AI
Nov 23, 2018 • 18 min
In this MTF podcast: Professor Danica Kragic, a world-leading expert in robotics and artificial intelligence. She’s also a seamstress and fashion designer.
Jan Bang: Live Sampling
Nov 21, 2018 • 22 min
In this MTF Podcast, Andrew Dubber interviews producer, live sampling musician, fellow festival director and ECM artist Jan Bang.
Matilda George: 5G Innovation
Nov 15, 2018 • 15 min
Matilda George of Ericsson One joins the MTF Podcast to talk 5G technologies, hyper-low latency music, and her role as #MTF Stockholm’s Woman In The Lead of Industry Innovation.
Martine-Nicole Rojina: Moonbounce
Nov 9, 2018 • 19 min
In this week’s podcast, Reuters journalist Jamillah Knowles talks to an artist who bounces sound off the surface of the moon.
Stephan Plank: The Potential of Noise
Nov 2, 2018 • 17 min
This week’s MTF Podcast delves into the memories of film maker Stephan Plank, who grew up around Kraftwerk, Neu, Ultravox, Devo, Eurythmics and more, as they recorded their classic albums in his father’s studio.
LJ Rich: Synaesthesia and Music Genres
Oct 24, 2018 • 16 min
The first MTF Podcast asks the question: “What does ABBA taste like?”