Small Pods

Small Pods
10 year old Lilly, 8 year old Adrian and their Dad sit down for a chat which includes book recommendations for kids, fun trivia, updates on the latest games and gadgets, movie reviews, topics of the week and much more.You can also drop us suggestions, …

Small Pods Episode 21 - Lets ask Google!
Oct 27 • 28 min
On todays show we speak with Google to get answers to some interesting questions and share an article about a new life form on the Kids News.
Small Pods Episode 20 - Not Parent Approved and Ranting
Sep 28 • 32 min
Playing card games and ranting is what we are doing on todays show. All in good fun of course.
Fathers Day 19
Sep 1 • 27 min
Join us for a Fathers Day episode!
Grandparents vs Grandkids on no.18
Sep 1 • 13 min
Gatcha life updates and Lilly vs Grandparents at Trivia.
The Mean 17
Aug 10 • 24 min
On episode 17 we have new book reviews, Adrians experiments with how rainbows are formed, ion King movie review and Dad Rants!
Sweet Sixteen
Jul 20 • 39 min
Disney Remakes. Good or Bad? Kids News goes political, Dad Rants, Pokemon discussions and Music Trivia!
A Clean 15
Jun 21 • 31 min
Come and join us for more fun and laughs with the Small Pods!
Lilly unseen in episode 14
May 18 • 28 min
Welcome to Episode 14, with Lilly away from the night at a friends house todays show is hosted by Dad and Adrian.
Live and seen on episode 13
May 10 • 47 min
Another fun show which went LIVE on Facebook today. Happy Mothers Day!
Delve into Twelve
Apr 15 • 23 min
Recording at the beautiful Megalong Valley and talking about a new fossil finding and the upcoming Avengers movie plus more.
Stairway to Eleven
Mar 22 • 29 min
Welcome to Episode 11 of Small Pods. Where it is never a dull moment when you sit down to chat with Lilly and Adrian
Here we go again with Episode 10
Feb 22 • 32 min
Grab a Milo and Tim Tams and join us again for another Pod Cast.
Number Nine and Doin’ Fine
Jan 31 • 27 min
Movies and making Dad talk in his funny voices. We are back with Smallpods!
Number 8. GREAT!
Jan 20 • 28 min
Back for 2019. Happy New Year everyone!
Lucky Seven
Nov 28, 2018 • 22 min
Join us for our last show of 2018. See you in the new year everyone!
Episode Six. Pickup Sticks
Nov 17, 2018 • 21 min
From discussions about food, getting along and more toilet humour. Welcome to Small Pods!
Number 5 is Alive!
Nov 10, 2018 • 26 min
Another chat with Lilly and Age discussing hot days, Gatcha Life, school events, funny youtube clips and games.
Quad Core
Nov 3, 2018 • 37 min
Chat with Lilliana, Adrian and their Dad about internet security, games, toys and fun trivia
Third times the charm
Oct 26, 2018 • 27 min
Good Manners, Roblox and Beyblades are the topic of our discussions on todays show.
Our Second Show
Oct 20, 2018 • 36 min
Our second show chatting with Lilly, Adrian and their Dad
Our First One
Oct 12, 2018 • 23 min
Have a chat about all things kids love with Lilly, Adrian and their Dad.