The Shifting Perceptions Podcast - Inspiration to Live a More Creative Lifestyle

The Shifting Perceptions Podcast - Inspiration to Live a More Creative Lifestyle
Seeing the World differently through interviews and discussions with artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians and fitness gurus.

Ruby Roth - Artist, Author & Activist
Sep 10 • 73 min
Ruby Roth is an acclaimed activist, artist, former teacher, and author whose vegan children’s books have been featured in The Huffington Post,, and Glamour. A passionate advocate for creating a more sustainable world, Ruby has taken her vegan…
Kara Goldin: Founder & CEO of Hint Water On Building & Scaling A Brand
Aug 24 • 78 min
Kara is the CEO and founder of the healthy lifestyle brand, Hint, Inc., based in San Francisco. Kara has won numerous awards for her contributions to society and her business acumen. Named as one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, as well as…
Speech: Arrested Development
Aug 9 • 96 min
“Speech” made his name in the lates 1980s as one of the pioneers of a socially conscious hip-hop movement with his 2x Grammy Award-winning group Arrested Development that he founded in 1988 — an alternative sound to the gangsta rap that was permeating the…
Dale L. Roberts: Explaining the How and Why of Self-Publishing
Jul 26 • 57 min
Dale L. Roberts tells us how to get started in the world of self-publishing, as well as other ways budding entrepreneurs can create additional streams of income. You may know Dale Roberts as the host of the popular YouTube channel, Self-Publishing with…
Drew DuBoff - How To Scale Your Business & Work Smarter
Jul 12 • 54 min
Drew is an insightful SEO guru & expert in scaling businesses and hiring virtual assistants. We talked about how to work smarter, and how to make Google’s algorithm works for you.
Vince Troniec: 50 years of Surfing & The Glory Days of The Jersey Shore
Jul 5 • 117 min
50-year surfing veteran Vince Troniec talks to us about surfing in the early days of Asbury Park, on the Jersey Shore, what it was like being friends with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band back in the “Glory Days” and and some of the mindsets of…
Sierra Blair-Coyle: Professional Climber, Bouldering Champion and Fitness Model
Jun 20 • 47 min
This week we sat down with professional climbing champion Sierra Blair-Coyle, whose passion for the sport would inspire almost anyone to want to hit their local climbing wall.
Marc Bell: Financier, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Broadway & Film Producer
Jun 13 • 72 min
Marc Bell is a massively successful entrepreneur, investor, and financier who’s started multiple tech start-ups valued in the billions, produced award-winning Broadway plays, movies, musicals and is a very active and generous philanthropist.
Suzanne Tucker: Generation Mindful’s Founder on Conscious Parenting & Raising Emotionally Healthy Children
Jun 3 • 90 min
Suzanne Tucker, the founder of Generation Mindful and the “Time-In ToolKit,” Suzanne Tucker is dedicating her life to teaching children (and their parents!) how to acknowledge their emotions. Emotional intelligence is one of the greatest skills that you…
Chet Zar: Finding Happiness & Success from an Art Career in The Dark Arts
May 23 • 95 min
Chet Zar has garnered a legion of international fans and art collectors from his fine art paintings of dark and surreal creatures. Chet’s talent for creating Hollywood special effects led him to work on major Hollywood productions such as The Ring,…
Alex Nerney: How He Built A Six-Figure A Month Blogging Empire - 034
May 17 • 70 min
Alex Nerney, along with his partner Lauren McManus attracts over 250,000 visitors on their blogs and rake in a six-figure income from their online passive income every month. We sat down with Alex this week to find out what the catalyst was for him to…
Karen Rinaldi: It’s Great To Suck At Something - 033
May 10 • 125 min
This weeks episode is with Senior Vice President and Publisher of Harper Wave Publishing in NYC, Karen Rinaldi. She is a successful Author with another book that just hit the market this week, “It’s Great To Suck At Something” Karens earlier works, such…
Marilyn Schlossbach: Restaurateur, Chef, Humanitarian, and Asbury Park Icon - 032
May 3 • 105 min
This weeks episode is with Asbury Park’s Golden Girl, Entrepreneur, Chef, and Restaurant Empire Co-Owner, Marilyn Schlossbach. Many New Jersey and New York Locals already know Marilyn as the Queen Chef and owner of Langosta Lounge, Pop’s Garage, Labrador…
Matt Grundy: Going All In Music, Sobriety, Family & Self-Awareness - 031
Apr 25 • 100 min
Matt Grundy plays bass, guitar, harmonica and sings backing vocals for pro-surfer turned rockstar Donavon Frankenreiter. Live life vicariously through Matt Grundy as he takes us on a journey towards self-discovery, fatherhood, addiction, and his wild…
Stephanie & Jeremy Puglisi: The Entrepreneurial Power Couple That Rocked The RV World - 030
Apr 16 • 88 min
Jay and Chelsea discover the joys of campgrounds and road trips with special guests and our dear friends Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi; two-fifths of the world’s most lovable RV family. These adventurers turned bloggers turned podcasters tackle big…
Torrey Meister - Inside The Mind of A Big Wave Surfer - 029
Apr 5 • 76 min
Torrey Meister is a competitive surfer and a big wave surfer with a reputation of being fearless and tackling the biggest and most radical maneuvers. While Torrey was on the competitive circuit for a while, these days it is more likely you will find him…
Holly Harman: Holotropic Breathwork - 028
Mar 29 • 74 min
Holly is Associate Director for Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) which is the original center for Holotropic Breathwork. So, what is Holotropic Breathwork? “it is a powerful approach to self-exploration and personal empowerment that relies on our innate…
Paula Fuga: Made From The Stars - 027
Mar 21 • 91 min
Paula Fuga is a Hawaiian singer/songwriter and ukulele player. She is known for her song “Country Road” and other collaborations with Jack Johnson as well as being invited to perform at the White House on three separate occassions during Barack Obama’s…
Marty Schwartz: Guitar Teacher Turned YouTube Star - 026
Mar 15 • 72 min
Marty Schwartz is a Guitar Teaching YouTube Star with over 1.2 million subscribers. He was a guitar player in a band and a music teacher when he lost his teaching gig and reinvented himself on YouTube He then created the massive business and following he…
Brian Bishop: Skateboarding and His Reinvention As An Architect - 025
Mar 7 • 92 min
At the peak of his very successful Pro-Skateboarding career, Brian Bishop decided to change direction to focus on another passion of his, Architecture. This episode is about reinvention, redefining fear, staying humble & pursuing your dreams.
Sean Davey: Surf Photography Legend - 024
Feb 27 • 90 min
Sean Davey is an icon of the surf industry and has been shooting photos for over 40 years. Sean grew up in Tasmania & currently calls the North Shore of Oahu home. Sean is one of the world’s most respectful surf photographers & his personality shines.
Dr. Dave Jenkins: The Founder of SurfAid - 023
Feb 21 • 86 min
A conversation with the Founder of SurfAid, Dr. Dave Jenkins. This is an inspiring story about how an impulse to help one village turned into a global charity that improves the quality of life & saves lives in remote surf destinations around the world.
Kelly Noonan Gores: Heal, A Spiritual & Scientific Approach To Well-Being - 022
Feb 14 • 85 min
Kelly Noonan Gores, the Writer / Director of the #1 Best Selling Netflix Documentary “Heal”. We cover scientific & spiritual topics such as balancing gut health, EFT, Sound Healing, Hypnosis, The Secret, Mind-Body connection, Mindfulness, & Meditation.
Geraint F. Lewis: Making Sense of the Cosmos - 021
Feb 6 • 95 min
Geraint F. Lewis is a world renown Astrophysicist, Author, and Professor at the University of Sydney . Geraint specializes in the study of dark energy, the questions about the fine-tuning of the Universe, gravitational lensing, & galactic cannibalism.
Tristan Prettyman: Putting Together The Pieces of Music, Motherhood, Love & Break-Ups - 020
Feb 1 • 79 min
This week we talked with singer/songwriter Tristan Prettyman. You may already know her music from her collaborations on chart-topping singles with talents like Jewel, Jason Mraz and G Love. In this candid conversation, Tristan bares her soul & tells all.
Maria Brophy: Art. Money. Success. - 019
Jan 24 • 97 min
This week we spoke with our dear friend, author and artist consultant Maria Brophy. If you are a creative person or entrepreneur or just want some practical tips on how to take that big leap, make some money and succeed, this is for you!
Ben Lee: The Best Is Yet To Come - 018
Jan 17 • 75 min
Australian born singer/songwriter Ben Lee is best known for his catchy hit songs like “Catch My Disease” or “Gamble Everything For Love” from his album, “Awake is the New Sleep”. Ben talks about his creativity, celebrity collaborations and what’s next for…
Azul Terronez: Becoming the Author of Your Life’s Story -017
Jan 10 • 75 min
How does a “straight” father of two & school principal with a 401K end up moving to California, come out as a gay man, find the love of his life & do a Ted Talk with over a million views, become an Author, Public Speaker, Podcaster and Book Coach? Shifts!
Autumn Berrang: Building a Personal Brand & A Culture for Success - 016
Jan 1 • 73 min
Autumn Berrang is a Manhattan-based entrepreneur,ad agency co-founder, branding/marketing expert as well as a client services VP for Rauxa, the largest women-owned ad agency in the country. Autumn shares her mindsets & the challenges that she’s overcome.
Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz: The Crossroads of Discipline & Surrender - 015
Dec 19, 2018 • 107 min
This weeks episode is with Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz. Lead guitarist, singer & songwriter for the band ALO, who also tours & collaborates with music legends like Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead, Rock Collection, Brokedown in Bakersfield, Steve Kimock, Jack…
Jairek Robbins: Learn It. Live It. Give It. - 014
Dec 13, 2018 • 56 min
This week we spoke with performance coach, motivational speaker, traveler, and accomplished author Jairek Robbins. And yes, he’s also the son of Tony Robbins.
Drew Brophy: Art, Surfing & Universal Energy - 013
Dec 6, 2018 • 108 min
This week’s interview is with world renown professional artist and big wave surfer Drew Brophy. We chatted about surfing, art, science, chakras, universal laws, intentional creativity and the energy in the universe.
Rob Nagel: Surf Taco & It’s Accidental Entrepreneur - 012
Nov 30, 2018 • 64 min
Meet Rob Nagel, founder of a 14 location restaurant chain called Surf Taco. His wild ride includes 7 colleges, camping out in the Florida Keys, writing screenplays, moving to California to become the next Steven Spielberg & joining AmeriCorps.
Steve Scott: The Making of a Best Selling Author - 011
Nov 20, 2018 • 57 min
Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author Steve Scott had one of his books named as the #2 Best Business book of 2016 just behind Elon Musk. He talks about being accidentally enlisted in the Air Force to writing over 70 books to making 100K a month!
Romeu Andreatta: Passion, Love and Alma Surf Magazine - 010
Nov 15, 2018 • 50 min
Meet Romeu Andreatta…Big Wave Surfer, Stand Up Paddler, Father, Grandfather, Husband, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and Founder and Owner of Brazil’s Alma Surf Magazine. Romeu chats about passion, love, ego and fear the way only a Brazilian can.
G. Love: The Music. The Story. The Hustle - 009
Nov 8, 2018 • 90 min
This weeks episode is with the one & only Garrett Dutton, better known as “G Love.” Garrett’s stories go from sitting on the curbs of Philly & playing an acoustic guitar to selling out massive shows with legends like Jack Johnson and Ben Harper.
Dan Blank: Building a Business Around Creativity & Finding Radical Clarity - 008
Nov 7, 2018 • 67 min
Are you stuck or looking for what’s next in your creative endeavors? With a bit of planning, what can your daily schedule look like? Dan Blank, owner of WeGrowMedia & author, coach, & motivator for aspiring authors and creatives is our guest this week.
Alex Lanau: Connecting the Dots between Surfing, Art & Travel - 007
Nov 2, 2018 • 57 min
Surfer and Artist Alex Lanau calls Pavones, Costa Rica home & if you have been anywhere in Costa Rica, it is almost a guarantee you’ve already seen his amazing huge murals that cover the country. Also, run ins with Banksy & working with Weezer & Sublime
David B. Smith: Turning a Passion for Art into a Platform for Change - 006
Oct 30, 2018 • 67 min
This week’s episode is with the owner of Denver’s David B. Smith Art Gallery, David B. Smith. We talked about how he shifted his path in life by using a MySpace Forum to create the reputation he needed to develop the reputable and dynamic art gallery he…
Quincy Mumford: Growing Up Through Music and Finding His Soulful Sound - 005
Oct 24, 2018 • 71 min
This weeks interview is with Jersey Native Singer/Songwriter Quincy Mumford. His new release “Thank You” has reached almost 400K streams in 4 weeks. We touch upon the business side of music, neglecting your art, being authentic & finding your sound.
Will Conner: Musician, Surfer, Entrepreneur, Environmentalist, Dad and Citizen of the World - 004
Oct 17, 2018 • 91 min
Meet Singer/Songwriter, Surfer, Entrepreneur, Dad, Environmentalist, Father & Citizen of the World, Will Conner. Will grew up on a hippie commune in Byron Bay, Australia & when not running an int’l hat brand, he’s playing music with legends like Jack…
Dr. Eric Goodman: The Creation of Foundation Training To Treat Chronic Back Pain and Tapping into Flow States - 003
Oct 8, 2018 • 114 min
Find out how Dr. Eric Goodman avoided back surgery and how that led him to create the cult-like following that is Foundation Training. With a specific series of movements to strengthen the posterior chain, Eric has been able to help thousands of people…
Bob Mignogna: Listening to Your Heart and Becoming “The Boss” of the Surf Industry - 002
Oct 7, 2018 • 102 min
How does a school teacher from NYC become not only the Publisher to Surfing Magazine for 25 years but also become known as “The Boss” of the Surfing Industry? Bob Mignogna’s legacy includes helping to bring Surfing to the 2020 Olympics. We discuss his…
Our First Episode - 001
Oct 6, 2018 • 21 min
After a year or so of talking about it and months of planning, we decided to start a Podcast. But also: • State of flow • Artistic inspiration • Parenting Three Children • Re-invention as a Birth Doula • Living with Purpose • Entrepreneur Life • Taking