Nobodies In New York Podcast

Nobodies In New York Podcast
Presented by the Brother’s Stew, a podcast about the life and times, trials and tribulations of life in the Big Apple Baby… mostly food and musical theatre…

35- I’m Allergic to “No”
Sep 29 • 69 min
The final episode of season 2! The Brother’s are back (better late than never, right?) as Alex has just opened “A Chorus Line” and TUTS in Houston and Timothy emerges from his solitary cocoon in Sacramento. Tune in for your a “My 600 Pound Life” ins…
34- The Roughest Draft
Sep 16 • 78 min
Ya’ll… this episode is some nonsense… just gonna leave it at that…
33 - Almost a Month
Sep 4 • 62 min
Another all new episode including a all new “DID YOU KNOW THAT…” and “HOW TO NEW YORK” where the boys teach you things you never knew you never knew. And maybe some things you did…about Trader Joe’s…. Also, what’s a “Sex Teacher?”
32- I Pooped My Dead Pants!
Aug 28 • 55 min
The Brother’s are back this week with a “Mini NINY” as Alex records from Houston and Tim is still lost in the big, bad city of Sacramento. Alex has a difficult time pronouncing large words and continues with part two of “30 Bizarre Facts About Life”…
31- Where’s the Fun in Funyuns?
Aug 15 • 69 min
The Brother’s are FINALLY back in the same room and coming at you this week with Funions and fart jokes! A particularly bizarre Fatty Fatty No Friends and Broadway news coming your way as well! Hang on to your hats… And barf bags…
30- Thirty, Flirty and Thriving
Aug 1 • 71 min
After having to (unfortunately) skip a week, the Brothers are back with more shenanigans! The Boys banter… a LOT in this one and still have plenty of Broadway news, food talk and laughs. Buckle up!
29- Hot Dogs and the Mile High Club
Jul 17 • 68 min
After the 4th of July, the Brothers are back with an All-American episode this week. Hot dogs, air planes and hemorrhoids… oh my! and, of course… some Broadway talk. Hold on to your hats… and bladders… you’ll definitely be experiencing some …
28- Stop Charging for Ranch!
Jul 12 • 66 min
The Brothers talk about pressing matters such as the Netflix casting for “The Prom”, food establishments charging for almond milk and ranch, and introduce a new segment called “Did You Know That…?” Buckle up!
27- I’m Not Good at Ad-Libs!
Jul 2 • 74 min
The Boys interview the illustrious Molly Dobbs (currently working with Tim at Utah Festival Opera) who talks about training in Scotland and how theatrical training compares between the U.S. and our cousins across the pond. The Brothers also have a C…
26- Big Breasts and High Note
Jun 26 • 71 min
Finally, after a month off, the brothers are back! Opera Contralto, Alissa Anderson is the guest on the show and she’s here to answer some questions about the Opera world and to put an end to the stigma that classical vocalist don’t act. The Brother…
25- Go Pull A Card…
May 23 • 99 min
Maggie Politi is this week’s guest! She’ll be talking about her upcoming show on Amazon Prime, “Theatre School Dropouts” and her podcast “The Cool Kids Table”. She will also be joining the boys for frolic and fun throughout the entire episode. Alex …
24- Sure Would Be A Shame…
May 15 • 102 min
Episode 24 is here with more frolic and fun! The Brothers Stew have two of their good buddies pop in on this weeks episode; their roomie Aaron Craven and recent in studio audience member/interview Rhett Guter. The boys have a particularly ridiculous…
23- Bangers and Mash Breath
May 8 • 91 min
After a couple of weeks off, the Brother’s Stew are back! This week, with guest Michael Stiggers from the cast of “Beautiful” on Broadway, the guys talk about all of their favorite subjects, food and Musical Theatre. Michael talks about his unique m…
22- Chicken Wing Escapades
Apr 25 • 98 min
Dive Bar 106 is the inspiration for this week’s episode. The Brothers talk about their favorite bar (Dive Bar on 106 and Amsterdam) and interview it’s owner; actor and silver fox, Howie Kaye. The boys are back with more Broadway news and their new f…
21- Mr. Broadway Has to Tinkle #oldenoughtodrink
Apr 17 • 101 min
Joined by E.J. Zimmerman and Rhett Guter in the studio…er living room, the Brother’s Stew are up to more shenanigans. The brothers interview Rhett about transitioning from chorus boy to leading man and about how Chicago fares as a city in which on…
20- These Ushers Are INTENSE
Apr 10 • 86 min
The Brother’s Stew present another fun filled episode with some Broadway news and stories about the nutty ushers they meet in the Broadway shows. A vegetarian and vegan friendly “Fatty Fatty No Friends” is getting served up at intermission, followed…
19- Nice Chiclets!
Apr 3 • 87 min
This episode is… how you say, Utter Nonsense! The Brothers Stew interview Matthew Gibson about his time in Gypsy on Broadway and TV/Film work versus acting onstage. The Brothers also introduce a HILARIOUS new game and spout some facts in “Fatty Fa…
18- Hint of Ass #thebestofthebest
Mar 27 • 95 min
The Brother’s Stew and Producer Ringler are back! Hope you folks are ready to laugh because, after a difficult and trying couple of weeks in the Big Apple, this episode is FIRE. Our guest is the very charming Matt Faucher. He talks about his role in…
17- Robyn with a “Y”
Mar 20 • 88 min
The Brothers Stew catch up after a difficult and stressful week in NYC and California (Tim is still lost in the big city of Sacramento). This episode features Broadway’s FABULOUS Robyn Hurder. She talks about her upcoming role in Moulin Rouge on the…
16- Joey the Turtle
Mar 13 • 89 min
Even though Tim is, once again, lost in the big city of Sacramento, the boys are back for more frolic and fun. Producer Alex Ringler tells all about mishaps with his childhood pet turtle, the brothers interview ballet dancer and professional photogr…
15- Do You Wanna Come?
Mar 8 • 94 min
After a tough TOUGH week, the Brothers Stew are back! Katie Huff- Yazbeck talks about working on the other side of the table as an assistant choreographer and being a mommy in the business. The brothers have one last bizarre food combo at intermissi…
14- Sneaking Corndogs
Feb 20 • 98 min
The Brother’s Stew interview good friend Deven Anderson with about his “Usual Rejects” podcast and Staged Parody Drinking Game Show as well as bring back “Fatty Fatty No Friends”. The Brothers also discuss ridiculous theatre patrons in “Let’s Talk A…
13- Happy Valentine’s Gay(s)
Feb 13 • 96 min
Broadway’s Chris Rice and Clay Thomson are our guests for this V special Valentine’s Day episode! The Brothers Stew try a Valentine’s Day inspired bizarre food combo at intermission and play a lovey dovey themed round of “SHATEGORIES”. The brothers …
12 - Take Your Zinc!
Feb 6 • 93 min
Episode 12 is here! Broadway’s Jenifer Foote talks to the Brother’s Stew about growing up in Sacramento, fills us in on her 12th, yes 12TH Broadway Show, Tootsie and discusses the importance of JUST BEING A GOOD PERSON. Tim shares a story about Jeff…
11: Hey! It’s the 90s!
Jan 31 • 91 min
An all new episode means all new fun! Introducing a new segment (read: game) as well as the usual ranting and raving! BUT it’s a Sing For Your Seniors kind of day as we interview the marvelous Jackie Vanderbeck!
10: WHAT a Segue!
Jan 23 • 89 min
Season 2 is here! Guest, Mark Mackillop talks about his time on the Anastasia Tour, Broadway Bares and his upcoming cabaret. The Brother’s Stew also introduce their new producer, Alex Ringler (#ringerref) and make some changes to the show. Two Acts,…
9- Act 2: Peanut Butter & Pickles
Jan 17 • 80 min
Finally! The Brothers’ interview with Broadway’s original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Rober Cuccioli (among other incredible roles) is here as well as a subway themed “New York is a Great Big Pile of Stink”. The Brother’s have a “Long Enough” that we c…
9- Act 1: Peanut Butter & Pickles
Jan 7 • 78 min
The Brothers Stew have their last recording session before the New Year. Alex gets sick on Christmas Eve, the brothers try Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwiches on “Fatty Fatty No Friends” and discuss what it’s like to audition for a Broadway show on …
8 - Act 2: Christmas and Sh!t Talking
Dec 21, 2018 • 71 min
Our first ever HOLIDAY EPISODE! Featuring our interview with Broadway’s Clyde Alves!
8- Act 1: Christmas and Sh!t Talking
Dec 20, 2018 • 58 min
The Brother’s Stew share their grown up Christmas lists and talk some mad sh!t as they are still across the country from one another. This episode also features a dressing room inspired subject for this week’s “Long Enough!” and sheds some light on …
7 - Act 2: Drop Dead
Dec 13, 2018 • 77 min
Interview with Hamilton’s Jordana Grolnick, the controversial lesbian kiss on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on “Let’s Talk About Broadway” and “Tim and Alex’s Movie You Should Have Seen By Now Pick of the Week”! Buckle up, guys, gals and non bi…
7 - Act 1: Drop Dead
Dec 7, 2018 • 91 min
The boys are back! Pennsylvania Station, Chewing Sounds, and Restaurant Row!
BONUS TRACK: Stephanie J. Bark
Dec 3, 2018 • 10 min
Bonus Track - From the cutting room floor! The brothers discuss dog names. It’s kinda funny.
6 - Act 2: It’s A DinoCHORUS LINE!
Nov 19, 2018 • 73 min
Alex’s rant on laundry in NYC, an interview with two actors from Encores! production of “A Chorus Line” (Aaron Craven and Natalie Bourgeois) and other ramblings such as “Tim and Alex’s Movie You Should Have Seen By Now Pick of the Week”.
6 - Act 1: It’s A DinoCHORUS LINE!
Nov 14, 2018 • 87 min
Sassy Volunteers, Netflix Spooks, and A Chorus Line!
5- Act 2: Halloweener Acrossed the Universe
Nov 4, 2018 • 74 min
The Brothers Stew reveal this week’s “Tim and Alex’s Movie You Should Have Seen By Now Pick of the Week”, talk about Broadway and interview the lovely Brooke Lacy about what it’s like being a lady in the theatre industry right here in the Big Apple….
5 - Act 1: Halloweener Acrossed the Universe
Oct 31, 2018 • 72 min
The Nobodies in New York tell ghostly jokes, discuss cat-calling, fluids on the street, trick or treating etiquette, and CANDY in this specially Halloweener episode!
4- Act 2: Lost in Sacramento!
Oct 22, 2018 • 72 min
The Brother’s Stew interview Broadway’s Josh Breckenridge from “Come From Away” about the show, understudying on Broadway and HIS journey to success. The boys also talk about why New York is a Great Big Pile of Stink and discuss Tim and Alex’s “Movi…
4- Act 1: Lost in Sacramento!
Oct 20, 2018 • 61 min
The Brother’s Stew head back to California and take the Wild Wild West by Storm as they visit friends and family. Everything from electric scooters, cheeseburgers, gym etiquette and “Let’s…talk about… Broadway…” oh yeah… and an exclusive BRI…
3 - Act 2: Longest Week Ever!
Oct 13, 2018 • 63 min
Fingernail clippings on the subway and an interview with Broadway’s Veronica Kuehn. The Brother’s Stew also ask hard hitting questions about topics that simply, no one else is willing to talk about. Tim and Alex also get down to brass tax regarding …
2- Act 1: Dankenstein!
Oct 11, 2018 • 61 min
From Ikea furniture to Broadway’s “Come From Away” and “Play That Goes Wrong”, The Brother’s Stew discuss the week after releasing Episode 1 of this ridiculous podcast about food and musical theatre.. Now in TWO ACTS… ya know… like a musical…
3 - Act 1: Longest Week Ever
Oct 11, 2018 • 52 min
Act 1 of Episode 3! Alex discusses working at Comicon and exposes his lack of Harry Potter knowledge while Tim decides to wait until we are recording to finally eat dinner.
2- Act 2: Dankenstein!
Oct 11, 2018 • 58 min
Act 2 of Episode 2! The Brother’s Stew interview Broadway’s Alex Ringler, reveal the “Movie You Should Have Seen By Now Pick of the Week” and more!
1: Rough Draft!
Oct 5, 2018 • 95 min
From cockroaches to sushi and everything in between, ] the Brothers Stew (Tim and Alex Stewart) discuss life and trials in the Big Apple as well as other ramblings including an interview with Aaron Patrick Craven about his time on tour as Johnny Cas…