Sorry to get back on topic

Sorry to get back on topic
A podcast about no thing in particular, with extremely fascinating hosts: Josh Windisch and Rob Brogan.

Bananas, business, and other b…
Nov 27
Josh and Rob catch up, originally to talk about his NEW Air Pods Pro… but we immediately got off topic. You can hear about Air Pods in the next episode coming soon. In this episode we talk about Banana milk, other milks, and bananas going extinct! Then…
Nick Nelson, Part 2 – lots more gaming
Oct 18
In this episode we pick up right where we left off. Probably best to start with the other Nick Nelson episode (before this) and go back to back Music for this episode was recorded in the New York City subway. SPOTIFY LISTENERS: we just realized Spotify…
Nick Nelson – Cities, Camping, and game conventions
Oct 1 • 43 min
Rob drove to Michigan for Mike Rapin‘s wedding and stayed the night with the ORIGINAL podcast host, Nick Nelson. Fun fact: not only is he Rob’s oldest friend, but he started podcasting with Rob back in 2007! This conversation is loose and casual as most…
BONUS: Josh gets the Apple Card, it’s ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sep 11 • 41 min
Josh takes a minute to give his take on the Apple Card and some first impressions.
Robot music, and Todd’s jury duty for attempted murder
Aug 31 • 91 min
No robots were harmed in the making of this podcast. All music sourced for this episode was computer generated, except for a couple samples later on in the jury duty story (you can tell). I got to catch up with Todd again while he was finishing up summer…
Games, weddings, and language with Mike Rapin
Aug 4 • 82 min
Rob and Mike talk about games from DnD to Mario, wedding planning, learning Japanese, and other random crap. I grabbed the intro and outro music from this great playlist! (Visit the website if any of these YouTube links don’t appear in your app.) I love…
Return of the Josh
Jul 1 • 99 min
Josh and Rob unite again to host a beautifully meandering episode about work, life, optometry, and shitty art restoration.
Productivity tools, life online, and trumpet talk with Todd
Jun 12 • 107 min
NEW FEATURE: Chapters! This might show up in your current podcast app (let us know), but if you don’t see chapter markers then we recommend trying out the Overcast app for our podcast. Or don’t, whatever, just an idea. Rob has a long chat with another…
Alex Monroe, part 2: New Music
Mar 15 • 28 min
Rob continues his conversation with Alex and they scratch the surface of “New Music.” Let us know if you dig this kind of thing. We can do some more like this once in a while. NOTE ABOUT THE NOTES: If you’re looking at these show notes in your podcast…
Quick question
Mar 7 • 1 min
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