Deconversion Therapy

Deconversion Therapy
The humorous podcast about religion.

Who’s Gonna Be in Heaven? David Berkowitz, Son of Sam
Aug 21 • 50 min
Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, is now the self-proclaimed Son of Hope. Karen tries to get David to come to the studio, but he’s too shy. And imprisoned. We should have gotten the actor who portrays him on Mindhunter on Netflix. He’s amazing! Bonnie joins…
Lettersode 2: Divorces, Hair, and Mormons
Aug 14 • 36 min
Letters and letters! Thanks for writing in. You can send us yours via our website Our first one is from Heather, a kick-ass deconvert who’s been through it. She’s still healing from losing sword drills. Then she tells…
The Family Part 1: It’s about Power, Not Love
Aug 7 • 47 min
Karen and Bonnie discuss the book, and soon-to be-released Netflix documentary “The Family: An enigmatic conservative Christian group known as the Family wields enormous influence in Washington, D.C., in pursuit of its global ambitions.” The secret group…
It’s a Team! With Power!
Jul 31 • 44 min
That’s right, it’s time for your favorite group of pumped guys who’ve been traveling from church to church for over 40 years doing feats of strength, The Power Team! Bonnie missed the huge event at church where they came and blew. us. tweens. away. The…
24: Faith Healers Benny Hinn and Katherine Kuhlman
Jul 24 • 55 min
Karen and Bonnie go through the lives and miracle healing powers of Kathrine Kuhlman and Benny Hill, no, Hinn. Are people really getting cured of cancer and broken backs and whatnot and various sundries? Why are all the people falling backwards when they…
23: The Cult that Poisoned an Oregon Town
Jul 17 • 57 min
Bonnie and Karen talk about the sex cult called the Rajneesh this week. If you haven’t watched the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country, Bonnie goes over it while trying to capture the insanity. Bagwan Shree Rajneesh, the guru, gathers up well-educated…
22: Lettersode: Listener Letters about Hot Evangelists, The Rapture, and Dancing
Jul 10 • 22 min
It’s a short, summery episode of listeners’ letters! We’ve got Michelle telling about an insanely long revival that includes a hot evangelist and modesty blankets. Justin writes in about being THAT 13-year-old Christian kid who thinks they’ve cracked the…
21: 1st Annual Kook-Off: Jim Bakker vs Pat Robertson
Jul 2 • 65 min
Please Subscribe, rate, and review. We’d appreciate it. Who’s kookier, or old cootier, Jim Bakker or Pat Robertson. We make them go head-to-head on this episode. We’ll post polls on our social media things so you can vote. The winner will get nothing but…
20: Jerry Falwell Jr., Michael Cohen, Tom Arnold and Some Pictures
Jun 25 • 51 min
Please Subscribe, rate, and review. We’d appreciate it. Bonnie fills Karen in on Jerry Falwell Jr., and the news that something is afoot in his world. The players are a pool boy, Jerry, Jerry’s wife, Michael Cohen and his plaid jacket, and Tom Arnold. Of…
19: Shoving Gays Down Preachers’ Throats
Jun 19 • 58 min
We are back! Please help us out by subscribing, rating, and reviewing us. In fact, although we don’t think we put out anything worthy, we’re asking you to share this episode because these preachers asking for LGBT people to be killed need eyes on them. By…
18: The Love Family Cult
May 29 • 62 min
Bonnie and Karen discuss the Love Family cult, also known as The Church of Jesus Christ at Armageddon. They have first names like Logic and Submission and Smooth—what’s not to love? And although they went a bit off the rails, the concept is pretty…
17: Alabama Abortion, Mel Brooks, and Musket F*ckers
May 22 • 42 min
Can Bonnie and Karen find something funny about the Abortion ban that just passed in Alabama? We’re gonna try! Bonnie found some great articles from satire at The Reductress to Noam Chomsky’s great video of why the Southern states and evangelicals grabbed…
16: Franklin Graham, Pete Buttigieg, and Irish Lips
May 15 • 50 min
This week, Karen and Bonnie poke at Franklin Graham, one of the most misrable-seeming men to be filled with the joy of salvation. Graham tweeted a happy birthday to Melania Trump, calling her the classiest first lady AMERICA HAS EVER HAD. Eat it, Mary…
15: Remembering the Humor of Rachel Held Evans
May 9 • 39 min
This week Karen and Bonnie do something a little different by honoring exvangelical author and thinker Rachel Held Evans who passed away a few days ago at the age of 37. Rachel wrote the satirical book “A Year of Biblical Womanhood,” where she tried to…
14: Church Lock-ins, Funerals, and Easter Condoms
May 1 • 49 min
Bonnie and Karen has a few false starts this week as they talk about church lock-ins. Join us as we tell you about them in real time. Horny kids, pizza, one bathroom, what could go wrong? Lock-ins have evolved since we were teens, and now there are bouncy…
13: Stop Believin’: The Story of Trump and Paula White
Apr 24 • 61 min
Karen tells Bonnie about Paula White, an evangelist who “led Trump to Christ,” and has continued to be a big influence on him. It’s a story few know about, but everything becomes clear once you do. Pics and more at…
12: Christian School, Sex Talk Sunday, and Playboys in Dumpsters
Apr 17 • 59 min
This week, Bonnie and Karen discuss their time in Baptist day school. They read a listener’s letter about bringing her boyfriend to church and the Sunday School teachers deciding to divide the boys and girls up so they could talk about sex. And what would…
11: Transregurgitation, Mike Warnke, and Cement Butts
Apr 10 • 59 min
Karen and Bonnie read a letter from a listener who had an unfortunate incident with a hymnal, they discuss the Satanic High Priest turned Christian comedian, Mike Warnke (all those monikers are LIES), and finish off with a discussion on body augmentation..
10: Signs, Wonders, and Male Strippers
Apr 3 • 50 min
Bonnie and Karen discuss signs from heaven. Does God send signs to show his love, direction, or hilarious humor? Or is life random? Plus—they get kicked off an ex-Christian forum for being “therapists,” God sends Karen a busload of male dancers, and they…
9: Godly Women, Dead Arms, and Christian College Pranks
Mar 27 • 42 min
Karen and Bonnie discuss Proverbs 31—being a gawdly woman. They’re off to buy flax and wool to sell at the market, deliver sashes to who knows who, get up at the crack of dawn and make stuff for their household, while also dressing them oddly in purple…
8: The Rapture, Kirk Cameron, and Foot Washing
Mar 20 • 44 min
Will you be on the toilet when the rapture comes? This week, Karen and Bonnie fumble through some rapture theories, reminisce about the times they thought they’d been left behind, and, well, that brings up the book series Left Behind—which spawned D…
7: Abducted in Plain Sight, John Mulaney, and Postcards from Jesus
Mar 13 • 57 min
Bonnie and Karen attempt to explain why the incredible story told in the Netflix documentary that has everyone freaking out, Abducted in Plain Sight (spoilers ahead), makes more sense when you grow up in church. More notes on our website.
6: Chris Pratt, Justin Bieber, and Jesus H. Christ
Feb 27 • 38 min
In this episode, we reveal who we are: REALLY BIG CELEBRITIES. Or perhaps we discuss some real ones who are showing up as trendy Christians on social media—Chris Pratt, Justin Bieber, Sherilyn Fenn, Kendall Kardashian. We kick off the show by telling you…
5: John Chau, Evangelizing, and Worshipping My Favorite Murder
Feb 13 • 46 min
On this week’s episode, Bonnie and Karen discuss the fateful missionary trip of John Chau, a zealot young missionary who was killed by a remote tribe in late November of 2018. Then they recount their bumbling efforts of ushering people into the kingdom.
4: Jesus Camp, the Documentary that Scares the Hell Out of Everybody
Jan 30 • 35 min
Bonnie and Karen give a little intro about what the podcast is about. Basically, nothing of substance. But they love to talk about the humorous memories of being “on fire for Jesus.” The Good Thing of the Week: Karen is thankful for kinetic sand. It is…
3: Backmasking, Stryper, and the Good and Evil of Christian and Secular Music
Jan 16 • 40 min
Bonnie and Karen bring out the ol’ cassettes and talk about Amy Grant to Led Zeppelin. Show notes: Bonnie and Karen say hola to everyone. Right off the bat, Bonnie accused Karen of making up the word “podcatchers”—which is a word! We’re now on iTunes,…
2: Stop Being Sexy
Dec 24, 2018 • 27 min
Bonnie and Karen read their first submitted story by a listener! The subject is how Christianity shames females into thinking all sexual “sins” are their fault, even when they didn’t participate! They discuss how rapey ducks can be and how it’s always the…
1: Purity Culture and Bible Sword Drills
Dec 13, 2018 • 42 min
Yeah, the audio sucks. We know. Think of this podcast as a Chia Pet, watch us grow and things take shape. In this inaugural episode Karen informs Bonnie that people in their church were screwing in the closet in the foyer of their church during church…
Oct 3, 2018 • 1 min
Karen and Bonnie grew up in the evangelical church. It was the eighties and high hair and giving a good “testimony” was all the rage. In each episode they’ll highlight something from the cloaked and weird world of religion—taken from the news, their own…