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This Caregiver Life
Hosts Jennifer Mackinday & Mary Hahn Ward are long-time caregivers. “This Caregiver Life” podcast explores the journey of caregivers from all walks of life. Whether you are a caregiver, clinician, or community member supporting caregivers, you’ll connect with our stories, resources, and insight. We share an unfiltered look into the frontlines of caregiving, of #thiscaregiverlife. p.s. We are excited to share we have recently been rated a top ten caregiver podcast! Wow!

S2E7: This Life We Have with Brian Vines
Nov 11 • 15 min
Brian Vines, a veteran, joins us for a frank conversation regarding the holidays and caregiving. He shares insights on how he has cared for his wife, wounded veteran, while also having his mother living with them for a period of time. It would seem that…
Bonus Episode: Time Away
Nov 5 • 7 min
Mar recently had some time away from daily caregiving. She finds it reviving and energizing. She encourages caregivers to find some time to themselves once in a while. You can find the written piece on Mar’s blog at —- Send in a voice…
S2E6: Building Your Team with Colleen Johnson
Nov 4 • 28 min
Colleen believes building a good team with family, healthcare providers, and community is highly important in helping her to be the best caregiver possible for her care recipient, her husband. We couldn’t agree more. —- Send in a voice message:…
S2E5: Politico Panel - Caring on the Homefront
Oct 28 • 24 min
Jenn shares her recent experience as a panelist on Politico’s program “Caring on the Homefront” —- Send in a voice message:
S2E4: The Future of Family Care with Wellthy’s CEO Lindsay Jurist-Rosner
Oct 6 • 39 min
Lindsay Jurist-Rosner is the CEO of Wellthy, Inc. based in New York City. Wellthy is helping the 66 million Americans who care for aging, chronically ill, and disabled loved ones. With Wellthy, Lindsay is building the company she needed throughout the…
S2E3: 2nd Time Around
Sep 25 • 34 min
Meet Lisa who balances her growing career with caregiving for her husband. Lisa shares insight into how she makes it all work, and how any can keep moving forward in their life, despite setbacks. We also learn about They connect clients with…
S2E2: She Loved Him First
Sep 16 • 40 min
Welcome to Season 2 of “This Caregiver Life”. “He Loved Her First”, Denise Albea shares with us the journey she has been on caring for her dad and how she has found help along the way. Her dad has Parkinson’s Disease and attends a program, Elderhaus, for…
S2 Bonus Episode: Ready For Anything
Sep 6 • 39 min
Jenn and Mar share their recent experience preparing for Hurricane Dorian, as well as, the focus of the second season of “This Caregiver Life”. Please follow us on our social media platforms. You can find us on Facebook at This Caregiver Life, on Twitter…
S2E1: Worst Case Scenario
Sep 6 • 36 min
This episode is a rebroadcast of our companion podcast, Sarcasm Sisters. We relive Mar’s experience preparing for an enduring Hurricane Florence. Caregivers will find tips and suggestions when preparing for natural disasters themselves, and anyone can…
S1E10: Bringing Home the War with author Marjorie Pennington
Jun 18 • 47 min
Welcome to our last episode of Season One. Marjorie Pennington, author of “Bring Home the War: The Life of a Military Caregiver”, joined us for an in-depth conversation about being a military caregiver to her husband. “Bringing Home the War” is a powerful…
S1E9: Burnout with Jean Montjoy, MSW, LCSW
Jun 14 • 26 min
Jean Montjoy joins us today in a candid conversation about burnout. Jean holds a masters in Social Work, and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She chats with us today about burnout from a professional caregiver perspective. She shares with us her…
S1E8: Carrying On with Caira Benson
May 8 • 45 min
Caira Benson is a seasoned professional in the nonprofit community, a homeschooling mother of five, and caregiver for her disabled veteran husband and three of their children. Her dedication to providing the best quality of life to her clan is…
S1E7: Veteran Directed Care - A Call To Action
Apr 30 • 46 min
Our guest today is Karee White, an Army veteran, married to an Army veteran for 30 years, mother to nine children…yes you read that correctly, and a caregiver to her daughter Kimmy. Kimmy is a wounded veteran with a severe traumatic brain injury. Veteran…
S1E6: When Our Kids Need Care with Megan Smith
Apr 23 • 35 min
Megan Smith is an Elizabeth Dole Foundation Fellow and joins us today as our guest. Megan is a caregiver to her husband who was injured in Afghanistan, and a mom of two boys. In addition to her beloved role of mom to her sons, one of them requires…
S1E5: Cherish The Moments
Apr 16 • 40 min
Lara Garey is our guest on this podcast. Lara is the spouse, and caregiver, of an Air Force veteran with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS. Lara is also a newly appointed Elizabeth Dole Foundation Fellow. In this podcast Lara does not hold back on how…
S1E4 Self Care
Mar 12 • 53 min
What is self-care and why do we need it? Is your go-to self-care healthy? Is it working? Explore all things self-care in this episode of This Caregiver Life, and visit our Facebook page www.facebook.thiscaregivelife where you can ask questions, share…
S1E3: When Sudden, Serious Illness Hits
Feb 12 • 45 min
Mar and Jenn have a frank conversation regarding sudden, serious illness: sepsis. Jenn is a sepsis survivor of two and a half years. Mar’s spouse, Tom, in addition to having ALS for eight and a half years, recently survived sepsis. They share their…
S1E2: ALS - Roasting for Research
Jan 20 • 20 min
This Caregiver Life podcast today focuses on a unique fundraising effort for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Roasting for Research. Please join us to learn more about this exceptional campaign that raises awareness, and funding, to help beat back ALS. —-…
S1E1: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of a Bathroom
Jan 10 • 33 min
In their opening ‘This Caregiver Life’ podcast Jenn and Mar, caregivers to their veterans, share their thoughts on Chicago O’Hare’s new, accessible bathroom: “Changing Places Restroom”. —- Send in a voice message:…