Think TLH

Think TLH
This podcast series will share how creative ideas have made the Tallahassee community more successful and the catalysts behind them. It will also highlight how quality of life and innovation serve as key drivers in retaining talent. Created by Knight Creative Communities Institute Tallahassee (KCCI) is responsible for transformative projects all over Tallahassee like Gaines Street, Cascades Park, Midtown, the new TLH urban park and the #iHeartTally campaign. Find out more at Host: Betsy Couch Producer/Editor: Alison Leavitt
14: Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Tallahassee, Domi Station’s Antonio Montoya
Dec 5 • 27 min
“Engagements lead to networks and networks lead to startups,” Antonio Montoya, Executive Director of Domi Station. Listen in and discover how Domi is driving the entrepreneurial spirit in Tallahassee, Florida. Domi Station:
13: Word of South Raising the Bar for Literature and Music in Tallahassee
Nov 28 • 21 min
Word of South Director, Sara Marchessault, shares what to look forward to in the upcoming festival April 12-14, 2019 at Cascades Park, including one of their special guests. In addition to running the festival, Sara is also a faculty member at Tallahassee…
12: Giving Thanks
Nov 21 • 6 min
Happy Thanksgiving! This week we have a special, shorter episode featuring former and future podcast guests sharing why they are thankful and grateful for the Tallahassee community and what they have and have built here. We are so thankful for all of the…
11: The World’s Premier Magnetic Laboratory, Director Greg Boebinger
Nov 14 • 24 min
Tallahassee is home and headquarters to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory – the largest and highest-powered magnet laboratory in the world and the only facility of its kind in the United States. In this episode, MagLab Director, Greg Boebinger,…
10: Pursuing Your Passion With Ology Brewing Co.’s Founder Nick Walker
Nov 14 • 11 min
Nick Walker, the founder of the newest brewery in Tallahassee Ology Brewing Co., shares his experience in Tallahassee. Being raised in a family of researchers and scientists, Nick was inspired to use his biology and nursing degrees to start a local…
09: How to Get Involved in Tallahassee, featuring Mike Pate
Nov 8 • 33 min
In this episode, Mike Pate, a passionate leader in the Tallahassee community, shares his experience as a university student and how returning to his alma mater has led to a life of community involvement. Knight Creative Communities Institute:…
08: The Man Behind the First $1.1B Fundraiser for Florida State University, Tom Block
Nov 7 • 15 min
Tom Block led Florida State to raise a record breaking $1.1 billion. While his studies and passion for sports broadcasting originally brought him to Florida State University, Tom stayed to pursue his dream career on channel 27 (WTXL-TV), ultimately…
07: Discovering New Species and University Research with Dr. Tom Sawicki
Oct 31 • 24 min
Recently, Dr. Tom Sawicki, an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Assistant Professor at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, and his colleague, Environmental Microbiologist Associate Professor, Richard Long, made a groundbreaking discovery of a new…
06: Designing Communities with Alana Taylor and Ryan Sheplak
Oct 31 • 30 min
How do you design a space that will resonate to a wide-variety of international guests and folks of all background? Alana Taylor and Ryan Sheplak, Project Managers and Designers at Architects Lewis + Whitlock, use architecture to unite nature, culture and…
05: What Was Tallahassee’s Missing Piece? With Proof Brewing Co.’s Byron Burroughs
Oct 24 • 15 min
The local Proof Brewing Co. has not only made an impact in the Tallahassee area but to the state of Florida, recently been named Best Beer in Florida and Best Brewery. Tune in to find out why the Burroughs, Proof’s founders, continue to call Tallahassee…
04: Importance of History in Tallahassee and Beyond With Althemese Barnes
Oct 24 • 30 min
Althemese Barnes is a pioneer in the Tallahassee community who has worked diligently to preserve African American history. She was a part of the founding team of the John G Riley Center/Museum, and was instrumental in the creation of the Smokey Hollow…
03: Creative Collaborators — Helping Others After Hurricane Michael
Oct 17 • 19 min
Hurricane Michael devastated the panhandle coast before hitting Tallahassee, Florida. Alex and Chelsea Workman and Jesse Taylor collaborated for the first time on a creative project that is benefiting those affected by the storm. Listen in to find out how…
02: World-Renowned Research in Tallahassee with Dr. Sara Hart
Sep 27 • 27 min
Dr. Sara Hart originally only planned on living in Tallahassee for only two years to do research at Florida State University, but she quickly changed her mind and has made it her home as she develops research utilized worldwide. Dr. Hart discusses her…
01: Creating Change in Tallahassee with Betsy Couch
Sep 25 • 24 min
What is placemaking? Knight Creative Communities Institute’s Executive Director Betsy Couch answers this question by discussing the projects the diverse groups of KCCI Community Catalysts have implemented. These “sense of place” projects help retain,…