Trauma Queen

Trauma Queen
Trauma Queen is a podcast mini-series focused on normalizing the conversation around sexual assault and other traumas. Hosted by Jimanekia Eborn - Queer Media Consultant, Comprehensive Sex Educator, and Sexual Assault & Trauma Expert. Jimanekia will be talking with survivors, therapists, partners, educators, and experts. Real conversations with real people. Each episode will highlight active and productive steps forward as well as three new resources for survivors and allies. Let’s heal together. Become a supporter of this podcast:
6 Fornication After the Fact
Sep 18 • 31 min
Trauma Queen and queer sex educator Stevie Boebi talk about having sex again after assault, understanding your body, and asking for what you need. Online Therapy - Use the code:…
5 Never Said A Thing
Sep 18 • 39 min
Trauma Queen and special guest Jazzmyne Robbins discuss the decision to speak with a counselor, the meaning of emotional abuse, and how to heal. Online Therapy - Use the code:…
Sep 18 • 26 min
Trauma Queen and Izzie talk about being a partner to a survivor of assault. How to listen, what is projecting, and self-care. Online Therapy - Use the code: TRAUMAQUEEN for 15% off !…
3 The Public Eye
Sep 18 • 37 min
Trauma Queen and Chrissy Chambers discuss experiencing assault in the public eye, where to turn for support, and PTSD. Online Therapy - Use the code: TRAUMAQUEEN for 15% off !…
2 Cis Male, Black, and Gay
Sep 18 • 32 min
Trauma Queen sits down with Jayce Baron to discuss his family, friends, and online support after assault. Online Therapy - Use the code: TRAUMAQUEEN for 15% off !…
1 The Very First Episode
Sep 18 • 30 min
The first episode of Trauma Queen with special guest Manager Dan! We discuss what you can expect from the very first season of Trauma Queen and why Jimanekia decided to start the show. It’s time for survivors of assault to be heard and to be given a…