The Marriage Family Business Podcast

The Marriage Family Business Podcast
A Work(Life) In Progress
Be Authentic NOW EP 10
Oct 19 • 20 min
How do you be your most authentic self in the middle of a busy schedule? How do you get your mind in the right place to be with your family, spouse, or friends? Join Mick and Claire in today’s episode to learn how to lean into the moment. Whether…
Entrepreneurial Mental Health EP 09
Oct 18 • 31 min
The online life or social media life is something perceived as perfect. It’s that part where humanity kicks in and you start comparing your life to other people, sometimes, without even realizing it. Sometimes life has become too staged that it…
The Password Test EP 08
Oct 17 • 16 min
In this episode of the Marriage Family Business podcast, Mick and Claire explore the “passwords test”, and why it’s become important not only in their marriage but their business as well. Mick and Claire discuss the difference between keeping…
The Business [How to Make It Fit Into Your Family] EP 07
Oct 16 • 34 min
You might be thinking, why is business a part of this podcast, right? More than most people think, business should actually be tied into the relationship you and your spouse have. This is what Mick and Claire believe in. Why, you ask? Because no…
Lessons Learned from Muppet Babies (Emotional Maturity) EP 06
Oct 15 • 32 min
The dynamics of life have never been like it is today. There can be too much going on at the same time in this fast-paced life that we live in. But have we thought about how we react or respond to certain things? Giving this a thought, Mick and Claire…
The Family (Religion, Divorce and Dealing with In-laws) EP 05
Oct 12 • 30 min
What matters and what doesn’t within your family? What relationships come first and which need to be “edited” to make sure the important ones are kept strong? Who you are is deeply shaped by your environment and your family. This episode breaks…
Review of the Warrior Women Event in Laguna Beach, CA - EP 04
Oct 11 • 28 min
On the Marriage Family Business podcast today Mick and Claire dive into the experience of “Warrior” and how its changed both of their lives significantly. They also discuss finding what’s important in their individual lives, and how to help…
The Marriage EP 03
Oct 10 • 23 min
What are you building your relationships on? What do you find important within your relationship with your spouse? Marriage, the first pillar of the Marriage Family Business podcast, is what Mick and Claire truly believe to be the core component…
Being Clear About Your WHY EP 02
Oct 9 • 21 min
What’s your WHY? Yeah sure, you may say ‘I do it for my kids’ or ‘I do it for my spouse’, well, that’s all good but there is one problem — that’s really general, and doesn’t envoke the emotion that you need behind your WHY. On this…
The Beginning Patron Day EP 01
Oct 8 • 34 min
On this first ever episode of the Marriage Family Business podcast, Mick and Claire lay down the foundational truths, key questions, and hilarious backstory that lead to the formation of their marriage, family, business and of course this podcast….
Welcome to the Marriage Family Business Podcast
Sep 21 • 4 min
The Marriage Family Business podcast are for those seeking the full package out of life— self-worth, relationship happiness, family satisfaction and career success. Join Mick and Claire twice a week as they share the inside details and…