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32: This Is Where I Got My Clothes And Crap
May 19 • 93 min
This episode is a hum dinger! Contained within this pod is Mat’s unsuccessful attempt to network with other podcasters, Dan calling in with a Celebrity Social Media Quiz, Wes gets hardcore protecting his Voltron Action Figures, Kris does it all in…
31: Vatican City Drift
Apr 29 • 93 min
This episode is a landslide of gold standard podcast content! (if you like jokes about whacking off and getting hit in the genitals) Wes and Dan catch us up on what’s been doing in quarantine, Stu and Kris have two completely different opinions on Red…
30: She Don’t Make No Apologies
Apr 7 • 91 min
We set a new standard in highbrow culture and intellectual thinking in this episode as Dan adds the element of cosplay to his dick pics, Mat discusses Sir Mix-A-Lot’s picks for top 3 best butts of all time and Wes’s quarantine turns to Lord of the…
29: CoronaFest 2020
Mar 22 • 61 min
Prepare yourselves for a last minute emergency Passive Aggressive Podcast! In this episode Mat talks to himself about Oprah falling over, some guy getting flogged off in a uni lecture and how Steven King’s The Stand isn’t great viewing right now… Along…
28: Rumpole My Bailey
Mar 11 • 111 min
It’s our first episode with Wes as full time co host and it only takes 3 minutes for him to regret it. A new record! Featured in this episode Dan hits us with a new TV Theme Quiz, Stu and Kris give Wizz Fizz Eggs a whirl, Wes finally talks NHL in…
27: Tzatziki Werewolf Barrage
Feb 18 • 131 min
We have a new episode! And much like the taint, it will live with you forever. This ep has Jess explaining MAFS to us in Miller Time, Angus rules on Is It A Good Kebab? or not, Dan discusses an animated all-star anti-drug PSA, Mat returns with the rage in…
26: Hooty My Booty (w/ Nick Capper)
Jan 28 • 132 min
You may need Kurt to take you to the hospital after listening to this episode cos it’s a doozy! It features us having a yak to comedian Nick Capper, we are primed for Kris’s review of Nic Cage’s PRIMAL, we got Jingle Chat and The Sh*t List and Dan has no…
25: Queensland Chocolate Blowout
Jan 1 • 126 min
NEW YEAR, NEW EPISODE CHUMPS! We are back! And by “we” I mean just Mat as guest host WES sits in for Dan as he waits for the statute of limitations to expire in sunny Queensland. In this one Mat and Wes discuss their worst jobs [Other than this pod],…
24: The Stale Prince of Bel Air
Dec 10, 2019 • 148 min
It’s our end of year special and the whole gang is here to BLOW YOUR MINDS AND SOCKS OFF. Wes reports live from a presumably illegal poker game, Jess enlightens us on the many uses of botox, Stu eats snacks [again], Kris reviews Nic Cage’s COLOR OUT OF…
23: You Always Shoot The Messenger
Nov 13, 2019 • 104 min
Dan recaps the best advertising jingles, Mat enlightens us with the thrill of Falconry and Is It A Good Kebab? is back, featuring Angus Younga and special guest Rod. We also fathom the world of farts in The F-Files, and Mat lets rip on his latest Sh*t…
22: Live From Monster Fest
Oct 22, 2019 • 34 min
It’s the not planned at the last minute and totally well thought out epic episode recorded live at Monster Fest! In this episode we talk about everything - except the fact we are at a film festival. It’s infuriating. We also talk to Stu about the premiere…
21: What Do You Think, Boofhead?! (w/ Angus Younga)
Oct 1, 2019 • 118 min
Strap yourselves in, Episode 21 is a wild ride full of thought provoking analysis of topics that really don’t deserve it! Melbourne Hip Hop Champion Angus Younga joins us as Mat takes a closer look at Celine Dion’s musical style, Dan informs us which…
20: You Calm Down Sucker!
Sep 11, 2019 • 127 min
It’s our 20th episode and to celebrate we have special guests Kris and Daimo in studio! Also the long awaited segment Pardon My Conundrum makes it’s debut, Jon Jonis reluctantly talks to us, Kris reviews the cinematic Cage classic The Rock and Mat roasts…
19: Read My Beak
Aug 20, 2019 • 106 min
Wowee! A brand new episode! In this one Dan delivers on some Dougie the Pizza Boy info, Kris looks into the 1993 Nic Cage and Samuel L. Jackson movie Amos & Andrew and Mat blows his top and flips his lid over phone scammers! This episode is 100%…
18: Miller Time (w/ Jess Miller)
Jul 23, 2019 • 124 min
We are back with a new episode and Jess Miller endures our problematic references and crappy announcing skills for the whole thing! Along with that - will Stu go nuts for HAS NO nut bars? How will our new segment Tough Questions go? Can Mat maintain the…
17: The Rat That Saved The World (w/ Jack Levi aka Elliot Goblet)
Jul 2, 2019 • 112 min
This episode features our talk with Australian comedy legend Jack Levi aka Elliot Goblet! Along with that Dan and Mat converse about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Angus Younga evaluates Kebabs in Footscray and Mat puts Australia Post on BLAST!! The time…
16: I’ve Got A Problem Bro (w/ Aaron ‘Gocsy’ Gocs)
Jun 11, 2019 • 124 min
It’s a brand spankin’ new episode! This one features a chat with comedy legend and top bloke Aaron Gocs! Also, Dan reminds us what to do in an emergency, Mat inducts a historic TV show into the hall of fame and Wes “punches out” another Sports Report!…
15: Johnny McKnobnuts
May 29, 2019 • 88 min
In this 5 star episode Dan stays up late for his Late Night themed TV Quiz, Stu renames yogurt to no-gurt in Snackwatch, Mat opens up and tells a story from the heart totally uninterrupted, Rod composes a new Music Segment and Kris doesn’t even bother to…
14: Chomps Are Thirty Cents (w/ James Sherry)
May 14, 2019 • 115 min
Mat reluctantly talks about politics, Dan willingly talks about Eurovision, we have the time of our lives in Miller Time with Jess and we TALK TO TV LEGEND AND A*MAZING HOST JAMES SHERRY!!!! YEP, ALL CAPS WE’RE THAT EXCITED!!!
13: Like Taking Candles Out Of A Birthday Cake
Apr 23, 2019 • 48 min
Check this ep! It’s got Dan forecasting Jane Bunn’s new side project, Mat’s hot take getting hijacked, Stu tasting the fancy new Drumstick and a Sh*t Head Of The Week that will amuse/outrage/sicken you… possibly all three!
12: You Know Pornhub Exists, Right? (w/ Nick Capper)
Apr 3, 2019 • 112 min
This ep features our chat with comedian Nick Capper, Stu’s snack fantasy comes true in a gourmet Snack Watch, Kris reviews Nic Cage’s God-awful City Of Angels and Mat “directs” Steven Spielberg to suck his balls in The Sh*t List.
11: Look For That In The Next Olympics (w/ Jess Miller)
Mar 12, 2019 • 129 min
We talk to KIIS presenter and breakfast TV traffic reporter Jess Miller, Stu talks with his mouth full of FruChocs, Kris wishes he hadn’t reviewed Nic Cage’s Left Behind, Dan has a Melbourne themed TV Theme Quiz, Wes vaguely talks about sport and Mat has…
10: How Many Textas Can You Own? (w/ Angus Younga)
Feb 19, 2019 • 109 min
We yak with MC and former Greens candidate Angus Younga, Dan turns back time at So Pop, Kris trusts Nic Cage’s choice of projects and reviews The Trust, Stu chows down then gives us the lowdown on Butterfinger Bites and Mat unleashes the fury in the…
09: Just Going Around A Big Pile Of Old Pallets
Jan 8, 2019 • 111 min
It’s our super sized New Year’s special! Stu gives his hot take on hot cross buns, Dan makes a splash in his aquatic TV Theme Quiz, Kris Un-Cages his review of Mom And Pop, Rod breaks down his top 3 tracks of 2018, Wes goes into overtime in his…
08: They Took Us To The Freezer
Dec 11, 2018 • 82 min
This ep features our thoughts on the new Avengers trailer, the Sh*t List is unyielding in the face of pregnant women, Kris reviews Nic Cage’s Seeking Justice and Dan’s entertainment report is more entertaining than the entertainment he was reporting…
07: Half Of My Cinnamon Raisin Bagel
Nov 27, 2018 • 101 min
Dan “comments” on social media, Mat unleashes on old people, Rod breaks it down in his Music segment, Kris knows about “The Knowing” and Kegs makes a bombshell announcement! Come say hi on the socials: FACEBOOK: 
06: And Thank You, Mutumbo
Oct 28, 2018 • 92 min
Dan recaps Ellen’s interview with the Thai soccer team, Kris sinks his teeth into Nic Cage’s performance in Vampire’s Kiss, Stu samples Darrell Lea Popcorn Brittle in Snack Watch and Mat rages about daylight savings in The Sh*t List. Come say hi…
05: My Name’s Lionel
Sep 30, 2018 • 88 min
We hear exclusive audio from the Serena Williams outburst, uncover the truth behind Bert and Ernie’s relationship, dissect Nic Cage’s Leaving Las Vegas, interview a VFL legend, play the TV Theme Quiz, and bring you the latest from the world of…
04: Pepper On A Loaf Of Bread
Sep 3, 2018 • 91 min
Mat explains his theory of idiots, Dan reveals the real names of celebrities, Kris delivers the man on the street’s opinion of Nic Cage’s Mandy, Stu goes against every instinct in his body and reviews a healthy snack, and we play a movie quotes quiz….
03: Please Tell Me That Is Not Your Penis!
Aug 13, 2018 • 59 min
In this episode Dan and Mat uncover a Shortland Street actor’s flourishing career, gush about the new Nic Cage movie Mandy with Kris, Stu taste tests a new take on an old classic, and Mat administers a blistering Sh*t List. Come say hi on the socials:…
02: The Mayor Of Car City
Jul 23, 2018 • 60 min
What do Dan and Mat think of the latest Elon Musk saga? What does Kris reckon about the Nic Cage classic Drive Angry? How will Stu score Tyrell’s Mature Cheddar Crisps? And we find out it took 2 episodes for Dan and Mat to sell out and get…
01: Testing, Testing, This Thing On?
Jul 10, 2018 • 48 min
NOTE TO NEW LISTENERS: Welcome! This is our pilot episode. If you’re a new listener, we recommend starting with Episode 2 to give you a better idea of the format of the show. Enjoy! In our very first episode Mat and Dan reminisce about how they met,…