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TrainingPeaks CoachCast
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22: Optimizing Physiology with Stacy Sims
Jun 3 • 44 min
Dave sat down with Dr. Stacy Sims to discuss bad and outdated science that has led to one-size-fits-all training, how hormones affect training in performance in both men and women, and about resources that can help coaches and athletes get to the bottom…
21: Building Confidence with Nicole Adams
May 20 • 33 min
Dave sat down with Dr. Nicole Adams to discuss what coaches can do to build healthy confidence in athletes.
20: Endurance Elasticity with Alex Hutchinson
May 6 • 38 min
Dave sat down with Alex Hutchinson, New York Times best-selling author of Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance, to discuss his career and the findings in his new book.
19: Time-Crunched Athletes with Shayne Gaffney
Apr 22 • 33 min
Coach Shayne Gaffney explores his approach to maximizing his athletes’ time while training, even if that means taking some time off.
18: The Infinite Game with Richard Thompson
Apr 8 • 28 min
Dave Schell sat down with Richard Thompson to discuss how he found his “why”, how he approaches hiring new coaches, and how viewing coaching as an “infinite game” has helped him see past short-term wins and benefit his athletes.
17: Hydration Strategy with Andy Blow
Mar 25 • 23 min
Dave sat down with Andy Blow, co-founder of Precision Hydration, to discuss his journey as an athlete and sports scientist to build more effective hydration supplements and plans.
16: Smart Strength with Jess Elliot
Mar 11 • 57 min
Dave Schell sat down with Strength and Conditioning Coach Jess Elliot to talk more about some of the biggest mistakes she sees endurance coaches and athletes making in the weight room.
15: Efficient Coaching with Tim Ballintine
Feb 26 • 43 min
Dave sat down with Coach Tim Ballintine to discuss how he organizes his business, personal life, and training to maximize his effectiveness.
14: The Science of Recovery with Christie Aschwanden
Feb 13 • 35 min
Dave Schell sat down Christie Aschwanden, author and lead science writer for FiveThirtyEight, to discuss her new book, Good to Go: What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn from the Strange Science of Recovery.
13: Heart Rate Variability with Simon Wegerif
Jan 28 • 18 min
Dave sits down with researcher Simon Wegerif to discuss heart rate variability, a precise and easily measured metric that may help reveal when the body is overstressed and likely unable to endure heavy training loads.
12: Brand Building with Jen Rulon
Jan 16 • 39 min
Dave sat down with triathlon coach, social media influencer, and business coach Jen Rulon to find out how she helps other coaches find their voice online while maintaining her own.
11: Nutrition Myth Busting with Asker Jeukendrup
Dec 31, 2018 • 26 min
Dave sat down with Asker Jeukendrup to get to the bottom of some of the most prevalent endurance sport nutrition trends. They discussed everything from how well ketogenic diets work to whether athletes should take salt pills to improve performance.
10: Secret Goals with Carrie Cheadle
Dec 18, 2018 • 30 min
Dave sat down with Mental Skills Coach Carrie Cheadle to learn more about the goal setting strategies she recommends coaches work on with their athletes.
9: Intelligent Intensity with Stephen Seiler
Dec 4, 2018 • 31 min
Dave Schell and Cody Stephenson sat down with renowned academic Stephen Seiler to discuss his research, how he applies it in his own training, and why you might be overcomplicating polarization.
8: Data Overload with Tim Cusick
Nov 13, 2018 • 36 min
Dave Schell sits down with WKO Product Lead Tim Cusick to explore how he thinks coaches should approach the relationship between data and coaching.
7: Coaching Conviction with Ben Day
Oct 30, 2018 • 41 min
Dave Schell sits down with Coach Ben Day to discuss how his experience as a professional cyclist has influenced the way he now leads other athletes.
6: Kona Race Day with Lance Watson
Oct 12, 2018 • 37 min
Dave discusses updated race conditions with Ryan Cooper, and then Lance Watson joins the discussion to share lessons from his 30+ years of triathlon coaching experience.
5: Kona Preparation with Simon Ward
Oct 5, 2018 • 36 min
Dave Schell discusses this year’s race conditions with BestBikeSplit Co-Founder Ryan Cooper, and then chats with Coach Simon Ward who has guided dozens of athletes to Kona over his coaching career.
4: Coaching Advice with Joe Friel
Sep 26, 2018 • 47 min
Dave Schell sits down with Joe Friel to discuss how the story of the Training Bible series and TrainingPeaks began, how endurance sports coaching has evolved since the 1980s, and advice Joe has for coaches.
3: Mental Toughness with Joanna Zeiger
Sep 19, 2018 • 36 min
Dave sits down with Joanna Zeiger, triathlete World Champion and Olympian, to discuss her journey as an athlete and how it inspired her to help other athletes reach their goals.
2: Coach Roundtable - New Athlete Experience
Sep 10, 2018 • 71 min
Dave Schell and Cody Stephenson sat down with Coaches Taylor Thomas and Andrew Simmons to discuss past experiences, common challenges, and tricks they have learned related to the new athlete experience.
1: Ryan Cooper and BestBikeSplit
Aug 24, 2018 • 54 min
Dave Schell talks with Ryan Cooper about how Best Bike Split came to be, how athletes and coaches can get the most out of the software, and other optimal strategies to use before and during a race.