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Madness Heart Radio
Each week Publishing Editor John Baltisberger speaks with or interviews someone involved with the Horror Industry. We’ll talk about telling scary stories, the fan base, and all manner of topics. Do you want an inside glimpse into the horror industry? L?

Joe Garcia: KillerCon Recap and Working in Horror
Aug 30 • 47 min
We discuss growing your business and how horror is one big family with Joe Garcia of Fast Custom Shirts
Zak Cowell: Tales from Devil’s Peak
Aug 24 • 45 min
Zak comes on Madness Heart Radio to discuss his new book Tales from Devil’s Peak. We discuss philosophy, mythology and creating geographical horror.
Kev Harrison - Corrupting Folk Stories for Fun and Profit
Aug 9 • 43 min
We discuss running, fishing and folk horror with author Kev Harrison
Chad Schimke: Firelit Horror for Charity
Aug 2 • 30 min
Chad and I discuss the release of charity horror anthology “Tales for the Campfire”
Lyn Stahl: Independent Business Mastermind
Jul 26 • 66 min
Lyn and I talk about being in business to yourself, and how to keep one’s head above water.
John Kachuba: Traveling Ghosts & Werewolves
Jul 20 • 56 min
GuestJohn Kachuba is the award-winning author of twelve books and numerous articles, short stories and poems. John holds advanced degrees in Creative Writing and teaches that subject through Ohio University and the Gotham Writers Workshop…
Charles Bernard: The Good Works of Satanists
Jul 13 • 47 min
Charles Bernard, the Salt City Sinner and I discuss horror, the Church of Satan, and tasty food.
Jeremy Megargee: Short Story Wizard
Jul 6 • 47 min
Jeremy Megargee talks short stories, horror tropes, pitches a new ghost movie with Madness Heart Radio.
Dustin McKissen, Serial Killers and Being the Best Vampire
Jun 29 • 63 min
Dustin McKissen, author and influencer, talks stories, killers and raising a family with Madness Heart Radio.
Angela Yuriko Smith: The Bitter Suites
Jun 22 • 53 min
GuestAngela is a HWA member who has been published in nearly every HWA poetry collection. She is the publisher of Time and Space Magazine and is currently in the running for a Stoker Award for her book The Bitter Suites,
DLW: The First Shred
Jun 14 • 47 min
An interview with author DLW on her Shredded series of novellas.
Paul Lubaczewski: I Never Eat… Cheesesteak
Jun 8 • 45 min
GuestBefore deciding to take writing seriously Paul had done many things, printer, caving, the SCA, Brew-master, punk singer, music critic etc. Since then he has appeared in numerous science fiction, and horror magazines and anthologies. …
Steve Van Samson
May 31 • 57 min
We interview Steve Van Samson about his writing, music and most importantly Robert Howard
Seth Kallick: Butterfly Kisses (Part II)
May 24 • 57 min
Part II of our interview with the Crew and Cast of Butterfly Kisses.
Reed Alexander: In the Shadow of the Mountain
May 22 • 30 min
We discuss Reed’s two upcoming books from Madness Heart Press, In the Shadow of the Mountain, and an as of yet untitled serial project.
Erik Kristopher Myers: Butterfly Kisses (Part I)
May 17 • 58 min
Part I of our interviews with the Cast and Crew of Butterfly Kisses.
Jackie Sonnenberg: Nursery Rhymes
May 10 • 47 min
We interview author and cosplayer Jackie Sonnenberg
Bryan Nowak: Thrillers and The Reverent Dead
May 3 • 50 min
We interview author Bryan Nowak about his writing process, and how to navigate the waters of self publishing.
Lanie Goodell: Salvagium
Apr 26 • 53 min
An interview with author Lanie Goodell
Susan Snyder: Body Horror “Param”
Apr 24 • 42 min
An interview with Susan Snyder, HWA member, poet and author of Param from the Body Horror Anthology.
John Garland Wells: The Revelry of Lesser Saints
Apr 19 • 49 min
In this episode John and John discuss writing, philosophy and the body shaming of Catholicism.
Loren Rhoads: Tales for the Campfire
Apr 17 • 37 min
John & Loren chat about charity, Ashton Clark Smith and the act of creating a great horror anthology.
Brian Asman: I’m Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today
Apr 12 • 49 min
An Interview with Brian Asman Author of ‘I’m Not Even Suppose to be Here Today”
Reed Alexander: Pranks
Apr 1 • 37 min
The best scary pranks?
Reed Alexander: ‘Us’ and Nostalgia
Mar 29 • 45 min
We discuss ‘Us’, Jordan Peele, Fan Boys, Nostalgia and of course make some great recommendations.