Shine Strong

Shine Strong
We are women who do hard things. We aren’t afraid to do what’s difficult — in fact, we make difficult normal. We’re leaders; we’re entrepreneurs, employees, stay at home moms and working women…We needed a hero, so that’s what we became.If yo

Lead Gen + Marketing | Sales + Marketing Miniseries FINAL DAY!
Nov 8 • 68 min
Learn everything there is to know about sales + marketing in this miniseries
Pitching | Sales + Marketing Miniseries
Nov 7 • 53 min
Learn everything there is to know about sales + marketing in this miniseries
Attracting New Clients | Sales + Marketing Miniseries
Nov 6 • 40 min
Learn everything there is to know about sales + marketing in this miniseries
Finding New Clients | Sales + Marketing Miniseries
Nov 5 • 41 min
Learn everything there is to know about sales + marketing in this miniseries
Mindset | Sales + Marketing Miniseries
Nov 4 • 35 min
Learn everything there is to know about sales + marketing in this miniseries
Courage to Quit | Hayley shares insights about choosing life goals over her startup-business goals.
Oct 28 • 38 min
Listen to Hayley Nivelle speak about her decision to break free from her tech startup, allowing her to pursue her true passion.
Building a business with LOVE as the key ingredient | Erin Williams, Erin’s Faces Founder
Oct 21 • 56 min
Erin Williams recounts to us her journey through life, and what motivated her to establish and maintain the company we know today- Erin’s Faces.
Expats, Entrepreneurs + Your ONE Best Idea | Amy Hayes, GC Studio
Oct 14 • 54 min
Amy Hayes talks about the similarities to being an expat & an entrepreneur — and also shares her tips on how to focus in on your one best idea.
Turning Adversity into Opportunity | Lisa Bradley, owner of R.Riveter bags, transformed her military spouse challenges into massive opportunities.
Oct 7 • 35 min
Today’s episode is brought to you by Go Squared Away. Want your very own personal assistant? Go Squared Away is a team of Military spouses who keep you (and your biz) covered on everything from bookkeeping to…
Taking responsibility for Your Life | Sean Croxton
Sep 30 • 51 min
You are in control of the type of life you live. Sean talks about how to change your mindset and live a live you take full responsibility for.
Becoming Aware | The first two stages in the “What Do I Want” series
Sep 26 • 25 min
You’ve become aware that your life isn’t what you want, and you’re ready to take responsibility for creating the life you want. But…how?
Everything Branding [including the hard truths you should know] | Claire Harvey
Sep 23 • 59 min
Claire shares tips on branding, explains her process, and talks openly about the realities of owning a biz.
Community is caring about the people you’re serving | Miranda Alcaraz
Sep 16 • 56 min
Miranda talks about being an entrepreneur in the fitness world, and how important consistency is to getting results.
Enthusiasm, Mindset, + Growing your Biz | Krista Mashore
Sep 9 • 38 min
How to grow your business with enthusiasm and hard work
Grit + Owning a Biz | Leslie spills on owning the most popular doughnut in NYC
Sep 2 • 48 min
If you bought into the lie that owning your own biz would be all laptops in Bali, think again. BUT, Leslie shares all sorts of insights on how to do it well.
You’re Allergic to Facebook Ads | BONUS episode with Leah LeRae
Aug 29 • 40 min
You might not know it yet, but you’re allergic to facebook ads. Here’s what to do about your diagnosis!
Shoulders Back, Head Up, YOU GOT THIS | Rachael USA Volleyball
Aug 26 • 37 min
Rachael had to blast through the same mental limitations that you do. She had it so bad that she actually started a business about it.
Selling with Confidence | Business without Boundaries interviews Leah LeRae
Aug 22 • 44 min
Leah shares her expertise about selling with confidence, even if you’re scared shitless to sell your own services.
Questioning Everything | Shelly Pordea
Aug 19 • 56 min
Have you began your journey of figuring out who you are and what you want— only to have the horrifying realization that — you aren’t sure if you believe anything anymore?
Loving your dream job AND your side hustle [from an HR expert] with Madeline Mann, The Self Made Millennial
Aug 12 • 37 min
A life well lived includes so many things; but a job you love, hobbies you adore, and time spent with those you love are things that top most people’s lists.
Mindfulness in Negotiation | Erin Gleason, Take Charge Negotiate
Aug 5 • 54 min
Women tend to shy away from negotiation, but all we need is proper training and we’ll be standing in our negotiation Power.
Life is a flow | Sean Croxton
Jul 29 • 41 min
“Your downs are never permanent unless you allow them to be” - Sean Croxton (don’t miss the end of this episode!!)Check out Sean’s new video about self-sabotage!Conne…
Answering the question: What do I want?
Jul 22 • 67 min
How to figure out the answer to: What Do I Want?
From refugee to Shark Tank to exit; and everything in between | Donna Khalife
Jul 22 • 85 min
Donna opens up about everything from being a refugee, to Harvard school, launching Surprise Ride, and having a successful exit.
Be a Confident Buyer [don’t get sold]
Jul 18 • 41 min
We all know the feeling after buying something we knew we didn’t need [or want] — and I am totally against that crap. I’ll teach you all the tricks to become a confident buyer instead of getting sold.
Pat Flynn on Gratitude, Failure, & Superfans.
Jul 15 • 39 min
Pat Flynn’s take on gratitude in business, lessons from his failures, and his new book: Superfans
Season 2 Trailer
Jul 14 • 12 min
Season 2 on Shine Strong is finally here!
The best advice from my mentor | Christine Paris shares all the expertise she’s learned throughout her career.
Jul 8 • 40 min
Christine Paris shares all the expertise she’s learned throughout her career.
That’s a Wrap! | Leah’s Takeaways from Season 1
Jul 1 • 62 min
Leah LeRae talks about her favorite episodes, key takeaways, and shares the lessons she’s learned along the way.
Please don’t say, “Just Relax” | Nathalie Carpenter
Jun 24 • 45 min
Nathalie talks about what to say, what not to say, and shares all the ins and outs [in]fertility to help educate those of us who want to know how to support our loved ones.
Meditation for Movers & Shakers | Maya Kumits shares her story & secret to meditation.
Jun 17 • 34 min
Maya Kumits shares her story & secret to meditation for people who are too busy to meditate.
Legal details you need to know for your biz | Wendy Heilbut
Jun 10 • 37 min
Wendy shares legal tips and advice for early stage businesses.
The woman who “does it all” [imperfectly] | Jennifer DaSilva
Jun 3 • 37 min
Jennifer DaSilva shares her advertising expertise, her passion for women led brands, and shares her honest perspective about leadership.
Quitting a Successful Career | Natasha Gonzalez + DoozyPro
May 27 • 46 min
Natasha shares her story of quitting a successful career + how she re-identified what success is
How to get your business Press Ready | Liz + Suki talk all things PR for early stage business
May 20 • 32 min
Liz + Suki, founders of Press Ready, talk all things PR for early stage business
Never a perfect time to start a business | Rana Lustyan + Edoughble
May 13 • 47 min
Rana bares all about launching Edoughble; the FIRST (and best) edible cookie dough.
Intuitive Eating | Soshy teaches us how to have a healthy relationship with all food, even sugar!
May 6 • 43 min
Soshy Adelstein shares her story and how it led her to teach women all over the world about intuitive eating.
Waxx Happy | Shannon Beekman opens up about starting Urban Waxx, leadership advice, hiring tips, and more.
Apr 29 • 35 min
Shannon Beekman opens up about starting Urban Waxx, leadership advice, hiring tips, and more.
Teaching Kindness to Children | Cara shares her expertise, talks about her not-so-straight journey that brought her here.
Apr 22 • 27 min
Cara gives us tips on how to help our children understand their emotions, and use them to show kindness to themselves and others.
Power in Connection | Aileen shares her story which led her to The Emery, a Womens co-working space in Miami
Apr 15 • 36 min
Aileen talks about starting her co-working space business, the importance of connection, how she “does it all”, and shares how she built her community.
Wellness, Yoga, Meditation | Daniele Gates, Yinsa Yoga
Apr 8 • 38 min
Daniele teaches us about Ayurvedic Wellness, tells us about her business launching story, and leads us through a meditation.
Expertise from a Mama-Preneur-Fashion Queen | Penny Goffman, Jolie Gotique | Ep 33
Apr 1 • 38 min
There really isn’t a “best time” to start a business — especially if you’re a mom. Join us as we hear about Penny’s journey of launching her mobile boutique, her tips for other business owners out there, her story, fashion tips, and SO MUCH MORE.
Abusive Relationships | Sr. Therapist, Hannah Lindsey | Ep 32
Mar 25 • 36 min
Many women find themselves in abusive relationships, but somehow feel trapped. When there are no bruises as proof, it can make women feel crazy to claim something is wrong. Lindsey shines light on this cycle, provides tools to help find clarity, and…
What do you do when your dreams shatter? Surf. | Mi Ola founder, Helena Fogarty Ep 31
Mar 18 • 48 min
Helena’s dreams were shattered, so she picked up her surf board and started a new life.
Body After Baby | How Natalie made it her mission to help other mamas rebuild their body after babies. Ep 30
Mar 11 • 37 min
How Natalie made it her mission to help other mamas rebuild their body after babies.
Leadership | Christine Walsh shares her success story of purchasing a company in an industry she knew nothing about. Ep 29
Mar 4 • 47 min
Get your tickets to Cake & Whiskey in Baltimore, March 7 from 6-8pm.
Sales Tips from my Favorite Sales Expert | Michelle Davis | Ep 28
Feb 25 • 37 min
Michelle Davis shares tips on being more effective at selling, leading a sales team, and gives us tips to balance travel and family.
Pediatrician / Mom Expertise | Alison Mitzner shares her expertise to answer the big questions about pregnancy, new moms, and kids health | Ep 27
Feb 18 • 34 min
Alison Mitzner shares her expertise to answer the big questions about pregnancy, new moms, and kids health.
Positively Perfect Gifting | Courtney shares about launching the curated gift box company, Juju Be Gone | Ep 26
Feb 11 • 34 min
Courtney shares her journey of launching Jujubegone, why she did it, and how amazing her products really are.
Writing Killer Copy | Marisa Corcoran shares her story & secrets for writing copy that converts | Ep 25
Feb 4 • 45 min
Writing is not going out of style — and it’s time you learned how to write kick ass copy. Listen in to learn from Marisa!
Declutter For Life | Cassidy shares her journey to the KonMari method and starting The Felt House | Ep 24
Jan 28 • 38 min
Cassidy shares her journey from a New York City executive to chasing wildly after her dreams as a suburban entrepreneur, helping her clients through the KonMari method of organizing.
Harnessing Your Purpose | Nicole Ep 23
Jan 21 • 46 min
Nicole shares her journey toward finding her purpose as her energy and positivity oozes through your speakers. You’ll be motivated to uncover your true purpose after listening!
BONUS EPISODE | Getting Unstuck with Leah LeRae | Ep 22
Jan 17 • 21 min
Leah LeRae shares her tips and experience on getting unstuck in your career, personal life, or business.
Make It A Great Day | Mieka shares how positivity can impact your career and your life. Ep 21
Jan 14 • 44 min
Mieka shares how positivity can impact your career and gives us tips to put it into practice.
Starting First | Olenka teaches us how to dive right in to find your inner Passionista | Ep 20
Jan 7 • 40 min
Olenka shares her journey as an entrepreneur and helps the listeners to discover their inner Passionista!
Dieting is Nasty | How to find peace with food forever | Kristen Poczulp Ep. 19
Dec 31, 2018 • 44 min
Join Kristen and Leah’s conversation about letting go of your unhealthy relationship with food and embracing the freedom over your body you’ve never experienced before.
Building Community | KaLea shares insight as a driven Special Operations (military) spouse | Ep 18
Dec 24, 2018 • 46 min
KaLea shares insight into a SOF spouses life and how she is using her skillset to build community across a great divide.
Achieving Your Goals | Holly shares her vulnerable experience of chasing her dreams | Ep 17
Dec 17, 2018 • 35 min
Holly shares her journey of chasing her dreams, finding a mentor, and the reality that nothing can be done perfectly.
Deprogramming Yourself with Elena | Ep. 16
Dec 10, 2018 • 37 min
Elena guides the listeners through the benefits of deprogramming your limiting beliefs and more!
Become extraordinary | Rachel’s journey in entrepreneurship, leadership and the Ironman. Ep 15
Dec 3, 2018 • 35 min
Rachel leads us on the journey toward her success in business, health, motherhood and more in a humbling and motivating manner.
life coach. connection. postpartum depression. | Amy S | Ep. 14
Nov 26, 2018 • 31 min
Amy shares how life coaching can empower women and set them free to live their lives purpose, she also dives into her battle with postpartum depression, and we finish with our love for the Enneagram!
Christine | people. mentoring. cultivating discomfort. Ep. 13
Nov 19, 2018 • 38 min
Christine reflects on 27 years in business to provide tangible career advice anyone can implement immediately.
Amanda | Overcoming Loss. Female Officer. Ultra Running Ep.12
Nov 11, 2018 • 40 min
Amanda shares her experiences as a military professional, tips on how to overcome loss, ultra running, and more!
Kendra | Writing and Publishing Non-FIction tips. The Power of Connection. Ep11
Nov 4, 2018 • 47 min
Kendra’s tips for writing a non-fiction book, managing a blog, connecting with your neighbor, with vulnerable stories sprinkled in!
Colleen | LinkedIn. business. personal brand. Ep. 10
Oct 28, 2018 • 47 min
A business women’s advice on growing your personal brand, building a business, and leading well.
Jen | fitness. nutrition. entrepreneur. Ep. 9
Oct 22, 2018 • 45 min
Expert advice from an experienced fitness trainer and nutritionist on running your own practice.
Ellie | connection. infertility. beauty. Ep. 8
Oct 15, 2018 • 30 min
Ellie takes you on her journey on human connection, anticipation, and infertility with absolute joy in the journey.
Nicole | communication. change. mentors. Ep. 7
Oct 7, 2018 • 39 min
Nicole’s advice on communicating in a way that fosters change and serves leaders well.
Amy | strategy. leadership. motherhood. Ep. 6
Sep 30, 2018 • 46 min
Amy shares her extensive knowledge in business strategy, motherhood, leadership and founding her own businesses.
Theresa | functional medicine. chiropractic. birthfit. Ep. 5
Sep 24, 2018 • 48 min
Dr. Theresa Osmer shares her experience as a functional medicine practitioner, chiropractor, and BirthFit professional.
Liz | entrepreneur. fashion. grit. Ep. 4
Sep 17, 2018 • 40 min
Liz’s shares her experience as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry as a boutique owner.
Jess | honesty. photography. entrepreneur. Ep. 3
Sep 10, 2018 • 38 min
Jess opens up about the importance of being honest, shares tips and tricks on photography, and gets real about entrepreneurship
Katie | ceo. personal growth. purpose. Ep. 2
Sep 3, 2018 • 35 min
Katie Smith, CEO of PHC Restoration mentors us on being a CEO, finding purpose, and personal growth.
Shine Strong Trailer Ep 1
Aug 30, 2018 • 4 min
Why Shine Strong is here and what you can expect!