The Courier Sports Corner

The Courier Sports Corner
High school sports in Montgomery County, TX
Last Year’s Gifts
Dec 11 • 42 min
On this week’s podcast, we reflect on the many gifts given to us from the schools in Montgomery County. The year in review begins with Class 6A (plays from 1:55-12:57), then goes to Class 5A (12:57-32:17). After Class 4A, independent and private…
Wrapping Up Football Season
Dec 4 • 39 min
This week’ podcast begins with a wrap up of the Montgomery County football season (plays from 2:00-20:54). Basketball talk includes district and tournament play (20:54-32:20). After top performers (32:20-34:02) and where we’ll be (34:02-36:04),…
Round Two Roundup and District Hoops
Nov 27 • 36 min
On this week’s podcast, there is just one Montgomery County football team still alive in the postseason (plays from 1:55-19:12). After football, we dive into basketball, where two girls districts are already starting play (19:12-27:39). Top…
Football, Hoops and Being Thankful
Nov 20 • 44 min
This week’s podcast recaps the first round of the football playoffs and looks ahead to round two (plays from 2:09-24:26). The basketball season is young, but we react to what we’ve seen (24:26-32:15). The podcast wraps with top performers…
Nov 13 • 44 min
This week’s podcast is heavy on football playoff talk (plays from 1:11-29:54). A wrap on the volleyball season (29:54-36:49) is followed by top performers (36:49-39:09), where we’ll be this week (39:09-40:42) and shoutouts (40:42-end).
Boys Hoops Season Preview
Nov 9 • 47 min
It’s another two podcast week! Jon, Rob and Justin look at the Montgomery County boys basketball season with previews of Class 6A (plays from 1:23-9:29), Class 5A (9:29-27:03), Class 4A (27:03-29:12) and the private and independent schools…
Volleyball Regional & Football Playoff Picture
Nov 7 • 38 min
Jason, Justin and Rob start this week’s podcast with a look at the volleyball playoffs (1:04-9:21). It’s Week 11 of football and there are still playoff sports up for grabs (9:21-25:43). Jason and Rob recap their trip to Round Rock to cover state…
Girls Hoops Season Preview
Nov 1 • 32 min
As the title suggests, this podcast previews the girls basketball season in Montgomery County. Jon, Rob and Justin go through Class 6A (plays from 1:22-6:51), 5A (6:51-19:19), 4A (19:19-21:22) and the private and independent schools (21:22-24:24). The…
Is Candy Corn Good and Volleyball Playoffs
Oct 30 • 29 min
This week’s podcast begins with a brief debate about whether candy corn is good. Then, a look at the volleyball playoffs (plays from 1:09-8:37) is followed by football talk (8:37 -20:36). After top performers (20:36-22:21), we say where we’ll be…
Volleyball Playoff Preview
Oct 23 • 45 min
This week’s podcast begins with a volleyball postseason preview (plays from 0:48-17:33), which is followed by a look at the local football scene (17:33-33:42). After a regional cross country recap (33:42-38:22), top performers (38:22-41:01) and…
The Playoff Picture
Oct 16 • 49 min
Photojournalist extraordinaire Jason Fochtman moves up the podcast depth chart to replace Jon (plays from 0:00-1:39). Justin, Rob and Jason discuss the county’s football playoff picture (1:39-26:26), then move into volleyball playoff picture talk…
Midseason Football Superlatives
Oct 9 • 39 min
On this week’s episode, Justin, Jon and Rob discuss superlative nominees at the midway point of the football season (plays from 1:50-25:36). There are some very big volleyball matches on #KeyMatchupTuesday (25:36-31:18). Top performers (31:19-32:44)…
Diving into Districts
Oct 2 • 34 min
This week, the podcast begins with county-wide football talk after Class 5A’s first week in district play (plays from 1:26-17:03). Some volleyball district races are clearer than others (17:03-23:36). After top performers (23:37-25:37), Jon, Rob and…
Midseason Volleyball Superlatives
Sep 25 • 49 min
This week, a midseason volleyball review with superlative talk is the lead (plays from 0:48-25:48). Week 4 football follows (25:48-32:43), then top performers (32:43-36:04) and where we’ll be this week (36:04-40:20) wrap up the local segments….
Week 3 Football District Volleyball
Sep 18 • 36 min
This week, Jon returns from his honeymoon to join Justin and Rob. The podcast kicks off with a recap of Week 3 football (1:09-12:49). District volleyball standings, particularly in Class 6A, are taking shape (12:49-21:05). Top performers (21:05-23:15)…
Week 2 Football and District Volleyball
Sep 11 • 31 min
This week, Justin and Rob co-host while Jon’s on his honeymoon (plays from 0:00-2:40). There’s a recap of Week 2 football, with some help from Jon (2:40-14:45). There were multiple key local volleyball matches last week, too (14:45-20:00). The top…
Week 1 Football/District Volleyball
Sep 4 • 35 min
This week’s episode begins with the Tweet of the Week, which quickly turns into our predictions for the NFL season (plays from 0:40-12:52). From there, Justin, Jon and Rob recap Week 1 of the Texas high school football season (12:52-23:04). After…
CSC Football Preview Part II
Aug 28 • 61 min
This week’s premiere episode of CSC — The Courier Sports Corner — begins with an ethics debate about the pumpkin-flavored drinks (plays from 0:59-3:23). Part II of the football season preview follows with District 8-5A, Division I (3:23-23:15),…
Trailer: There’s a new podcast in town
Aug 28 • 2 min
The Courier Sports Corner is a weekly podcast that features talk on the Montgomery County (TX) high school sports scene. As you’ll hear in the trailer, the topics of discussion often vary. The tweet of the week takes a look at current events, while…