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008: Ask Dr. Gundry: Olive oil, pigs & more
Oct 15
You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Dr Gundry’s here to answer all of your burning questions - whether you want to know the TRUTH about olive oil, groundbreaking longevity secrets, or simply the best way to live a long, healthy life.
007: “NY Nightclub King” turned philanthropist l Scott Harrison
Oct 8 • 49 min
Scott Harrison sit down with Dr. Gundry to chat about Charity:Water. Scott’s groundbreaking charity has turned the nonprofit world on its head. And it’s never been more important - because even with all our modern technology, over 633 million people…
006: The Truth About Calorie Restriction l Dr. Valter Longo
Oct 1 • 26 min
Valter Longo, a Longevity expert, and Dr. Gundry sit down to uncover the truth about the optimal diet for longevity. Keep listening to learn about the longevity “light switch” your genes might be missing, the true impact of sugar on your diet, and some…
005: Alzheimer’s should be a RARE disease I Dr. Dale Bredesen
Sep 24 • 49 min
Dr. Dale Bredesen shares his research and stories of Alzheimers patients who have seen an improvement in memory overtime.
004: What leads to dementia? One man’s quest for answers
Sep 17 • 37 min
Max Lugavere, the Author of New York Times Best Selling book Genius Foods, shares his personal story about how his mother’s dementia diagnosis changed his life and lead him to drastically change careers. After years of research he learned that the…
003: Lead Psychiatrist shares “The secret to “brain growth”
Sep 10 • 44 min
NY Times Best Selling Author Dr. Dan Siegel joins Dr. Steven Gundry to share how meditation changed his life. His new book “Aware” unlocks “the science and practice of presence.”
002: How to become a fat-burner: Keto v. Plant Paradox
Sep 3 • 41 min
What’s the best diet for fat burning? Well, different doctors believe different things, which is why today we’re exploring how to become a fat burner. We’ll compare Dr. Gundry’s plant paradox diet with Dr. Will Cole’s Keto Diet variation -…
001: “I felt like a new person!” Why going grain-free matters
Aug 28
Go on a journey with Dr. Gundry as fashion model turned “grain free” food author Annabelle shares her experience and the new ways to treat herself through diet changes alone.
000: Introducing The Dr. Gundry Podcast
Aug 28 • 6 min
Welcome to The Dr. Gundry Podcast! If, like me, you’ve ever felt out of control when it comes to your health. If you’ve felt sad, sluggish or like you’re in a fog, I get it. You may have tried numerous “health” fads, but found they didn’t work for you.…