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016: The 1 food ALL menopausal women should eat daily
Dec 9 • 26 min
Dr. Gundry explores the connection between modern diet, hormones, and the changing nature of menopause - it’s something every woman on earth will go through - and the truth about Menopause will SHOCK you.
015: A day in the life of a “fat burner” | Dr. James DiNicolantonio
Dec 3 • 40 min
Ketogenic diet, vegan diet, paleo diet… we all know the success stories, but what we don’t often hear about the failures. This episode Dr. Steven Gundry explores the difference between good fats, bad fats, what’s best for you brain and your waistline.
014: How To: healthy holiday substitutes for plant paradox followers
Nov 26 • 33 min
Looking for a way to adapt your holiday recipes to be “plant paradox” compliant? Dr. Steven Gundry sits down with his “head chef” and recipe developer Kate Holtzhauer to share the quick and easy tips to keep you and your loved ones healthy through the…
013: This new way of stretching could extend your life | Sita Hagenburg
Nov 19
Dr. Gundry interviews Sita Hagenburg and John Kelly from the Bendable Body Method, a program that has “re-invented stretching” by helping their clients to achieve a lasting flexible physique through targeting the mind, body and soul.
012: Sustainable food in an underwater ranch?
Nov 13 • 43 min
Dr. Steven Gundry sits down with Phil Cruver, serial entrepreneur and Founder/ CEO of Catalina Sea Ranch, a 100-acre sea estate that produces sustainably-raised mussels.
011: Are we addicted to chemicals in soil? l Eugenia Bone
Nov 5 • 45 min
Nature and food author, Eugenia Bone and Dr. Gundry talk about the importance of microbes (aka gut bugs.) Microbiology is the science of life, and yet most people don’t have the chops to understand what is being discovered and reported on. Fifty percent…
010: Are you smarter than a plant? | Monica Gagliano PhD
Oct 28 • 40 min
Biologist Monica Gagliano and Dr. Gundry sit down to get to the bottom of plant intelligence, plant memory, and Monica’s new book, which she says “may freak some people out” simply because of the exciting plant wisdom she uncovers.
009: Ask Dr. Gundry: children, nursing moms and ketchup substitute
Oct 22 • 31 min
In this weeks episode, Dr. Gundry’s continues answering your questions. So, if want to know about whether or not children should be on the Plant Paradox program, his recommendations for pregnant and nursing moms and a brilliant substitute for ketchup tune…
008: Ask Dr. Gundry: Olive oil, pigs & more
Oct 15
You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Dr Gundry’s here to answer all of your burning questions - whether you want to know the TRUTH about olive oil, groundbreaking longevity secrets, or simply the best way to live a long, healthy life.
007: “NY Nightclub King” turned philanthropist l Scott Harrison
Oct 8 • 49 min
Scott Harrison sit down with Dr. Gundry to chat about Charity:Water. Scott’s groundbreaking charity has turned the nonprofit world on its head. And it’s never been more important - because even with all our modern technology, over 633 million people…