The Wit & Delight Podcast

The Wit & Delight Podcast
The Wit & Delight Podcast is hosted by founder Kate Arends. Each week we discuss where life and style intersect and how the choices we make (both big and small) can help us find empowerment, self-discovery, and beauty in unexpected places.

50 Ways to Spend a Mental Health Day
Aug 12 • 19 min
How to make the most of a day off.
Why Is It Not Enough?
Aug 9 • 7 min
We’re more than the things we check off in a day; more than what our job title speaks; more than what our social media profiles say about what and who we love.
Morning Rituals
Jul 26 • 13 min
Five ways to establish a new morning ritual that will change your entire day. And none of them include going to the gym before the sun comes up!
Productivity Tools
Jul 19 • 12 min
Lesson from a recovering perfectionist: Your to-do list shouldn’t control your life.For years, I fought the never-ending, uphill battle of checking items off a list that never grew smaller. I stayed up late crossing off tasks, combing through…
Better Sleep Habits
Jul 11 • 15 min
How to build healthy sleep habits
7 Tips for Starting Your Own Cookbook Club
Jul 5 • 16 min
How to host a cookbook club that everyone loves!
If You Worry A Lot, This Episode Is For You
Jun 20 • 13 min
Today I’m breaking down the small ways I’m reprogramming my relationship between my body and brain to heal.
Ask Kate Anything — Part 1
Jun 11 • 14 min
Kate answers questions about how she started Wit & Delight, how to work past creative blocks, and the role creativity plays in her businesses.
How To Handle Criticism and Turn It Into Your Secret Weapon for Success
Jun 4 • 12 min
Critics getting you down? There might be a way to grow from hearing the hard truth.
The Gift and Curse of High Expectations
May 30 • 11 min
How high expectations can be both necessary and at times, our downfall.
You Asked: How Do I Prioritize and Schedule My Time?
Apr 11 • 22 min
In this episode, I’m walking you through all of the ways I’ve learned to maximize my days through ruthless prioritization, time blocking, and managing distractions.
It’s Harder to Focus These Days And No, It’s Not Your Fault
Apr 9 • 21 min
This episode explores why our brains are having such a hard time keeping us on task in this digital age and what we can do about it.
How Losing Everything I Owned Changed My Relationship with “Things”
Apr 1 • 42 min
If you lost everything you own, how would you rebuild your life?
How We Met: Joe and Kate’s “Meet Cute”
Mar 25 • 30 min
What can first dates can tell us about the future of a relationship?
The Surprising Truths I Learned After Turning 35
Mar 20 • 17 min
The journey of accepting the process of aging (and eventually finding empowerment in it) starts with changing your relationship with reality.
How To Change Your Career at 30, 40, 50— and Beyond
Mar 7 • 28 min
How to work through mental road blocks, setting expectations and intentions, and defining success while embarking on a career change.
What To Expect When You’re Renovating with Joe and Kate
Mar 4 • 21 min
Ever wonder what it is like to live in an influencers home? We discuss what it is like from Joe’s perspective.
Introducing Our March Theme: The Age-Old Age Issue
Mar 1 • 6 min
Let’s talk about ways we can write a more positive narrative around aging.
Dealing with Depression on No Good, Very Bad Days
Feb 22 • 15 min
This is what living with depression looks like without letting it run your life.
Two Sides To Every Story: Joe and Kate on Parenthood
Feb 14 • 47 min
There are always two sides to every story, and more often than not, you’ve only heard my side. But what about the other half?