The Jenni Catron Leadership Podcast

The Jenni Catron Leadership Podcast
Being overwhelmed creates anxiety and paralyzes our growth. We can be overwhelmed in seasons of growth and seasons of struggle. Jenni and the 4Sight team want to help you manage today for a better tomorrow. Join Jenni as she interviews leaders from all…

7 Ways to Develop a Winning Culture
Oct 20 • 26 min
When our teams are under pressure, what emerges is what’s most true. Our true motivations, values and culture are evident when we face challenges because no one has margin or energy to give to diplomacy and bureaucracy. Moments or seasons of difficulty…
Can You Be Trusted?
Oct 13 • 12 min
Of all the things that can enhance or detract from the health of your organization’s culture, trust is at the top of the list. When your team members trust each other and their leaders, the sky is the limit to what they can accomplish together. And when…
How to Create a Culture that Attracts and Retains Great People
Oct 6 • 14 min
An irresistible team culture engages and activates talented people. Whether they are employees or volunteers, people are drawn to environments where they feel connected and where they can contribute in meaningful ways. But environments like this don’t…
3 Ways Your Habits are Shaping Your Team
Sep 29 • 18 min
We all have habits in our lives that yield both positive and negative results. And the same is true about our organizations. And while habits are strong and sometimes difficult to change, they’re not holding us captive. When we, as leaders, investigate…
Getting Comfortable with Discomfort: An Interview with Alli Worthington
Sep 22 • 31 min
As leaders, we are all facing new challenges, unknowns and decisions that feel beyond our control. Sometime daily. There’s nothing comfortable about feeling out of control and uncertain. Especially when others are looking to you to lead the way through….
When Success Is a Moving Target: An Interview with Jamie Ivey
Sep 15 • 28 min
Have you ever felt like success is a moving target? You have vision for your life, you set goals and work diligently toward them, but ultimately, it seems that everyone else is getting ahead while the results you’re hoping for elude you. Listen in as…
How to Manage Leadership Anxiety: An Interview with Steve Cuss
Sep 8 • 40 min
Do you ever feel as if you’re working twice as hard for half the impact? That your capacity cannot keep up with the demands of leadership? All too common, these feelings contribute to leadership anxiety. This conversation between Jenni Catron and…
How to Prioritize for Greater Impact
Sep 1 • 27 min
As unpredictable as 2020 has been, one thing we can predict is how many hours there will be in each day. While we can’t control the number hours we have, we can control how we fill them. Our time truly is one of our greatest resources. In order to make…
How to Avoid Overwhelm When Things are Overwhelming: An Interview with Alan Briggs
Aug 25 • 31 min
In a season that is more draining, more overwhelming, and more demanding than many leaders have encountered, there is the occasional glimmer of hope in the form of good news. And some good news is this: burnout is NOT inevitable. You can take steps to…
Why Your WHY Matters: An Interview with Noel Yeatts
Aug 18 • 36 min
When your work is to respond to crisis around the world, what do you do when the SAME crisis is affecting the entire world at the SAME time? Even if the nature of your work is more localized, the impact of the global pandemic is undoubtedly part of your…
How to Build a Culture of Excellence: An Interview with Horst Schulze
Aug 11 • 62 min
Which words would you use to describe the culture of your team? Fast-paced, toxic, friendly, suspicious, focused? Does the word excellent make your list? Whether pursuit of excellence is a stated priority for you, there are few leaders who don’t want to…
Leading into a Greater Story: An Interview with Sam Collier
Aug 4 • 42 min
Perspective can change everything. If we focus on what we DON’T have, on the limits or scarcity that exists rather than on the possibilities and the resources that ARE available to us, we can fall into self-defeating patterns. When we lift our eyes to a…
How to Lead In the Face of Fear
Jul 28 • 18 min
In her book Feel the Fear…and Do It Anyway, Susan Jeffers shares 3 categories of fear: Level 1 includes fear of what happens to us or requires action from us, Level 2 involves fears that are inner states of mind like rejection or vulnerability, and…
How to Lead Through Change
Jul 21 • 14 min
Never has Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ notion that “Change is the only constant in life” felt more true than in 2020. And as leaders, we don’t simply have the option to navigate the immense changes we’re facing as individuals. We have the sacred…
Virtual Team, Incredible Culture: An Interview with Tricia Sciortino
Jul 14 • 43 min
The outset of the pandemic forced us all to be quick learners at a new work-from-home reality, but Tricia Sciortino and her team at Belay have been setting best practices for remote work for the last 10 years. Not only that, but their team culture is…
How to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities: An Interview with Brian Paradis
Jul 7 • 41 min
Because our current climate is defined by disruption and obstacles, our leadership is requiring new levels of innovation and imagination from us at every turn. In this episode, Jenni Catron speaks with author and consultant Brian Paradis about the power…
What Are You Waiting For? Tough Truths of Self Leadership
Jun 30 • 13 min
“Lead yourself well to lead others better.” If your goal is to be an exceptional leader, continued growth and improvement is core to your success. But who will prompt this ongoing development? Who will guide your leadership journey to new heights? Who’s…
Leading Strong: An Interview with Lisa Bevere
Jun 23 • 44 min
“You’re just too much.” If you’ve been on the receiving end of this statement or if you’ve been the one making this observation, then consider this your invitation to uncover and examine some important aspects of what true strength in leadership can…
Becoming a Self-Aware Leader: An Interview with Ian Morgan Cron
Jun 16 • 45 min
If self-awareness is one of the greatest predictors of success (and it is), then practical ways to develop self-awareness ought to be in every leader’s tool box. The Enneagram is an incredibly valuable tool for developing greater self-awareness. Jenni…
Leading from Your Knees: An Interview with Hal Donaldson
Jun 8 • 31 min
What is the foundation of a team that can quickly mobilize to meet needs and make a difference? What are the key components for leading faithfully while your organization is growing and changing? Learn this and so much more as you listen to this episode…
The One Thing that Just Became the Main Thing
Jun 2 • 19 min
How you lead in uncertainty is a greater reflection of your leadership ability than how you lead in the ordinary. The question is…how do you lead with clarity and confidence when that is the last thing you feel right now? The current climate we’re…
How to Keep Your Guests Coming Back: An Interview with Jason Young
May 26 • 36 min
None of us can make the life-changing impact we hope to make if we only interact with guests or customers once. We need engagement over time with them in order to garner influence. We MUST crack the code on how to keep them coming back. In this episode,…
How to Lead Intentionally: An Interview with Alli Worthington
May 19 • 37 min
Find clarity. Feel Confident. Fulfill Your Calling.Do you need a clear plan? Do you crave a network of like-minded individuals who understand the complexity of your leadership? Are you interested in practical tools to improve your life and leadership?…
How to Lead Toward Racial Healing: An Interview with Latasha Morrison
May 12 • 57 min
“Change begins with an honest conversation.” Anytime we want to learn, grow, develop or change as leaders, we must be honest with ourselves about what’s currently true. And when it comes to the growth we hope to see in building bridges racially, that…
To Pivot or To Innovate? An Interview with Les McKeown
May 5 • 56 min
How do we get clarity and confidence for leading through a climate we’ve never experienced before?We’ve never led in a moment like this. Now, perhaps more than ever, leadership requires wisdom. But how do we find it?James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks…
Called Out—An Interview with Paula Faris
Apr 28 • 42 min
As leaders, we are compelled by the vision we have to affect change. It’s weighty and valuable work. And with it comes the tendency and temptation to confuse our personal identity and purpose with the purposeful work we’re doing. Jenni Catron’s…
How to Keep Your Team Connected
Apr 21 • 20 min
Your team is either your greatest asset or greatest liability in crisis. Teams either become more unified or more divided when put under pressure. The good news is that, though there are many aspects of life we can’t control right now, this is within…
Achieve More Together—An Interview with Greg Holder
Apr 14 • 36 min
In the face of the current challenging climate, with the fears and limitations it creates, how can leaders call people toward hope and unity? 4Sight Founder and CEO Jenni Catron discusses these ideas and more with author and pastor Greg Holder in the…
How to Align your Team—An Interview with Jerry Hurley
Apr 7 • 46 min
We all know it’s true…a team that’s aligned around shared vision and values makes progress and achieves their goals. But how do we construct a culture that is clear enough to align around? This conversation between Jenni Catron and Life Church’s Jerry…
Leading with Realistic Hope: An Interview with Joshua Gagnon
Mar 31 • 39 min
When facing challenge, crisis and chaos, it’s a great responsibility for us as leaders to move forward in a way that both frames reality honestly AND presents hope for the future. In this conversation between Jenni Catron and Josh Gagnon, Pastor and…
Become a Vision-Driven Leader—An Interview with Michael Hyatt
Mar 24 • 34 min
“A leader without a vision is really not a leader,” Michael Hyatt tells our host Jenni Catron in this episode. In these days of unprecedented leadership challenges, the importance of providing a vision for the future is tantamount. Hyatt’s wisdom and…
When Crisis Hits—An Interview with Ashley Eicher
Mar 17 • 51 min
We say it here all the time: “You need foresight for success.” The leader’s ability to forecast and anticipate, with vision for the future is one of the most crucial skills we provide our teams. But what about when situations arise that could not be…
JCLP EP. 46—Leading in Chaos
Mar 10 • 26 min
The dictionary definition of chaos is “complete disorder and confusion.” Isn’t that what life feels like sometimes? Things don’t fall into place, outcomes don’t happen as expected, unknowns outweigh our certainties. And when you’re a leader, you’re not…
JCLP EP. 45—How to Own the Power of Vision
Mar 3 • 22 min
As leaders, we love vision—seeing clearly in our minds a picture of the peak we want to summit, the preferred future we want to create. It’s what propelled us to pursue the work we do. We love potential. Yet, sometimes we underestimate the power of our…
JCLP EP. 44—Leadership Legends: An Interview with Dan Reiland
Feb 25 • 25 min
True marks of humility include staying teachable and being willing to impart what you’ve learned to others. Our guest for this week’s episode embodies both of these qualities. 4Sight Founder and CEO Jenni Catron sits down with Dan Reiland, Executive…
JCLP EP. 43—Brave Leadership: An Interview with Dr. Sasha Shillcutt
Feb 18 • 39 min
It’s undeniable that leadership can be isolating. And the steps we must take to reach the balance of both leading well and pursuing belonging require a common characteristic: bravery. In our latest podcast episode, Jenni Catron interviews Dr. Sasha…
JCLP EP. 42—Leading with a Long View: An Interview with Lifepoint College Students
Feb 11 • 33 min
There’s nothing like the passion of a younger generation to rekindle our desire to lead well for the long haul. And there’s nothing like the perspective of someone in a different season of life to help us see things in new ways. In this episode, Jenni…
JCLP EP. 41—How to Create a Culture Guide: An Interview with Jennifer Martin
Feb 4 • 25 min
It really is too bad that those we lead aren’t mind readers, isn’t it? If they were, then they would just KNOW what to do and when. They’d know the nuances to how to pursue goals in ways that truly reflect not just what they should do but HOW they…
JCLP EP. 40—Ways to Infuse Culture: An Interview with Ashley Warren
Jan 28 • 41 min
Building an extraordinary team culture is NOT a one-and-done task. It requires consistent, intentional care. In an imminently practical conversation about how to infuse great team culture throughout seasons of an organization’s life, Jenni interviews…
JCLP EP. 39—3 Mindsets You Must Embrace to Make Culture Work
Jan 21 • 21 min
As leaders, there are times we have to think differently to lead better. There are some mindsets that we simply MUST embrace if we want the culture we’re leading toward to actually permeate the organization. And these mindsets involve getting honest…
JCLP EP. 38—Create the Culture You Want
Jan 14 • 20 min
As a leader, you likely have a vision for the kind of culture you want to create on your team. That visionary gift is part of what has gotten you where you are. The challenges can arise when you begin the work to implement what’s in your imagination….
JCLP Ep. 37—We Can’t Ignore the Culture Conversation
Jan 6 • 18 min
Everywhere you turn, the culture conversation seems to pop up. How do you attract great employees, enhance engagement, achieve your organizational goals while growing in collaboration and innovation? Great team culture goes far beyond what we say about…
JCLP EP. 36 Change Your Mind—Resist the Resistance
Dec 31, 2019 • 19 min
Many of us are resistant to change. It can be really difficult. AND it can be the pivotal moment that alters our future. There are certain critical moments that we, as leaders, have a chance to change our minds—to think differently in order to lead…
JCLP EP. 35 Change Your Mind—Perspective Shifts to take Your Leadership to the Next Level
Dec 24, 2019 • 20 min
There are certain critical moments that we, as leaders, have a chance to change our minds—to think differently in order to lead better. And when we do, the outcomes for those we lead are extraordinary. In this episode, our Founder and CEO Jenni Catron…
JCLP EP. 34 Change Your Mind—An Interview with Holly Moore
Dec 17, 2019 • 46 min
There are certain critical moments that we, as leaders, have a chance to change our minds—to think differently in order to lead better. And when we do, the outcomes for those we lead are extraordinary. In this episode, our Founder and CEO Jenni Catron…
JCLP Ep. 33 Change Your Mind—An Interview with Lindsey Epperly Sulek
Dec 10, 2019 • 43 min
There are certain critical moments that we, as leaders, have a chance to change our minds—to think differently in order to lead differently. And when we do, the outcomes for those we lead are extraordinary. In this episode, our Founder and CEO Jenni…
JCLP Ep. 32 What Getting Pneumonia & Seeing the Mr. Rogers Movie Taught me about Self-Leadership
Dec 3, 2019 • 20 min
Nobody likes to be faced with their own limitations. Particularly hard-working, self-starting leaders like you. So what do we do when life’s circumstances bring us up close and personal with the limits of our capacity? In this episode, Jenni Catron,…
JCLP Ep. 31 4 Ways to Lead Yourself
Nov 12, 2019 • 22 min
We all want to achieve success. And there are markers and indicators that will help us to do just that. One of the chief of those is whether or not we will take the responsibility of leading ourselves well in order to plant ourselves on the path toward…
JCLP Ep. 30 The Key to Leading Yourself
Nov 4, 2019 • 16 min
We all want to lead our teams well, to make a difference and to be successful in our endeavors. BUT, we’ve all found ourselves in moments where we feel stuck or in situations where we look back on our day, bewildered and frustrated, wondering why things…
JCLP Ep. 29 On Strategy—3 Questions to Ask to Create a Successful Strategy
Oct 28, 2019 • 15 min
We all have a vision for where we want to go, but making a plan for how to get there is another thing altogether. In this episode, 4Sight Founder and CEO Jenni Catron shares practical questions we can ask that help us build a successful strategy to…
JCLP Ep. 28 On Strategy—Featuring Pastor Tim Lucas
Oct 23, 2019 • 54 min
On Strategy—Featuring Tim Lucas Knowing those you lead, those you’re trying to reach and the cultural currents that affect them is crucial to successful leadership. Continuing our series on strategy, this episode features an conversation between our…
On Strategy—How Purpose is Foundational in Everything You Do
Oct 18, 2019 • 20 min
As leaders, we all want to see those we lead come together to accomplish a BIG mission. But we can, at times, get bogged down and become overwhelmed with the HOW. That’s where adopting an effective strategy comes into play. Before we can enact that…
On Strategy—Featuring Jeff Henderson
Oct 4, 2019 • 42 min
Jenni Interviews Jeff Henderson
Building An Extraordinary Team Culture
Oct 1, 2019 • 20 min
Jenni Talks Building An Extraordinary Team Culture
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Sep 17, 2019 • 48 min
Jenni Interviews Holly Tate
CULTURE - Jenni Interviews William Vanderbloemen
Sep 14, 2019 • 46 min
Jenni Interviews William Vanderbloemen
CULTURE - Jenni Catron on Why Culture Matters
Sep 6, 2019 • 23 min
Jenni on Culture
Brian Paradis Author of Lead With Imagination, CEO, Consultant, and Speaker
Jun 18, 2019 • 38 min
Jenni interviews Brian Paradis
Alli Worthington -
Jun 10, 2019 • 39 min
Jenni interviews Alli Worthington
Joey Furjanic
May 28, 2019 • 32 min
Jenni interviews Joey Furjanic
Dee Ann Turner
Apr 8, 2019 • 31 min
Jenni interviews Dee Ann Turner
Troy Pollock
Apr 3, 2019 • 33 min
Jenni Interviews Troy Pollock
Rich Birch - Author, Pastor, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host
Mar 25, 2019 • 34 min
Jenni interviews Rich Birch
Matt Brown - Evangelist, author, and founder of Think Eternity.
Mar 18, 2019 • 32 min
Jenni Interviews Matt Brown
Annie F Downs - Author, Speaker and Podcast Host
Feb 18, 2019 • 34 min
Jenni interviews Annie F. Downs
Dr. Randy Ross - Author, founder and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of Remarkable!
Feb 12, 2019 • 35 min
Jenni interviews Dr. Randy ross
Jenni Catron on Trust
Nov 29, 2018 • 15 min
Jenni talks about trust
Bobby Gruenewald - Founder of YouVersion
Nov 12, 2018 • 44 min
Jenni interviews Bobby Gruenewald on leadership, innovation, and making the bible digital.
Stephen Brewster - Creative Leadership
Oct 29, 2018 • 37 min
Jenni talks about creative leadership, culture, and understanding the weirdos.
Jenni Catron On Self Leadership
Oct 15, 2018 • 14 min
Jenni talks about self leadership
Jenni Catron On Culture
Oct 2, 2018 • 14 min
Culture is a driving force in any healthy organization. In this episode, Jenni unpacks one of her favorite subjects, how to make your culture it’s best!
Tyler Reagin - Author, President of Catalyst.
Sep 17, 2018 • 28 min
An interview with Tyler Reagin
Jo Saxton - Speaker, Author, Leadership Coach, Church Planter, Thought Leader
Sep 10, 2018 • 47 min
An interview with Jo Saxton
Jeanne Stevens - Soul City Church
Aug 23, 2018 • 39 min
Interview with Jeanne Stevens
An Intro From Jenni
Aug 23, 2018 • 4 min
I wanted to say hello!
Brad Lomenick - BLINC
Aug 23, 2018 • 43 min
An interview with Brad Lomenick
Shannon Miles - Belay Solutions
Aug 23, 2018 • 43 min
An interview with Shannon Miles founder of Belay Solutions
Carey Nieuwhof - Pastor, Leader, Author & Podcaster
Aug 23, 2018 • 57 min
An interview with Carey Nieuwhof