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Get Schooled
Get Schooled takes you on a journey through American education. Get ready to be entertained while you learn the facts about systemic issues that affect our entire society. Get Schooled will make you laugh, keep you woke, and help you win arguments at the dinner table.

Complicit in Abuse
Jun 3 • 22 min
Real Talk from Teachers
May 6 • 18 min
Three teachers across America share what it’s actually like to be a teacher, things they wish we knew about their jobs, and how the community can give back. Spoiler alert: it includes being an informed, empathetic, and active citizen. Thanks to Michele…
Can Technology Save Education? (with Arjita Sethi)
Apr 1 • 16 min
Nivi Achanta interviews Arjita Sethi, co-founder of Equally, a company whose mission is to give equal education to every student, regardless of their background. Their first initiative is an augmented reality experience called DaVinci Club AR, that lets…
Fact Snack: Oakland Strikes, Oakland Wins
Mar 4 • 6 min
The magnitude of Oakland Education Association (OEA)’s victory is bigger than most people know. Oakland public school teachers, who were on strike for a week with 97% of students out of schools, had to overcome three massive challenges: the charter school…
Right to Strike
Feb 4 • 17 min
On Monday, January 14, 2019, members of the United Teachers Los Angeles union took to the streets. For six days, they went on strike against the Los Angeles Unified School District for better conditions for their schools and their students. Nivi…
Under Fire
Jan 8 • 15 min
What happens to high school students when a deadly wildfire burns through their town and everything in its wake? Nivi goes up to Butte County a month after the devastating 2018 Camp Fire to discuss the systemic public education issues that have always…
Fact Snack: Mo Money Mo Problems
Oct 17, 2018 • 6 min
How much does America spend on education? Nivi sets out to answer this question in a bite-sized episode and let Get Schooled listeners know the facts about how our schools are funded. For more information, visit…
Horror Stories from First-Year Teachers
Aug 29, 2018 • 16 min
Nivi gets the inside scoop from Lana about what it’s like to be a first-year teacher. Join the Get Schooled team in a wild journey following teachers from around the country - you’ll hear about the horrors and the highs and how you can support teachers in…
Introducing Get Schooled
Aug 2, 2018 • 2 min
Welcome to Get Schooled, a show about American education.