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KromeDome Radio
A tasteful rhapsody in an otherwise downtrodden neighborhood
#15: The Warm-handed Doctor
Nov 12 • 51 min
Topics of discussion: Harvard believes an “interstellar object” in space may actually be an alien probe. A Dutch man wants to legally change his age. A North Carolina man punches a bear in the face. Geoff’s trip to the doctor
#14: Bustin’ Makes me Feel Good
Nov 5 • 47 min
On this episode we discuss: 1.) A 30 years old UK woman is marrying a ghost. She also claims to have had sexual relations with at least 20 ghosts. 2.) Disney employees say the magical theme park is a popular place for people to spread the ashes of…
#13: Netflix Way, Horror Movies, Ice-T, Cat Allergies
Oct 29 • 47 min
On this episode we discuss: 1.) A man is forced to leave his Delta flight after an allergic reaction to cats. 2.) Ice T is arrested for toll evasion and driving without a license plate or registration. 3.) The Wall Street journal releases an article…
#12: Jamal Khashoggi, Male Contraceptives, Song Misconceptions
Oct 22 • 45 min
On this episode we discuss the following topics: 1.) A drunken Wales man scales a 150ft suspension bridge in an act to evade the police. 2.) The Saudi state’s acknowledgment of the death of Jamal Khashoggi, the American journalist. 3.) New…
#11: Emotional Support Squirrel, Banksy, Kanye in the Whitehouse
Oct 15 • 46 min
On this weeks episode we discuss the removal of Cindy Torok from her Frontier Airlines flight after sneaking on board her emotional support squirrel. We cover the auction where a Banksy painting was destroyed shortly after the winning bid. We talk…
#10: Lunar Lander, Presidential Alert, Brett Kavanaugh, Chinese Conspiracies
Oct 8 • 45 min
Lockheed Martin announced a Lunar Lander prototype that will allow astronauts to remain on the moon for up to 2 weeks. Over 225 million cell phone users received a “Presidential Alert” notification. Though the alert was actually sent by FEMA, many…
#9: Bill Cosby, Brett Kavanaugh, Megacruise, MLB Wild Card
Oct 1 • 54 min
Chris and Zack discuss the sentencing of Bill Cosby, the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, Megadeth’s announcement of the “Megacruise,” the UFC cards, and the MLB Wild Card game.
#8: Coca-Cola, Judy B. Cochran, Stormy Daniels, Kylie Jenner, FBI
Sep 24 • 46 min
Chris reminisces about Blockbuster. Coca-Cola shows interest in cannabis based products. Texas Mayor Judy B. Cochran hunts and kills 12 foot aligator. Stormy Daniels says Trump’s junk looks like Toad. The FBI releases the official reason why they…
#7: Pink Pantherz, Observatory shutdown, Jade eggs, Elon Musk
Sep 17 • 65 min
Kathy joins Chris and Zack and discusses the mysterious closing of a Solar Observatory in New Mexico, Pink Pantherz coffee shop forced to change wardrobe, Gwyneth Paltrow’s pays out 145k for her jade eggs, and Elon Musk.
#6: Colin Kaepernick, Nike, Burt Reynolds, Elon Musk
Sep 10 • 37 min
Chris has a panic attack
#5: Matt, Laserblast, ASMR, Roommate Pranks
Sep 2 • 52 min
Bad Movie Night
#4: Taylor, Asia Argento, Jim Carrey, Alex Jones Folk Music
Aug 27 • 47 min
Taylor joins Chris and Zack for a conversation around Asia Argento and it deteriorates from there…
#3: Fart parties, MMA, Drug Tests, Geoff
Aug 25 • 57 min
Chris and Zack invite Geoff to the show to bring back great memories and discuss MMA.
#2: Left vs. Right, Millennials, Pornography, Podcasting
Aug 15 • 48 min
Left vs Right, Millennials, Pornography, Podcasting
#1: Phil Strub, Alex Jones, James Gunn, Keto, Flat earth, Slayer
Aug 11 • 46 min
Phil Strub, James Gunn, Alex Jones, Flat-earthers, Keto