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053 - Google’s new Site Kit plugin for WordPress
Dec 13 • 1 min
If you have a WordPress site, you likely already have Google Analytics on it. If not, you should. Coming early in 2019, Google will be rolling out a new WordPress plugin to help make your Analytics easier to add and easier to understand. See full show…
052 - Where Gutenberg goes from here
Dec 11 • 1 min
As we mentioned last week, WordPress 5.0 was just released and included their shiny new “Gutenberg” page editor. It’s a great step forward, but it’s just the first of many steps for Gutenberg.
051 - Don’t worry about keywords in your URLs
Dec 10 • 1 min
Google’s told us before and they’ll tell us again, but keywords in your URLs really don’t matter much. Let’s quickly unpack what they’ve said.
050 - Google says it’s good to have unique images on your pages
Dec 7 • 1 min
It’s generally thought that having an image on each page of your site is a good thing, and Google agrees. In fact, they suggest that you put a unique image on every page. See full show notes at:
049 - WordPress 5.0 (and Gutenberg) is here. What do you need to do?
Dec 6 • 1 min
WordPress version 5.0, which includes the new Gutenberg editor, launches today. By the time you listen to this episode, it’s likely already gone live. There is a good bit of debate about this new version, but I’m here to help answer one question — should…
048 - A bit about how Facebook searches work
Dec 5 • 1 min
There are over two billion searches performed on Facebook every day, but relatively little is known about their search algorithm, especially compared to Google. They’ve now unveiled a bit more about how their searches work, so let’s see what they said.…
047 - Video performs very well on LinkedIn
Dec 4 • 1 min
I’ve heard a few times that video does very well on LinkedIn, because their algorithm pushes it pretty hard. This podcast shows that it’s true, and I have some basic stats to back it up. See full show notes at:
046 - Google’s tips for dealing with seasonal content
Dec 3 • 1 min
With the holiday season approaching, you’re likely going to add a few holiday-specific pages to your site. Come January, what should you do with those pages? Google has some tips. See full show notes at:
045 - Position Zero becomes a much bigger deal
Nov 30 • 1 min
Over the last few years, we’ve seen Google provide a lot more answers in position zero; the spot above the search results where they answer simple questions (such as answers to math questions). Now position zero just became a lot more powerful, and…
044 - Google doesn’t index pages that have been redirected
Nov 26 • 1 min
As you build your website over time, it’ll likely be important to set up redirects to handle pages that you remove, or when adding SSL, or other things of that nature. Google wants to remind you that when you set up a redirect, they will no longer index…
043 - Nofollow gives publishers a way to focus on content
Nov 20 • 1 min
It can be frustrating when your company gets mentioned on a popular site and they “nofollow” the link to your site (essentially hiding it from Google), but I recently heard something about that which made me change my perspective on that a little bit. See…
042 - Human trust isn’t the same as Google trust
Nov 19 • 1 min
In marketing, it’s long been said that people do business with those that they “know, like and trust”. However, establishing trust on your website with Google can be much different than establishing trust on your website with other users. See full show…
041 - Five big things to help your site rank well in 2019
Nov 16 • 1 min
The folks at Search Engine Land just published a list of the five SEO trends that will matter in 2019, and I thought it was a great list, so we’ll share it here. See full show notes at:
040 - How the speed of your site impacts your rankings
Nov 15 • 1 min
We all know that it’s important to have a fast loading website, but how exactly does speed affect users on your site? The folks at Yoast just shared some stats, and they tell quite a lot. See full show notes at:
039 - Google creates to help you optimize your site
Nov 14 • 1 min
Google already has a variety of tools to help you optimize your website (Analytics, Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, and others), but now a new one has joined their ranks — See full show notes at:
038 - 57% of all WordPress sites will start becoming less secure next month
Nov 8 • 1 min
WordPress powers roughly 1/3 of the entire internet, but starting next month more than half of the WordPress sites out there could become much less secure. Is yours one of them? See full show notes at:
037 - A higher page count doesn’t necessarily help you rank better
Nov 7 • 1 min
Having more pages can potentially help a site rank better in Google, for a few reasons, but simply having a bunch of pages means nothing in an of itself. See full show notes at:
036 - Google wants you to fill in your own meta descriptions
Nov 2 • 1 min
When you search for something on Google, the text the appears below each link often comes from the “meta descriptions” on those sites. While Google will generate them automatically when needed, they suggest you write you own. See full show notes at:…
035 - Google gives more details about how 301 redirects work
Nov 1 • 1 min
If you remove a page or change websites, or somehow just need to set up a redirect, the best way to do it (for the sake of Google) is with what’s know as a “301 redirect”. Much has been said over the years about how they work, but Google has just revealed…
034 - Gutenberg is just about ready to go
Oct 31 • 1 min
If you use WordPress, you’re likely familiar with the new Gutenberg editor that is coming soon. They just released version 4.1 of the editor and consider it “feature complete”, meaning it’s getting close to being added to WordPress. See full show notes…
033 - Google finds new content through links, and then through sitemaps
Oct 26 • 1 min
The days of submitting your websites and pages to Google are long gone, but you still need them to find you. How do they do that? The biggest way is through links, but they can also find your content through sitemaps. See full show notes at:…
032 - Simply having more content doesn’t impress Google
Oct 24 • 1 min
As a general rule, having more content on your site will help with SEO. However, quality is a big factor and Google makes it very clear that better content beats simply having a ton of content.
031 - Google says not to use hashtags in your URLs
Oct 23 • 1 min
Recently at PubCon, Google’s Gary Illyes advised that you should include “no hashtags in URLs” for the sake of rankings, but it’s a bit nuanced. See full show notes at:
030 - Why you should learn JavaScript to help with SEO
Oct 22 • 1 min
Three years ago Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress, advised developers to “learn JavaScript deeply”, and it’s proven be to solid advice. Now Google is suggesting the same thing if you want to stay on top of the search engines. See full show notes…
029 - Does Google use real-life user signals to assist with rankings?
Oct 17 • 1 min
There’s been some thought that since Google knows a good bit about real-life user activity, such as when stores are busy, they might use that data to affect search rankings. At least for now, that doesn’t seem to be the case. See full show notes at:…
028 - Search ranking changes are unrelated to Google’s new mobile-first indexing
Oct 16 • 1 min
Google has been making a lot of algorithm changes lately, but they seem to be (and should be) unrelated to the mobile-first indexing.
027 - Word count and other metrics can’t measure quality
Oct 15 • 1 min
People working on their SEO often want to know exactly how best to build their pages; how many words, how many outgoing links, how many backlinks, things like that. Google’s given us the answer — stop counting that stuff.
026 - Making links to your site violates Google’s guidelines
Oct 9 • 1 min
Links pointing to your website are one of the biggest factors to help rank well in Google, but they’re one of the most difficult and confusing to understand. Google tried to help explain more, but it’s still pretty messy.
025 - Google’s September update
Oct 7 • 1 min
Google pushed out a pretty big update on August 1, but then on September 27 they took it a bit further.
024 - Low traffic doesn’t always mean low quality
Oct 3 • 1 min
If you dig around your website stats and see that some pages get very low traffic, that could be an indication that the page is low quality — but not always.
023 - Google is using more neural matching to understand synonyms
Oct 2 • 1 min
Over the past few months, Google has been applying neural matching to help better understand synonyms, impacting 30% of search queries (or over a billion searches per day).
022 - Google has made some important changes to Google Image Search
Oct 1 • 1 min
Google has recently updated the look and feel of Google Image Search, but they’ve also made some substantial changes behind the scenes.
021 - Google is looking for ways to handle GDPR blocking
Sep 20 • 1 min
Many websites in the US have been lazy about how they have handled the GDPR changes, and that’s causing some trouble for Google.
020 - Google indexes and ranks everything inside of accordions and tabs
Sep 19 • 1 min
It’s been debated for many years, but Google says that content inside of an accordion or tab on your site will get just as much credit as other text on the page.
019 - Google search results aren’t personalized as much as you’d think
Sep 18 • 1 min
Google has been personalizing search results for roughly a decade, but they’re not personalized nearly as much as you think.
018 - Aim for pages that download in less than 100ms
Sep 17 • 2 min
Having a fast-loading site is a good thing. Users like it and Google likes it. While there’s no official guideline, Google says that a page should download in
017 - Google cannot index pages that require cookies
Sep 16 • 1 min
It makes sense, and Google has confirmed that if your site requires cookies in order to view content, Google won’t index that content.
016 - White space is not an SEO issue
Sep 13 • 1 min
Google applies some penalties if your website header is so heavy that users can’t easily find the content, but their focus with that is on ads, not white space.
015 - Go ahead, put reviews from Google Maps on your website
Sep 13 • 1 min
Most businesses likely have some reviews on Google Maps, Yelp and other websites. If you want to put some of those reviews on your website, go for it!
014 - Google says you need alt text on your images
Sep 10 • 2 min
It’s always been said that you should have solid alt text on your images if you want them to rank well, and Google has confirmed that it’s essential.
013 - Don’t link to every page from your home page
Sep 9 • 1 min
In the past, Google has told us that it’s good to link to your most important pages from your home page in order to give them more weight in the search results. However, that doesn’t mean you should link to every page on your site from the home page.
012 - Google treats PDFs essentially as HTML
Sep 6 • 1 min
Google has indexed PDFs in their search results for a long time, but it was never understood exactly how. Now they’ve come out and told us: they simply convert them into HTML.
011 - Only 3% of your home page traffic makes it to your blog
Sep 5 • 2 min
According to some stats from Salesforce, if 100 users visit your home page, only three of them will click through to your blog. That’s not good, but all isn’t lost.
010 - Why don’t singular and plural keywords rank the same?
Sep 4 • 1 min
Singular and plural keywords don’t often rank the same, and Google has explained why.
009 - Mobile users search “near me” a ton
Sep 3 • 2 min
A recent survey from Uberall shows that 82% of smartphone users have performed a search with the phrase (or intent) “near me”.
008 - Hacking is increasing, but so are ways to stay safe
Aug 30 • 2 min
There have been reports lately of an increasing number of Instagram accounts being hacked, but Instagram has finally released the ability to protect your account quite a bit more.
007 - The Classic Editor will be around for years
Aug 29 • 1 min
WordPress 5.0 and “Gutenberg”, the new editing experience, is coming soon. If you’re nervous about it, though, WordPress says not to worry.
006 - Google judges all of your content
Aug 28 • 1 min
Google judges all of the content on your website, not just the stuff that you have written.
005 - Google doesn’t care about your fresh content
Aug 21 • 1 min
Despite what you may have heard, Google doesn’t favor fresh content.
004 - Yoast and Gutenberg
Aug 20 • 2 min
A new editor for WordPress, code-named Gutenberg, is coming very soon, and now the most popular SEO plugin is ready for it.
003 - Say goodbye to Facebook traffic
Aug 17 • 2 min
Starting in 2011, Facebook was a major source of traffic for websites. Throughout 2018, Facebook referral traffic has continued to dwindle down and it’s never coming back.
002 - The 11 proven Google ranking factors
Aug 16 • 3 min
People say that Google has over 200 ranking factors, and that’s likely true, but today we’re going to run through the 11 that Google has actually confirmed.
001 -
Aug 12 • 1 min
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