People Change Things

People Change Things
Stories about people building a better world.
9: Avril Chester, Cancer Central
Nov 5 • 32 min
Avril Chester is the Founder of Cancer Central and wants to build a better world by providing a central source of information for people who need help and support living with cancer. Listen to Avril’s story and why she was inspired to start Cancer…
8: Dr Elin Davies, Aparito
Oct 16 • 30 min
Dr Elin Haf Davies is the Founder and CEO of Aparito. She wants to build a better world by monitoring patients when they’re outside of the hospital using wearables and disease-specific mobile apps. Listen to Elin’s story about the adventure and the…
7: Christal Earle, Brave Soles
Oct 3 • 28 min
Christal Earle is the Co-Founder of Brave Soles. She wants to build a better world by upcycling tires and creating shoes where soles are made from tires. Listen to Christal’s story of resilience, perseverance and sheer determination to make change happen.
6: Ben Gleisner, CoGo
Sep 26 • 26 min
Ben Gleisner is the CEO and Co-Founder of CoGo. He wants to build a better world by helping consumers connect with businesses that share their values. Listen to Ben’s story about how he has created a successful movement in New Zealand and his plans to…
5: Alan Mahon, Brewgooder
Sep 18 • 31 min
Alan Mahon is the Co-Founder of Brewgooder. He wants to build a better world by helping a million people get access to clean drinking water. Listen to Alan’s story about building a purposeful business. And if you like what Alan and the team are doing, why…
4: Tom Gatzen and Rob Imonikhe, Ideal Flatmate
Sep 12 • 28 min
Tom Gatzen and Rob Imonikhe are the Co-Founders of Ideal Flatmate. They want to build a better world by helping people find the right person to live with, and making it as easy as possible. Listen to their story about getting their idea off the ground and…
3: Stephen and Denise Burke, United For All Ages
Sep 3 • 26 min
Stephen and Denise Burke are co-founders of United For All Ages and want to change things by bringing older and younger people together. Listen to Stephen and Denise’s story about their intergenerational campaigning and why they’re starting to see…
2: Natasha Langleben, Linkey
Sep 3 • 27 min
Natasha Langleben is the Co-Founder of Linkey and wants to build a better world by helping the homeless population in London and throughout the rest of the UK. Listen to Tasha’s story about setting up Linkey with her brother Josh Adley, and how they are…
1: Steuart Pennington, SA Good News
Aug 13 • 28 min
Steuart Pennington is the Founder and CEO of SA Good News and wants to build a better world by providing a more informed and balanced view about what is going on in South Africa. Listen to Steuart’s story about why he started SA Good News and why he…