The Belt and Road Podcast

The Belt and Road Podcast
A podcast that covers the latest news, research and analysis of China’s growing presence in the developing world.

A Tale of Two Railroads: financing Chinese-built trains in Kenya and Ethiopia - Yunnan Chen
Sep 29 • 34 min
Yunnan Chen describes the debt financing negotiations and the implementation challenges which arise around two cases of Chinese-built railway projects in Kenya and Ethiopia.
Perceptions and Practices of Chinese hydropower investment in Vietnam and Myanmar - Nga Dao and Vanessa Lamb
Sep 18 • 36 min
Juliet Lu welcomes Vanessa Lamb and Nga Dao to discuss anti-Chinese sentiment in the hydropower sectors of Myanmar and Vietnam, highlighting some key contrasts in the histories of Chinese investment in each country and the challenges of anti-hydropower…
China’s New Debt Sustainability Framework - Ma Xinyue
Sep 2 • 27 min
On episode 16 we introduce our new co-host Juliet Lu! Juliet and Erik speak with China Research and Project Leader at the Global Development Policy Center at Boston University - Ma Xinyue about her latest work on the PandaPaw DragonClaw blog “Assess…
How China is changing the development financing project cycle in Latin America - Rebecca Ray
Aug 6 • 39 min
Rebecca Ray comments on how Chinese developmental finance creates a different type of infrastructure project cycle into Latin America and what that means for local governments, civil society organizations, local populations, and the environment
How Chinese capital alters the calculation for coal in Kenya - Michael Boulle
Jul 18 • 31 min
On this episode, Erik speaks with Michael Boulle about how Chinese capital alters the calculation for coal in Kenya
The Challenge of Safeguarding People and the Environment within Chinese Investments - Mark Grimsditch
Jun 12 • 36 min
On this episode, I will talk with the lead author of the reference guide - Mark Grimsditch. Mark is the China Global Program Director for Inclusive Development International and has been researching Chinese investments throughout the world for over a…
Chinese state-backed and flexible capital in the Philippines - Alvin Camba
May 2 • 29 min
On this episode, Erik Myxter-iino has a conversation with Sociology Ph.D. Candidate at Johns Hopkins University Alvin Camba about his soon-to-be-published work - Reexamining China and South-South Relations: Chinese State-backed and Flexible Private…
Kazakhstan and the Belt and Road Initiative w/ Assel Bitabarova
Apr 23 • 31 min
This week’s #beltandroadpod is all about #Kazakhstan - @emyxter spoke with @BitabarAssel on how Kazakhstan is interacting with the Belt and Road, Chinese investment in Kazakhstani infrastructure, and more.
Is the Belt and Road Initiative a ‘Grand Strategy’? with Dr. Lee Jones
Apr 3 • 34 min
Is the Belt and Road Initiative truly a ‘Grand Strategy’? On this episode Erik speaks with Dr. Lee Jones who aims to look beyond the ‘grand strategy’ narrative to a state transformation analysis to understand the BRI.
The push and pull factors for Chinese energy investments in SE Asia with Courtney Weatherby
Mar 25 • 27 min
On this episode Courtney Weatherby discusses the different push and pull factors that have made China become involved with nearly a quarter of all energy projects in SE Asia, including an estimated 43% of all coal projects. Furthermore we look at what…
Comparing the new Chinese and American Development Finance Agencies w/ Scott Wingo
Mar 4 • 33 min
On this episode, I speak with UPenn Ph.D. student Scott Wingo about his latest article “Too Much Risk or Not Enough? New Development Finance Agencies in China and the United States” that was featured in the Center for Advanced China Research’s blog.
Chinese ‘Land Grabs’ in Laos - Juliet Lu
Feb 18 • 40 min
On this episode Juliet Lu - Ph.D Candidate in the department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at UC Berkeley - is on the show to talk about her recent research on Chinese SOE and private firm land investment in Northern Laos.
Road Tripping Along the ‘New Silk Road’ - Charles Stevens
Jan 29 • 27 min
I interview Charles Stevens, who as part of the New Silk Road Project ( traveled over 10,000 miles on the “Silk Road Economic Belt” in a Jeep.
The Challenges to Greening the Belt and Road - A Case Study of Myanmar featuring Nicholas Lo
Jan 9 • 44 min
Yale masters student discusses his field work that looks into the Challenges of “Greening the Belt and Road” in Myanmar
Chinese Infrastructure Building and its Effects on Economic Development - A Case Study in Mozambique featuring Ulrikke Wethal
Oct 5, 2018 • 33 min
We discuss Chinese-Mozambique relations and why Chinese infrastructure development in the country hasn’t led to long term economic development for the country
A History of the Hambantota Port in Sri Lanka - The Importance of Chinese State Owned Enterprises and Host Country Elite Politics in the Belt and Road - Xiao’Ou Zhu
Aug 20, 2018 • 42 min
International development consultant Xiao’Ou uses the Hambantota Port as a case showing how important Chinese State Owned Enterprises are in Belt and Road Countries and how many BRI projects are often a bottom-up phenomenon rather than the often reported…
Episode 2 - How the Western Media Frames the Belt and Road - Tom Baxter
Aug 9, 2018 • 23 min
Tom Baxter talks about how the Western media frames the Belt and Road
Episode 1 - Emily Weinstein - Chinese Sports Tourism and the Belt and Road Initiative
Jul 29, 2018 • 24 min
Emily Weinstein talks about Chinese sports tourism and its relation to the Belt and Road