The Dent

The Dent
A short form podcast about Apple, general Technology, and the surrounding ecosystem
13: Making A Dent
Oct 17 • 10 min
It’s back, and better than ever! * Upload is now The Dent, a new companion podcast to This weeks episode features Phones, Slates, Homes, Switches … you name it, we’ve got it (as long as what you name is Phones, Slates, Homes or Switches …)…
12: Making A Good First Impression
Sep 27 • 8 min
This week I share a few first impressions with the iPhone XS Max and the Apple Watch Series 4. You can find some sample photos on my Instagram here: You can also find details of my other show, Pocketsized Podcast here:…
11: Shortcuts, Watches, And Switch Oh My!
Sep 21 • 13 min
In this weeks episode I discuss what new Apple toys I’ve ordered, my current addiction (Shortcuts on iOS!) and I even squeeze in the hottest of hot takes on Nintendo’s new Online service for the Switch. You can find my Shortcuts blog post I mentioned on…
10: An Introduction To iOS Automation
Sep 11 • 11 min
Welcome to episode 10 of the Upload podcast! This week, I’m finally kicking off a planned series on the various powerful options you have for Automation on iOS. In this introduction episode I cover the following apps: Drafts 5 -…
9: Switching It Up
Sep 3 • 13 min
In this weeks episode I take my new podcasting setup for a spin (with varying levels of success), discuss some Apple leaks and the debut a new section of the podcast which will be sure to switch things up. As always, feel free to get in touch using the…
8: For Those Wallets About To Die, We Salute You
Aug 28 • 17 min
In this weeks episode I discuss some expectations for the upcoming Apple event in a week or two, and try to prepare myself mentally and physically to spend a shed load of money on shiny new toys I don’t need. Please feel free to get in touch regarding any…
7: Farewell, And Thanks For All The Tweets
Aug 20 • 11 min
In this weeks episode I discuss the nerd topic of the day, “should you leave Twitter and, if so, where should I go?” Wait, what do you mean you’re not asking that question? Of coooooourse you are! Please feel free to get in touch regarding any comments to…
6: Weighing Anchor
Aug 12 • 15 min
Welcome to Episode 6 of the Upload podcast. This episode I wanted to share a quick update about the show in general, issue a quick apology for messing around with your podcast feeds and also follow up on a couple of AMA questions! A big thank you to Daryl…
5: Ask And You Shall Receive
Aug 12 • 14 min
On Upload this week, I answer some of your burning questions about iOS, Apple hardware and a random dodgy one you’ll need to hear to fully appreciate. Big thanks to Ronnie and Greg for your questions!
4: A Shortcut Through Shortcuts
Aug 12 • 7 min
In this edition of Upload I discuss a few very brief thoughts about the thing I’m looking forward to most with iOS 12, namely Shortcuts! Apologies for the audio this week, there were a few issues.
3: Me, Myself and iPad
Aug 10 • 10 min
Another day, another episode about my one true love … my iPad Pro!
2: Get Your Hands Off My iPad!
Aug 10 • 9 min
In this episode, I discuss a little bit about the rumours floating around about the new iPad Pros potentially removing the home button (yay!) but also removing the ability to use the iPad in landscape (boo!)
1: Giving a TOS
Aug 10 • 8 min
This first episode of Upload is yet another take on Anchor’s Terms of Service, and why I don’t, personally, think it’s that big of a deal.