Tech Nest: The Real Estate and Tech Show

Tech Nest: The Real Estate and Tech Show
Tech Nest is the podcast where we discover all the latest in real estate and tech by interviewing the innovators and leaders from companies who are challenging the way we buy, sell, and invest in real estate.
S2E21 Heather Bauman, General Manager at Discusses Marketing Automation and Lead Gen for LOs
Sep 30 • 26 min
When it comes to lead generation in the mortgage industry, you can’t just stop after you collect a name and phone number. There’s much more to this that makes the whole effort of getting that name to begin with. Heather Bauman, from talks…
S2E19 Interview with Alan Donefeld, Founder at CityVest
Sep 30 • 54 min
In times when deals are growing increasingly difficult to find or put together, you might need to reconsider your strategy. Alan Donefeld shares with us how his company CityVest is opening up access to major institutional funds—that accredited investors…
S2E24 Interview with Roberto Moreno, Founder of
Sep 30 • 52 min
One day artificial intelligence will play a major role in all of our real estate transactions. And that day is not far away. Roberto Moreno, of, shares with us his passion and vision of how AI can prove to be a huge advantage for today’s realtor.…
S2E20 The Agent Marketer, Jason Frazier Discuss Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents
Sep 30 • 33 min
They don’t call him The Agent Marketer for no reason. Jason Frazier is an absolute expert when it comes to lead generation, branding, marketing, and sales in the mortgage and real estate industries. In this episode, we talk about lead generation…
S2E16 Interview with Zach Sloan, Co-Founder of Rentgrata
Sep 30 • 54 min
Imagine you got paid for telling your friend about an open apartment for rent in your building. Now imagine you got paid because you answered questions to a prospective renter (that you don’t know) through an app on your phone, and that prospect went on…
S2E17 Interview with Daniel Schroeder and Matthew Young, Co-Founders of Listing Village
Sep 30 • 74 min
When asked about what may fade away in the future, co-founders Daniel Schroeder and Matthew Young didn’t even hesitate. They said Zillow. You read that correctly. These two are working on a product called Listing Village that they believe will transfer…
S2E15 Alex Pelin, CEO of Xspaced, Discusses The Future of Rental Properties and Blockchain Technology
Sep 30 • 31 min
What does the future management of rental properties look like? What services are renters demanding? What softwares will we need to better manage? And how will newer technologies like blockchain effect the industry? Startup advisor and CEO of Xspaced,…
S2E22 “Let’s Talk Title”—Everything Title Insurance and More with Ticor Title VP, Ryan Orr
Sep 30 • 60 min
“Aren’t all title companies the same?” That’s a question I’ve definitely heard when working as an agent. I asked this and many others to get to the bottom of “What is title!?”. Ryan Orr, a VP with Ticor Title goes hard in the paint in discuss what makes…
S2E18 Interview with James Green, Founder of Offer To Close
Sep 30 • 75 min
James Green is one of those founders who you can tell immediately really cares for his customer. He runs a company called Offer To Close, a real estate transaction coordinator as-a-service, if you will. His company supplies California agents with licensed…
S2E14 Interview with Yale Fox, Founder at Rentlogic
Sep 30 • 50 min
In school, you got a letter grade as a way to measure how well you were doing in a subject. Why can’t such a system exist for landlords so that prospective tenants know exactly how well a landlord is doing? That might be an oversimplification, but in this…
S2E13 Interview with Heath Silverman, CEO for Stessa
Sep 30 • 43 min
When you first get a glimpse of Stessa, it’s easy to assume they’re an enterprise software with a high-cost (it looks that good!). But that’s not the case. In this episode, Stessa’s CEO lays out the reason why a web-platform like Stessa is so important…
S2E23 “The Art of Commercial Leasing”, East Nashville’s Top Commercial Broker, Tyler Cauble, Discusses Commercial Leasing
Sep 30 • 50 min
East Nashville’s top commercial broker, Tyler Cauble is more than just an agent who opens the garage door for that next gas station remodel to hip new cafe. He operates a boutique AirBNB property management companies, boasts the largest commercial real…
S2E25 Interview with Dan Summers, CEO at eVest Technology
Sep 30 • 50 min
If you’ve ever wondered about raising funds from investors to build or buy that 100 unit apartment building, then this interview is for you. And you’ve never thought about that, then maybe it’s time. Dan and his team at eVest Technology are working to…
S2E12 Interview with Noel Christopher, SVP for Renters Warehouse
Sep 30 • 54 min
Renters Warehouse is a well-oiled, rental property machine. Noel Christopher, an SVP with the company, goes into incredible detail about how they operate, some of their merger and acquisitions strategy, and how much property their managing. Hint—it’s over…
S2:E11 Which Real Estate Leaders Will We Talk With This Season? Season Two Preview:
Sep 15 • 10 min
Following a successful event with in Dallas, TX, I took some time to share what we have planned for the second season of Tech Nest podcast interviews. Here’s what we have lined up: **Renters Warehouse EVP Noel Christopher. **Stessa CEO…
S1:E9 How Opendoor is Doing Content Marketing and Advertising
Aug 20 • 21 min
Find out what iBuyer behemoth Opendoor is doing in content marketing and advertising. Jeffrey Kranz and I discuss the what they’re getting write, could be doing, and a specific tactic to overtake some of Trulia’s best organic traffic. I mention in the…
S1:E10 1031 Exchanges for Real Estate: Everything You Need To Know, An Interview With Tom Gustafson from 1031 Atlas
Aug 20 • 33 min
Nate Smoyer, host of Tech Nest and CEO of Real Team Panda, interviews Tom Gustafson from Atlas 1031 Exchange. Nate and Tom discuss what is a 1031 exchange, how it can save investors thousands of dollars in tax deferments, leveraging 1031 exchanges with…
S1:E7 Interview with Christopher Garrett, COO for Zeehaus
Aug 1 • 36 min
What if you could buy a 20% stake in a dream property in California? What if you could use cryptocurrencies in your real estate transactions? What if title companies could be replaced through the advancement of blockchain technology? These are the “what…
S1:E8 Interview with Zach Evanish, Director of Sales for Roofstock
Aug 1 • 40 min
Roofstock is working to make it possible for anyone to own and invest in real estate anywhere. If you live in Maine, but want to buy investment property in Nashville, and feel secure about what you’re buying without the hassles of managing it, then that’s…
S1:E3 Interview with Paul Burke, Co-founder at RentHoop
Aug 1 • 33 min
Paul Burke explains the challenges many face when searching for the right roommate. His team has built an app that has been dubbed the “Tinder” for finding roommates.
S1:E6 Interview with Mark Davis, CEO for realquantum
Aug 1 • 38 min
You might not think about commercial real estate and tech innovation when I mention Kansas City…but after this episode that could change. Mark Davis and company brings a mix of passion, purpose, and full-on badass tech to the commercial appraisal…
S1:E5 Interview with Tyler Forte, CEO and Founder of Felix Homes
Aug 1 • 42 min
What do you get when you cross a traditional brokerage, with an iBuyer model, and have a former-VC as your founder? Well, some would say that’s the recipe for Felix Homes. They are a hybrid of a brokerage that recently launched in Nashville, TN. Tyler,…
S1:E4 Interview with Chuck Hattemer, Co-founder and CMO for Onerent
Aug 1 • 41 min
Onerent is challenging the status quo that’s been all-too-long accepted for property management. By investing in tech, developing streamlined systems, and caring about the tenant’s experience his team has expanded to 72 cities managing over $1 billion in…
Back Story of Tech Nest
Jun 26 • 11 min
It’s a long story and I tend to be long winded, but I try to boil everything down. The road to creating the Tech Nest podcast was probably not the most direct, but it was it is. In this bonus episode, I share what I created the Tech Nest podcast and what…
Tech Nest: Teaser Intro
Jun 25 • 0 min
This is the intro teaser for the Tech Nest podcast.