The Botcast

The Botcast
Hello, and welcome to The Botcast. Across this series, we’ll discuss all things chatbot, voice, AI and analytics. Twice monthly we’ll welcome leaders in their fields to discuss AI’s impact on marketing, sales and customer service. Make sure you subscribe to The Bodcast today!!
#9 - Charlie Cadbury - The Future Of Communication Between Brand & Customer
Dec 12 • 19 min
During this Botcast episode, we interview Charlie Cadbury, CEO at Say It Now about what he’s learnt working with major brands such as Marriott Hotels, Ministry of Sound, Virgin Media, Aviva, Greggs and BBC. Stores using conversational commerce in the…
The Botcast #1 Monthly News Digest
Dec 2 • 50 min
At the end of each month, Lucy Hopkins, Digital Marketing Manager at We Build Bots and Craig Pugsley, Director and Creative Lead at StudioFlow explore the hottest tech news stories to hit the press that month. During this episode they discuss Facebook…
#7 - Craig Pugsley - VUX Series ~ All Things Alexa
Nov 5 • 31 min
Over the next three episodes, we focus specifically on Voice ~ The Botcast VUX Series. During this episode, we talk to Craig Pugsley, Director and Creative Lead at Studio Flow about what he’s learnt working with conversational user interfaces, his time at…
#6 - Adam Greenwood - Top Takeaways from a 1 month Tech Pilgrimage
Oct 25 • 40 min
We talk to Adam about what he learnt during his one month tech pilgrimage, his continuous experimentation in the voice space and how Greenwood Campbell has evolved and adapted in this rapidly changing landscape.
#5 - Pete Gatenby - Embracing failures during Digital Transformation with Pete Gatenby.
Oct 11 • 36 min
We talk to Pete about how companies can embrace digital transformation, the importance of testing and celebrating failure and how slow and steady no longer wins the race.
#4 - Paul Shepherd - Revolutionising Customer Services with Chatbots
Sep 14 • 33 min
We talk to Paul Shepherd, CEO of We Build Bots about their rapid growth after overfunding by 55%. We also talk about micro services, how WBB’s product IntelAgent is revolutionising customer services and what chatbots can do for businesses as a whole.
#3 - Lisa Matthews - Organising your life with AI & chatbots
Aug 31 • 35 min
We talk to Lisa about her personal organisation chatbot; ‘Our Canary’ which takes all spheres of life into consideration - not just your calendar. We also discuss opportunities within voice and what it’s like being a minority in the tech industry.
#2 - Dr Zara Nanu - Closing the Gender Pay Gap with AI
Aug 14 • 22 min
The World Economic Forum have said that it’s going to take 217 years to close the gender pay gap. Dr Zara Nanu (CEO at Gap Square) and her team are aiming to do this in under 20 years. If you are interested in learning about how AI is being used to close…
#1 - Julian Harris - Harnessing the Power of Chatbots
Aug 13 • 45 min
This is Episode One of The Batcast and we are talking to Julian Harris, Head of Technology Research at CognitionX about how to harness the power of AI in business. We discuss Digital Autonomous Organisations (DAO’s), how London has just emerged as the AI…