Third Rail Talk

Third Rail Talk
The third rail is the one you don’t step on. We will be shedding light on developments relevant to people in Minnesota Big Media won’t cover, amongst which: the creeping advancement of the Sharia Agenda, Somali crime, DHS fraud, voter fraud, immigration-related health alerts and more. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Jennifer Zielinski - I will bring education solutions
Nov 3 • 4 min
Jennifer Zielinski (R-MN CD5) is running against Ilhan Omar (D-MN CD5) Become a supporter of this podcast:
Stop Refugee Resettlement And FGM Now!
Oct 29 • 14 min
MN Rep. Jim Newberger on Refugee Resettlement and FGM Jim’s website: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Pastor, Ex-Muslim Arrested, Handcuffed, Denied Attorney, Water for Hours at the Mall of America.
Aug 29 • 25 min interviewed California based Pastor Ramin Parsa on August 27th and discovered that while visiting Minnesota last week for his three day visit, and congregation presentation earlier on Saturday, Pastor Parsa was invited by his host to…
The Secret Plan of Muslims U.S. Bank Stadium Minnesota
Aug 15 • 18 min
The Secret Plan of Muslims - Sneak Thousands Into the U.S. Bank Stadium for “Show of Power” There is a secret plan to literally sneak fifty thousand Muslims into the Minnesota Vikings US Bank Stadium. Secret organizing! Secret entity rents the stadium.…
Ilhan Omar Busted! New Evidence – False Statements to Court
Aug 9 • 16 min
For nearly two years there has been a public allegation about Ilhan Omar: that in 2009, she seems to have married her brother. She has never addressed its specific foundations. Newly uncovered evidence — exclusively published by PJ MEDIA — adds another…
Ilhan Omar Rides Again - Immigration Fraud? Polygamy? Polyandry? Bigamy? Welfare Fraud? Perjury?
Aug 1 • 11 min
For two years now not one Minnesota legislator, or the Minnesota House of Representatives “ethics committee”, or, law enforcement officials, or us attorney’s office chief, Andy Lugar, has held this scammer to any ethical standard, or scrutiny whatsoever!…
Did Somali DHS Fraud Kill Sgt. Conrad?
Jul 23 • 16 min
Bob connects the dots relative to the most recent DHS scandal - did the Somali Daycare fraud finance the Somali Jihadists in Somalia who killed one of our own - Minnesota Special Forces Sgt. Alexander Conrad? Become a supporter of this podcast:…