The Lily & Sam Show

The Lily & Sam Show
Short conversations with a toddler
14: Chewbacca
Dec 3 • 3 min
Lily had Star Wars on her mind today, it comes up a lot. Lily also answers a question from Andrew.
13: Knock-Knock
Nov 21 • 2 min
Lily and Sam talk about making art, knock-knock jokes, and the grocery store.
12: Halloween
Nov 5 • 1 min
Lily and Sam talk about trick-or-treating, “Frozen”, and IKEA.
11: I Turned Two
Oct 18 • 2 min
Lily and Sam talk about Lily’s birthday and Lily answers some questions from Grammy and Jackson.
10: Sghetti Squash
Oct 3 • 2 min
It’s our 10th episode! Lily and Sam talk about dresses, flashlights, dinner, and more!
9: Two Eyebrows
Sep 25 • 1 min
Lily, Sam, and mom talk about Bobby Flay and what cows eat.
8: Play Legos
Sep 14 • 2 min
Lily and Sam talk about the hike they went on and playing with Legos.
7: The Uncle Song
Sep 5 • 1 min
Lily talks about grandma coming, pillows, and makes mom and dad sing “The Uncle Song”.
6: Test Test Test Test
Aug 28 • 2 min
Lily got her own microphone that she’s pretty excited about, so she spends a lot of time testing it out.
5: Singing Time
Aug 20 • 2 min
It’s time for some of Lily’s favorite songs! Lily and Sam are joined by Emalie for some songs, birthday talk, and a question from another uncle.
4: Restraunk
Aug 12 • 2 min
Lily and Sam talk about restaurants and phones. Lily also answers some questions from Andrew, Molly, and Teddy about books and other animal noises.
3: Animal Noises
Aug 5 • 2 min
Lily and Sam (with a suprise visit from mom!) talk about some of the animal noises Lily knows, the library, and the waterpark again.
2: Farmers Market
Jul 28 • 1 min
Lily and Sam talk a little about their trip to the farmers market, bikes, and movies.
1: Hi Mic-phone
Jul 23 • 1 min
Lily and Sam talk about pockets, snacks, and the waterpark.
0: Introducing The Lily & Sam Show
Jul 22 • 1 min
A quick introduction to The Lily & Sam Show