The Anti Social Podcast

The Anti Social Podcast
The Anti Social Podcast is not just another interview type Podcast that in my experience sounds just like all the others. Each episode is 5-10ish mins long. NO waffle, NO long chatting about my week which frankly you’re not interested in. It’s a hello from me and then boom straight into the topic. Each episode has actionable advice and tips. I add regular new episodes. If you’re tired of hearing how awesome social media is then The Anti Social Podcast is definitely for you..
The best business is referred business
Aug 15 • 5 min
The very best business you can get is referred business. Find out why that is and how to get more referred business. Find out why you’re not getting any referrals and what steps you can take right now to get more.
No One Cares
Aug 9 • 8 min
No one cares about how many followers you have. No one cares about how many connections you have. No one cares how many awards you have won. In this Episode I go through exactly what business owners really do care about and what you need to be doing as a…
Is Tech Killling Your Business
Aug 7 • 7 min
I am all for technology. But sometimes it can actually get in the way of making sales and actually cost you money.
Why’s That Then
Aug 5 • 11 min
Asking questions is vital to being a great salesperson. Learn why asking Whys that then is so powerful and what massive benefits it can bring you when selling your products or services.
The Sales Obsession
Aug 3 • 10 min
Why have people become so obsessed with non stop selliing? Everywhere you go, every platform you turn to, people are non stop selling to you. They’ve forgotten the business basics. They’ve forgotten so many simple things that they can be doing instead…
The Radio Gold Dust
Aug 2 • 12 min
I’ve done well over 200+ radio interviews…. Getting yourself on the radio as an expert is crucial in my view. Learn, why you want to be on the radio, how do you get yourself on the radio? What are they looking for and what perhaps is the single most…
Social Media Has Changed
Jul 31 • 11 min
Social media has changed - but so few of you have.. Over the last few years social media has changed, the way people consume content has changed, yet so few of you have changed. What worked a few years ago, simply won’t work now. You need to review and…
The Customer Care Opportunity
Jul 30 • 11 min
Businesses want more sales. Often they spend hours and hours thinking of ways to sell more of their products and services. They often look for the most complex ways to generate more revenue when often starting with awesome customer care is pretty much all…
Content is no longer King.
Jul 27 • 9 min
Everyone keeps going on and on about how to win the social media marketing game you need to push out vast volumes of content. In this epsiode I will explain why that won’t work and why most of you will become losers. There is a better way. I will go over…
The Truth You need to hear about Instagram
Jul 21 • 6 min
Everyone raves about how amazing Instagram is. The engagement is apparently incredible, its awesome for growing your presence and your business. But, is it really? Here is the truth about Instagram that all small business owners need to hear.