The Ground Shots Podcast

The Ground Shots Podcast
A podcast bridging ideas about how humans relate to the land.

Laura Pendell on the work of the late Dale Pendell: ethnobotanist, poet and writer who conducted unique and important research on ‘power plants’
Nov 29 • 106 min
A conversation with Laura Pendell, the partner of the late Dale Pendell, ethnobotanist and author of the Pharmako trilogy, books on poison plants.
Marc Williams on the Green Path, the urgency of ‘re-localizing’ and accessibility issues around learning land-based skills
Nov 12 • 76 min
Ethnobiologist Marc Williams on following and defining the Green Path, the urgency of learning skills of sustainability and ‘re-localizing,’ accessibility issues around learning land-based skills, the ecological impact of travel, the importance of…
Tamara Wilder on wild foods in northern California, animal processing, wild tending and the importance of ancient technologies
Oct 28 • 99 min
Ancestral skills instructor Tamara Wilder speaks on the importance of connecting to ancient technologies, wild foods of northern California, animal processing, wild management practices and more.
Katie Russell on building political and cultural bridges with the Buffalo Bridge Project outside of Yellowstone National Park
Oct 10 • 68 min
Katie Russell on the work of the Buffalo Bridge Project, the importance of the buffalo to ecological and cultural health, some history on the genocide of the buffalo, thoughts of fear of the wild, and more.
Acoustic Ecology mixtape with Lisa Schonberg: using sounds from the Brazilian Amazon, Hawai’ian islands
Sep 26 • 40 min
An acoustic ecology focused mixtape made from compositions by Lisa Schonberg, Secret Drum Band and UAU. This episode features music made by Lisa, who is interviewed about her work in Episode #25.
Lisa Schonberg on using acoustic ecology to study ants in the Amazon and endemic bees in Hawai’i, making science accessible through musical composition
Sep 26 • 51 min
Lisa Schonberg on her acoustic ecology work in the neo-tropics, her ATTA (Amplifying The Tropical Ants) research and music projects, studying endemic bees in Hawai’i with the Hylaeus project, HJ Andrews Experimental forest, the importance of making…
A musical ode to the Arrowleaf Balsamroot: a morning with Epona and Rainan Heathen at the Saskatoon Circle Gathering, in the Methow Valley, Washington
Sep 3 • 52 min
Epona sings music one morning in Twisp, Washington about the Arrowleaf Balsamroot, speaks on her relationship to seasonal cycles, her ancestry, grief, wild tending in the west, and more.
Steven Edholm of Paleotechnics and Skillcult on bark-tanning leather naturally
Sep 1 • 120 min
This episode of the Ground Shots Podcast features a conversation with Steven Edholm on the methods and philosophy behind the traditional art of bark tanning leather using natural materials from the land.
A candid evening of conversation in Santa, Idaho with Alyssa Sacora of the Patchwork Underground on The Ground Shots Project, travel, trauma, love, old ways of making things, connecting to the land through our work
Aug 2 • 75 min
A conversation with Alyssa Sacora on the ecology of place, trauma, travel, making things, more on the Ground Shots Project and trusting in the mystery of the process.
Alicia Toldi on promoting accessible artist residencies with the Piney Wood Atlas project, spoon carving and post-permaculture training reflections
Aug 2 • 81 min
This episode of the Ground Shots Podcast features a conversation with Alicia Toldi, on spoon carving and Piney Wood Atlas - a collaborative project documenting small and unconventional artist residencies on the road and shared via zine, blog and instagram.
Freddie Mango Roots on Korean Natural Farming in Hawai’i, growing up in the deep south, culturing culture and a Kaua’i Food Forest plant walk
Jun 29 • 109 min
This episode was recorded at the Kaua’i Food Forest on a volunteer day in May 2019. Freddie Mango Roots is one person in the core volunteer collective that tends the food forest on the island. He utilizes Korean Natural Farming techniques at the food…
Hannah Smith on hut caretaking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, writing as an act of noticing, giving care to a dying earth
May 30 • 97 min
In this episode of the Ground Shots Podcast, I chat with Hannah Smith, a writer, naturalist, hiking and climbing guide who lives seasonally working outdoor jobs or doing artist residencies in different parts of the country. We talk about being an AMC hut…
Amy Armantrout of Scavenge Magic out of Eugene, OR on infusing planetary grief into garments with Black Walnut, scavenging to shift land relationships
May 29 • 71 min
This episode of the Ground Shots Podcast features a conversation with Amy Armantrout of Scavenge Magic on infusing planetary grief in ritually dyed used clothing with Black Walnut hulls, facing the resource extraction processes we benefit from, scavenge…
Ep. 17: The Kaua’i Food Forest and subtropical agroforestry with Paul Massey and Rob Cruz
May 16 • 102 min
This episode of the Ground Shots Podcast features a joint conversation with Paul Massey and Rob Cruz of the Kaua’i Food Forest. We chat about tropical agroforestry, the importance of a living seed bank, guerrilla food planting, creating community with the…
Ep. 16: Lindsey Leach on trauma informed council for children, systematic racism in Richmond, VA, revisioning history
May 4 • 79 min
In this conversation with Lindsey Leach, we talk about the importance of trauma informed council for children, the history of the deliberate concentrating of poverty in black communities in Richmond, VA, how a history of systematic racism is reflected in…
Ep. 15: The road, death and common ground: Sam Sycamore of the Good Life Revival Podcast
Apr 17 • 125 min
This special extra episode of the podcast features a conversation with Sam Sycamore of the Good Life Revival Podcast. He hails originally from Kentucky, but has also traveled at different times across the U.S., farmed in Indiana, and now currently lives…
Ep. 14: Aimee Joyaux of Cornmeal Press out of Petersburg, VA on processing our times through radical art making
Apr 14 • 83 min
This episode of the podcast features a conversation with radical visual artist and printmaker Aimee Joyaux who runs Cornmeal Press in Petersburg, Virginia. We recorded this conversation when I visited Aimee in October 2018, before doing a multi-week…
Ep. 13: Aganaq Kostenborder on weaving with Willow, reconsidering weaving with culturally sensitive plants, getting to know plants over time
Mar 25 • 55 min
This episode of the Ground Shots Podcast features a conversation with Aganaq Kostenborder, a mixed indigenous weaver, craftsperson, seamstress, and artist currently living in Oregon. We talk about her relationship to Willow, rethinking weaving with…
Ep. 12: Turtle T. Turtlington on mead making, changing culture through fermentation, working with edgy plants, alchemy, alcohol and the poison path.
Mar 7 • 173 min
This longer *bonus* episode of the Ground Shots Podcast features a conversation with Turtle T. Turtlington on all things mead making while we drink several bottles of homemade mead Turtle brewed. Turtle was previously a guest on episode four of the…
Ep. 11: Woniya Thibeault on connecting to the wild through ancestral skills, farming, hide tanning and cultural sensitivity, Woniya’s book projects and more.
Feb 22 • 69 min
A conversation recorded by the south fork of the Trinity River in Hyampom, California with ancestral skills instructor Woniya Thibeault on connecting to the wild through ancestral skills, the pros and cons of farming, wild tending, having cultural…
Ep. 10: Adam Stolte and his Goats. Thoughts on modern day pastoralism, domestication, Pacific Northwest plants for goat forage, and more.
Feb 11 • 66 min
Episode Ten is a field recording, part interview, of walking with Adam Stolte and his goat herd, plus the pig Ragnar, this past September in Hood River, Oregon. On our evening walk through Douglas Fir groves, Scotch Broom died back and Hazelnut, we…
Ep. #9: Christiana Hedlund on her art and craft practice, the feeling of color, place informed design
Jan 10 • 66 min
A conversation with artist and designer Christiana Hedlund on her relationship to her art practice, color, the importance of craft, her Signal Fire experience, and more.
Ep. 8: Mario Tarasco, N.D., on navigating accessibility of care in Naturopathic medicine, harm reduction approaches working with addiction, the opiate crisis and more.
Dec 6, 2018 • 71 min
A conversation with Naturopathic doctor and herbalist Mario Tarasco on working with low-income & at-risk populations as a Naturopathic doctor, taking the harm reduction and non-shaming approach to working with addiction, the current opiate crisis in the…
Ep. 7: Rebecca Beyer on syncretism in Appalachian Folk Herbalism, moral questions surrounding wildcrafting, cultural appropriation and more.
Nov 22, 2018 • 71 min
A conversation with folk herbalist, teacher, witch and forager Rebecca Beyer of Blood and Spicebush, out of Barnardsville, NC on Appalachian folk herbalism, wildcrafting questions, acknowledging all the different folks who contributed to the practices of…
Ep. 6: Tilke Elkins on Investigating Color with Natural Pigments, Questions Surrounding Pigment Harvest, Defining Wilderness
Oct 23, 2018 • 87 min
A conversation with visual artist Tilke Elkins on the investigation of color through the use of natural pigments, harvesting and processing natural pigments, moral questions surrounding the harvesting of natural pigments, exploring definitions of…
Ep. 5: Ryan Pierce on the work of Signal Fire, an organization that unites art, activism and the outdoors
Oct 6, 2018 • 66 min
A conversation with artist Ryan Pierce out of Portland, Oregon on the work of the organization Signal Fire, which aims to connect artists and activists to wild spaces through unique programming.
Ep. 4: Turtle T. Turtlington on the TransCalifornia Trail, the importance of pilgrimage and remembering the late Frank Cook
Sep 14, 2018 • 98 min
We have a conversation with gardener and artist Turtle T. Turtlington on his walk across California on the TransCalifornia Trail, his pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, the influence of the late ethnobotanist Frank Cook on Turtle’s work and…
Ep. 3: Laurie Quesinberry on traditional Appalachian root digging in Laurel Fork, VA, issues around wildcrafting woodland medicinals and more.
Sep 1, 2018 • 58 min
We have a conversation with Laurie Quesinberry, a traditional Appalachian ‘granny root digger’ from Laurel Fork, Virginia about wildcrafting ethics and alternatives, the Black Cohosh catacombs, using leaf medicine of woodland medicinals, herbal ‘wide…
Ep. 2: Emily Stock on being an herbalist in Moab, medicine making using the stars, Bear’s Ears National Monument and public lands issues in Utah
Aug 12, 2018 • 84 min
Interview with Emily Stock, founder of Sundial Medicinals, an apothecary in Moab, Utah on growing up with a taro reader and herbalist grandmother, using astronomy and astrology in medicine making, Bear’s Ears National Monument and other public lands…
Ep. 1: Samuel Bautista Lazo on weaving in Oaxaca, colonialism and the importance of making things from the land
Jul 19, 2018 • 60 min
Our interview with Samuel Bautista Lazo, a Zapotec Weaver from the Oaxaca region of Mexico on the power of weaving, the good and bad effects of tourism on Samuel’s village and community, how cochineal affected world politics, the colonial history of…